Friendship and Eros at Aristotle’s Lyceum, Oct. 21

Plato and Aristotle walking and disputing. Detail from Raphael's The School of Athens (1509-1511). (Photo: Public domain)

ATHENS – “Talking about friendship and eros,” an event of the Athens Ephorate of Antiquities, will take place at the ancient site of Aristotle’s Lyceum from 18:00 to 20:00 on October 21 (Sunday).

The site, off Rigillis Street, will host lectures by professors and poetry readings by prominent archaeologists (all in Greek).

“Friendship and eros were particularly important for ancient Greek society, art and culture, and a major focus of philosophical thought from its very start,” the Ministry of Culture and Sports said in a statement on Tuesday.

Especially for Plato and Aristotle, eros and friendship “ played a fundamental role and served as measure of a person’s emotional growth and of meaning in his life,” the ministry added.

Speakers include philosophy professors Vassilis Kalfas (U. Thessaloniki), Spyros Ragos and Stasinos Stavrianeas (both, U. Patras), and poetry recitation by the Athens Ephorate of Antiquities director Eleni Banou and actress Smaragda Kokkinou. The Philharmonic Orchestra of the City of Athens will also perform.

Entrance is free to the public.