Special Investigative Committee Releases Phase 2 Saint Nicholas Report

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine at the World Trade Center. (FILE Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

NEW YORK – The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America released information concerning the report on St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine. The full text of the news release follows:

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, keeping with her on-going commitment to transparency and accountability, has posted on its website, the results of Phase II of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services LLC (“PwC”) investigative report (the “Report”) regarding the rebuilding of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine (“St. Nicholas”).

On October 16, the Special Investigative Committee (SIC), authorized by the Archdiocese to conduct an independent review of the St. Nicholas project, released Phase II of the Report to the Archdiocese along with a summary communication based on the Report. (See below for links)

As reflected in the Report, after extensive investigation, it has been determined that:

  • There is no evidence that St. Nicholas funds were improperly paid to any individuals employed by or associated with the Archdiocese.
  • There is no evidence or allegation that fraud was committed in connection with the St. Nicholas project.

The SIC has recommended that the St. Nicholas rebuilding effort be spearheaded by a new legal entity, which will do the fund-raising and overseeing of the project, that may be affiliated with, but is independent from the Archdiocese, with separate bank accounts and an appropriately qualified board.  Incorporation documents for a new legal entity, the “Friends of St. Nicholas,” have been prepared and will soon be filed.  More information on the Friends of St. Nicholas will be available in the coming weeks.

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America expresses his enormous gratitude to the members of SIC and to Mr. George Stamboulidis of BakerHostetler, counsel to the SIC, and Mr. David Daly of PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services LLC for their tireless efforts in compiling this Report.

Please see these links:
The results of the Phase II Report
The SIC’s summary communication regarding Phase II, is available at this link.
The earlier Phase I Report is posted at this location.



  1. So if everything is so rosy, why isn’t the church open for worship? Who authorized all the funds to be diverted to other accounts? I don’t think this report answers everything.

  2. Anthony I don’t think this report answers anything! Who authorized the diversion of the funds? Where did the money go? What recompense are the guilty parties making? More smoke and mirrors by the GOA Organized Crime Family. I am not wealthy but I sent $1,000 for this project. I don’t want my money back but I want answers!! And truth!!

  3. What are the left funds amount, and their location, bank, in an account etc.

    If there’s still money why is not being used to finish the project? Your right Michael no answers just more questions…should have been separate all along, board overseeing every penny, This must come to a close the building must be done…if any wrong doing, it can be dealt with as the hammer start swinging again…its been 17 years no more wasting time…Greek time, drink an energy drink step it up…

  4. * This was an expensive summary of very little and paid for by the client/archdiocese. hardly neutral investigator. Like Hillary investigating her own emails.

    * There was no discussion of the money trail, current balances, or anything forensic

    * Demetriou, his deputy, SKANSKA refused interviews

    * PwC, the authors, specifically state their product cannot be relied on

    * The report contradicts what Demetrios has been saying for a year

    * It sure look like a lot of Related Party fees were paid

    Altogether, not very helpful or transparent. Raises more questions than it answers.
    The games continue. The faithful continue to be played for suckers but, strangely, continue to pay the bills of these shiesters.

  5. Dear GOA

    I’ll just wait for the ACTUAL report that will detail the breadth and scope of this debacle – the one that the US Attorney’s Office is writing – and not this written flatulence you’ve produced.

    All the best,
    Steve Stratakos

  6. The Attorney General’s report will be the same… there NEVER was any intention to expose the truth… this is the usual “process” they follow… deny, delay, distort, deceive and eventually destroy. More damage has and will be done to the loyal than the guilty (they usually receive praise and awards). It’s probably just a coincidence that EVERY time anything like this occurs, the results are the SAME!!! If nothing changes THIS TIME, the GOA will soon be DOA… Prove Me Wrong…

    1. I think de facto the GOA is DOA. Disappearance of about $100M, no leaders at all, rapidly declining members, Russian-Greek quasi excomminications, no strategy, no plan, no reform in procedures and practices, no branding or marketing, and recently, a big uptick in gay demands. It’s all collapsing.

    2. Spiro, your comments resonate for those of us who see the truth. Look at every organization associated with the churches, they are collapsing right in front of our eyes. Look at all the societies, the average age is 60+, lack of engagement, stale idea’s, the young generation have not time for the hypocrisy. I am a firm believer the time is now for the rise of a new, independent Greek Church here in the US. One that is not tied to the falsified delivery of “the word of God” to promote personal financial advancement, one that is focused on Christian values 1st, Hellenic values 2nd. The elitist have to go, especially this so-called group of “archons”. If Jesus were walking the earth, the last thing he would do is give preferential treatment to a group of people that give excessive amounts of money for special access. Every church in this region has declining membership. This group has no plan, so why are we wasting time talking about it, why not unite for a better cause.

  7. Wrong Architect and wrong design. This architect has never met a budget. In fact, his projects end up costing double his projected budget and more. I know the Archbishop thought by attaching a famous name to this design it would bring more tourists to the church just out of curiosity. The church when finished will bring in millions in revenues every year. I hope those in charge will be competent and honest but I’m not optimistic. The church needs to be finished and opened to the world. Everyone should read the report that came out first before they comment and pass judgement. When you’ve actually read it your opinions will actually be backed by facts. The Attorney Generals office or any other agency investigating this matter has nothing to gain by lying and covering for whoever may have stolen funds from the St Nickolas project.

  8. Does everyone understand some additional basics? It’s not our land, it’s leased. It will require $3-5M in yearly upkeep to set standards and requires mandatory security, not to mention a “marketing” plan that isn’t emanating from the GOA’s illiterate press office. The Shrine has special security concerns because it sits atop critical communications and power hubs in lower Manhattan and Freedom Plaza. It’s not going to be a walk-up and peruse deal. And we expect that “The Gang who Couldn’t Shoot Straight” to be able to not screw this up, again? It needs to be returned to the Port Authority and losses cut. At this point, they are chasing bad money with good.

    1. Yeah, and they ran to him because they needed advice on the articles of incorporation….right?

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