Intentions and Results

St. Nicholas National Shrine Church at the World Trade Center. (Photo TNH/by Costas Bej)

The conclusion of the report issued by the company commissioned to examine the construction of the St. Nicholas National Shrine – separate from the issue of the Archdiocese’s finances – is clear: the work was halted due to lack of funds, caused by significant changes in plans.

The Shrine’s cost overruns “appear to have been the result of change orders agreed by GOA (Archdiocese) decision makers to address architectural concerns or enhance the design… Although these …

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  1. Perhaps the creation of a separate, but affiliated with the Archdiocese, non profit entity to complete the St. Nicholas project would be offensive to some. But, why would it be. It is, apparently, the only way true transparency can be achieved. Further, it would send the message, to contributers and re-contributers alike, that a process is in place that would reassure all concerned that the project will get done. It is time to stop with blaming and dwelling on negative feelings.

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