Premier’s Visit to NYC Reveals Community Organizational Vulnerabilities

FILE - Greek PM Alexis Tsipras during his speech at a reception held by the Greek consulate in New York, Sept. 26, 2018. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

The recent visit by Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras to New York to attend the United Nations’ annual General Assembly created some turmoil in the Greek-American community over the decision of some community officials to attend an official event in the former’s honor. Ordinarily, this kind of event is a no-brainer. It’s typical protocol and a show of hospitality for a political leader representing the Hellenic homeland. However, the current situation is anything but ordinary.

The current …

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  1. Oh, you mean the world is divided between conservative,fiscally responsible and accountable, nationalist American patriots and Marxist Cuba-trained communist-socialist globalist Euro-Failed debt-diseased anti-Christian Orthodox governments choking the life out of their ancestral homeland ?

    You thought Souvlaki, Loukoumades, and village dances would prevail over those differences? We’d forget it all for Yiayia and Pappou ?

    Gee whiz.

    1. Be careful about what you say about Tom Steyer, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Steve Balmer, Mark Zuckerberg, Mikey.
      You need to check your impulsive instincts. Always watching out for you.

  2. Yes a typical leader would have differences with anyone, but this Greek Government, that yes inherited the financial mess absolutely no blame on getting in debt, but the promises, to do it differently is how they won, of course extreme to what was going on in greece, radical was their calling card, to get out of NATO, to change everything, then the referendum that showed they were doing what bankers, euro leaders, etc wanted and not the people…the bad thing is all the other parties are and were pro austerity and would have done exactly what SYRIZA did, as they had already taken billions, plus ND, PASOK were all in charge as this mess built up..but SYRIZA’s joining in the game of debt and lies upon lies, that has made the greek diaspora more involved more aware more angry about greek politics than ever before, we have seen not only our motherland become a world laughing stock, ridiculed as lazy, stupid, don’t pay taxes, want everything for free, etc, then seeing ports, airports, railways, etc sold of to lowest bidder, the sovereignty of northern greece given away in name, culture, honor. To let our borders be run over daily, greece now with refugee prisons for 64,000 how lucky the over 1 million are not still in greece what a disaster that would be..its seeing greece change fall apart before our eyes in 10 years, where 4,000 years of history wiped away in a blink of an eye..
    To be the captian of a sinking ship trying to save it, at the same time adding more passengers and cargo just to have it sink even faster is what SYRIZA has done. Then this fake greek comes to America thinking hes going to be hailed a hero?
    He should have been Tar and Feathered, sent back. The ones kissing his ring should all be ashamed..should not have been one event or one real greek attending..TNH should have grilled him not kissed his ass…Traitor not Premire…

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