In U.S., Greece’s Military Chief Says Turkey Destabilizing Aegean

FILE - US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford meets with the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, Athens, Sept. 4, 2018. (Photo by GEETHA)

The chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, told an American audience that Turkish provocations in the Aegean are destabilizing the region and international security without a word from NATO, the United Nations or the U.S.

On a visit to the United States, he was speaking during a round table discussion organized by the Washington-based Atlantic Council think tank in cooperation with the American Hellenic Institute (AHI) said Kathimerini.

He also met with met with Greece’s Ambassador to the U.S., Haris Lalacos and was due to attend the third annual Counter-Violent Extremist Organizations conference for military commanders in Washington.

Earlier in October, Apostolakis told Turkey it must stop aggressions in the Aegean where Turkish warships have gone past Greek islands and fighter jets have frequently violated Greek airspace and engaged Greek pilots in mock dog fights, risking shooting confrontations.

During a meeting held on the sidelines of NATO’s Military Committee in Warsaw, he told Turkey’s Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Guler that his country should also stop human traffickers from continuing to send refugees and migrants to Greek islands, said Kathimerini.

Turkey has been housing more than a million who went there after fleeing war and strife in the Middle East, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and who hoped to use Greece to get to more prosperous European Union countries before the borders were closed to them.

With other EU countries also reneging on promises to help take some of the overload of more than 64,000 refugees and migrants in Greece, including more than 15,000 on islands, most of those held in detention centers and camps are seeking asylum but the process has taken two years and longer, setting off frequent violence and growing tension.


  1. What is missing from the story is any indication that the “Washington-based Atlantic Council” had responded that it was going to do anything about these concerns. The Greek Admiral probably got polite smiles and nothing more.

    Still, I am glad that he said those things and said them where he did.

    1. John….. the Polite Admiral and the Aristocratic billionaires think tanks Atlantic….. already knows… what their plans are ….for the people of Greece… and that is to annex Greece …in a friendly occupation surrounded by U.S. bases…. for the Balkan alliance…which is simply the EU version of making the countries of the balkans …regional federations … like FYROM …after they get into the EU…and become part of the Nato alliance…by trashing the FYROM to be part of Albania or Bulgaria ..or possibly a little of each!

      You see , John,,,, TNH.reported that traitor defense minister Kammenos…. when
      visiting Washington, he went to the Pentagon to meet US Defense Secretary James Mattis, making the idea about the Balkan alliance and suggesting that America could put bases in Larissa, Volos and Alexandroupolis, adding, “why not, in the future, Karpathos island,” within shouting distance of the Turkish coast.

      So you should be happy to know…that you will get your wish ….that the United States…who is working very hard to steal the culture of Greece …and give it to FYROM…will now make Greece…a protectorate state of the United States and in control of the sovereignty and culture of G

      Just think …the last country to be a protectorate of Nato …. Cyprus… and gave up 3% of it territory ….to one of its protectorate …the British….was invaded and divided and partisioned by the other Protectorate of Cyprus …Turkey!

      Just think… the U.S is now acknowledged to have supported this invasion …and the ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots from their homes in Northern Cyprus….and now demand more bases in Greece!

      While the British use their bases in Greece to wage war crimes bombings of Syria, Iraq, libya, Yemen etc etc….and the corrupt government of Cyprus … allows this …despite the fact…that maybe somebody is going to retaliated against Cyrpus for the Military crimes of Britain….and jeopardise the citizens of Cyprus….I am sure …you are thrilled with jeopardizing the future of Greece…by allowing a fascist government to take additional territory from Greece …to advance world war 3 against the Russia federation …from those occupied parts of Greece….and make them a target of not only Russia, but Turkey!

      Just think … you allow these Traitors of Greece …and corrupt degenerates …to sell you on putting more bases … to make the enemies of America …Greeces enemies…..and then sell you on the idea…it is to protect Greece from Nato ally Turkey….who maintains U.S military bases in Ankara… and provides them with all the lethal weapons they want to threaten Greece…including about 4 nuclear warheads!

      No … Mr Kammenos… no Greek should support you in your treason….and that of Tsipras in not fulfilling his promises to the Greek Populace…to remove Nato, EU and the United States bases from Greece… and why he got elected!

      Greece is a dictatorship…under the control of a Fascist government in Washington…who is a threat to world peace…. and you should be proud …of the fact…that you are supporting …just another occupation … similar to the one by Nazi Germany in Greece!

      This is an absolute example …of white supremacist Anglos in Britain and the United States…. consider most of the world to be inferior and unable to manage their countries, and make them entitled to bomb them into submission , if necessary!

      Leonidas …must be turning in his grave…because what he would have done to these modern day Persions…. when they asked for land and water from Sparta…was to throw them down a well!

      I was once proud of calling myself Greek and American… but instead … identify myself as a Spartan, and fully understand…why my ancestors did not want to have anything to do with the rest of Greece…because they could not be trusted ,,,, not to surrender their country!…

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