Letter to the Editor: On the Passing of Two Great Men

In this Jan. 31, 2016 photo Lieutenant Kyriakos Papadopoulos on the Hellenic Coastguard boat as it arrives to the Mytilene port, bringing in dozens of refugees and migrants that were trying to cross from Turkey coast to the Greek island of Lesbos. (AP Photo/Nikolia Apostolou)

I was sad to hear of the passing of Alex Spanos, a great Greek-American businessman and philanthropist, the owner of the Los Angeles Chargers, and also the passing of the captain who rescued refugees, Kyriakos Papadopoulos who was immortalized in Daphne Matziaraki’s Oscar-nominated documentary 4.1 miles. It reminds us that none of knows how long we have on this earth, and some live to a ripe old age while others are plucked in the prime of life. It is important that we recognize the contributions of great people like these and I thank you for your coverage of their lives in the newspaper. May both of them rest in peace and may their memory be eternal.

Costas V. Perdikopoulos

San Diego, CA


  1. Hope the Hellenic Coast Guard names a new ship after Mr Papadopoulos….may they both rest in peace.

    1. Yes Pavlo…. and to name a new coast guard base after him … and erect a monument of him… on the territory of Greece…designated for another U.S base.. who were responsible for the migration of these poor souls…who Coast Guard Officer … KYRIAKOS PAPADOPOULOS saved on a daily bases!

      And what TNH should campaign for instead of removing an Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church…is the recommendations I have sent them …in honor of Kyriakos!

      And when they build this monument at a New base for the Coast Guard on the water of Greece…they should inscribe these words…. ” IN HONOR OF COAST GUARD OFFICER KYRIAKOS PAPADOPOULOS FOR FULFILLING HIS DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS TO THE MARITIME LAWS OF GREECE ….AND IN SERVING THE NEEDS OF GREEKS AND ALL HUMANITY”

      For one shinning moment…. Kyriakos … showed the world and Greeks… what was once good about Greece! He was again the face of compassion, duty to his country…and loyal leader of what was once good about humanity…and represented Hellenic values and Greek culture!

      He was everything … that Tsipras, and the leaders of Greece, have betrayed…but who had a dream …to serve his country… and help patrol the waters of Greece….and protect Greeks in need…and fortunately…those of humanity!

      He did not do it for Glory….and political opportunism…he did it because he was …..Greek!

      I am sure their are many Greek and Greek American rebels….who have dreams for a greater Greece, and independent Greece…..which may have surrendered her assets and culture to scavangers of the world…but he should understand the significants of Kyriakos Papadopoulos….in showing the world …you cannot take away the soul of Greece…and the dreamers and rebels …and that …should be comfortable for all Greeks!

      So Spiro …do the Ahepa Masons and TNH….have a problem with this ? Does TNH…have a problem in printing this letter to them!

      I know my friend Pavlo…another dreamer and rebel …who would have no problem with this!

  2. Bravo Michael, great idea, A Ship, Base, And Monument, We must inspire our greek youth with real modern day greek heroes not just from the past, Then to work the diaspora must step up, the powers in Athina wont do it..

  3. Gentlemen, while I certainly hope and pray that his soul rests in peace, and may his memory be eternal, I’m compelled to be the voice of cynicism.
    Judging by the TNH articles / photos I noticed the film was screened at the United Nations which immediately leads me to believe that the “documentary” was more of a propaganda piece promoting and/or justifying the UN’s pro refugee / assimilation, anti-nationalism agenda.
    In addition, common sense dictates that it is logistically impossible for one man / sailor to physically save thousands of what seems like to me as well-fed, comfortably warm migrants – not refugees. Furthermore, the 1/2 hour or so, 4.1 miles “journey”, (which I’ve personally traveled from Chios) on military boats, pales in comparison to the 75 mile trek thru shark infested waters from Cuba to Miami in decrepit sail boats.
    Sorry, folks. I’m not impressed by the “heroics” offered in the articles. However, I will certainly make an effort to watch the documentary in the near future which perhaps may change my mind.

    1. Greece 1 …I understand your cynicism….and the source of the documentary from …the U.N….which is merely a clearinghouse for the white supremacist Global agenda…of members of the ruling parties of Brussels and Washington … to control the sovereignty of the independent countries of the world…and make them one big Blob of humanity…. subjected to One Global Body of rule. However…after Trumps address to the U.N….it is no longer …clear that the U.S …..the enforcer of these Global plans…is prepared to give up her own sovereignty and National Interest to continue its just be a part of this Global …. and not just be the singular global ruler! Hence the war in Washington!

      Having said that… Coast Guard Officer KYRIAKOS PAPADOPOULOS, …. like most of our troops killing foreign citizens ….in their war policy of a bunch of degenerates …have no idea…of the political hurricane and intentions of the U.N. or the U.S.

      Do you think he knew ..that he was just being set up for another PR video …like the ones …the U.S and England …used in staging an alleged Chemical Attack in Douma… which now has been declared a Hoax…but served the U.S….interests to bomb the people of Syria …to continue their war crimes to support religious jihadist ..to fullfill their Regime Change Policy of Nation and people killing!

      Do you think he knew …that alleged savior of the world ..was responsible for all those Migrants from different countries…because of the war crimes bombing of their countries…which now has reached one bomb every 12 minutes! And who have built monument to George Bush Jr….for saving the people of Iraq…by killing 600,000 of them!.


      Do not blame Kyriakos for doing his job….in helping people …and that is why he joined the Coast Guard …and that is what he does! Do you think …he did it for glory! No , what he demostrates to Greeks in the world ….was there were still people in Greece….who served not only the interests of Greece, but the world!

      And that is far more ….than the betrayal of their duties…. by Tsipras and the government of Greece …and should be more than enough for you and me….to honor him!

      When the original story of Coast Guard officer Kyriakos Papadopoulos was printed about a month ago…. I sent a letter to TNH…and the Greek embassy… which expressed the exact sentiments and recommendations which included what my Friend Pavlo supported …which TNH….chose not to print!

      If what Pavlo says is true …that they are going to proceed with honoring ….. then maybe…just maybe.. Greeks in Greece….can celebrate and honor someone…who showed the world ….that her flicker …can become a flame again….by the people of Greece….and not by their masters in Athens , Brussels and Washington!….

  4. Well I have seen the Doc its easily accessible online, And term Heroics can be a bit hyped, but this man did his job, while others did and still do nothing, after watching the doc, go see the heroic work of SYRIZA in its Refugee Prison Camps, starvation, rape, murder, exposure to the eliments, not from a right wing, nationalist gov, but a left of left gov….Yes hes not the only greek, or only person that helped, look at all the rescuers from different countries that had to help, greece has how many ships boats? Where was everyone…greece’c coast guard is so small their fleet could fit in a bath tub, no helicopters, AF does the aerial work…etc..
    Many honors, statues, etc for war heroes, politicians, sport, celebrities…one for someone trying to save people would be nice an honor to all greeks that helped and still are, their still crossing the sea…watch it and other docs, see what you think if not convinced thats ok, its just our opinion as well…

  5. Update Friday October 19th 2018.

    Dateline: Lesvos, Greece.

    STATUE to be erected in honor of

    Kyriakos Papadopoulos,
    Of The Hellenic Coast Guard.

    Who passed away earlier this week at 44.

    The Statue will be commissioned and paid for by
    (EENE) Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association.

    It will be placed on the island of Lesvos…

    Bravo, Now a Ship, and Station named we are set.

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