Archbishop Demetrios Probably Will Be Replaced in November

FILE - Archbishop Demetrios with Patriarch Bartholomew in a previous meeting at the Theological School of Halki. (Photo by GOA/Dimitrios Panagos)

CONSTANTINOPLE – High ranking officials at the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople told The National Herald that Patriarch Bartholomew intends to address the issue of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, and specifically Archbishop Demetrios, at the next Synod, which is scheduled November 27-29.

The sources also told TNH that now that Patriarch Bartholomew has established the process for granting Autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, he will next focus on the overdue issue of the Archdiocese.

Bartholomew has twice urged Demetrios to resign voluntarily, the sources said, but Demetrios has refused to do so. Due to the Archbishop’s advanced age (he is 90), they said, Bartholomew hopes to give him a few more weeks to do the right thing on his own.

In any case, the decision to replace Demetrios is based not only on the Archdiocese’s virtual bankruptcy, both financially and spiritually, but also on the Patriarchate’s prestige. Because the Archdiocese is an Ecclesiastical Eparchy of the Patriarchate, both entities’ reputations suffer in light of issues such as the finances, the unfinished St. Nicholas National Shrine, and the severe administrative and financial problems at Hellenic College/Holy School of Theology (HCHC).

Meanwhile, there is no indication on Demetrios’ part, at least to this point, that he is willing to submit his resignation. On the contrary, he gives the impression that there is no issue regarding his replacement, and is planning to appoint or renew various individuals, such as members of the Archdiocesan Council, Executive Committee, National Philoptochos, and the Finance Committee.


  1. This is hypocrisy at its finest, The Turk from Istanbul is ripping the Church apart with His incompetent handling of the Ukraine, and presumes to now invade Our Vineyard like the wild boar He is, God save us from this man! How about autocephaly for the American Church and no more money for the Turk!!!!!!!

    1. Well said USMC! Time to oust the Fener Patriarch of Istanbul and All Turkey for the mess he is making in Ukraine and in the US.

    2. Well said brother! The GOA is supposed to be autocephalous as is the Archbishop of Athens. Constantinople does not exist anymore. Bartholomew is a Turkish citizen too friendly to the Muslim fiends.

  2. Hopefully our esteemed Patriarch will get it right this time….Remember he is responsible to the Sypridon fiasco and the creation of the Metropolis structure which has bankrupted the Archdiocese.

    Autocephaly is the only solution

    1. There is zero bench to send over or promote from within. One is worse than the other. Bart is out of options and it’s his own fault.

    2. There is nothing esteemed about our Patriarch. His reckless activities in Ukraine and his feckless activities in the US have made him an embarrassment bordering on a schismatic. For the good of the Church old Bart should resign. Then hang his head in shame.

  3. How does having the Ukraine Church in the fold help or hurt the greater church? Or having the Russian Church a part, together or separate are we still not Orthodox? Do we need millions together, what are we doing with these masses? Ukraine War, Greece is a Mess, Constantinople down to one acre of land, U.S Archbishop being forced to resign this week-money missing, Don’t need 300million?? To just believe in god we need them to live it…that many could change the world…If its a resurrected Byzantium everyone wants, then 300 million could liberate Constantinople not seen a word on that, The armchair laity, that wants to be in charge good then go get a religious education, be a priest, bishop, archbishop then change what you want.
    The Church of GREECE is not a part of this why are they not beholden to Constantinople? Ok for them but not Ukraine? Getting mad about a U.N. of Orthodoxy, instead of just believing in god and living a good life…how will it change our life? To be a conglomerate or just a single neighborhood church..the word is the important thing, not the earthly leaders or the mess men have created..

    All go on arguing, have to go volunteer some time today fixing up the sunday school rooms at my local church today, live my friends, have a blessed day, god will sort this all out “Have Faith” that’s what this is all about.

    1. @Pavlo
      Having Faith is only part of it. Being a Christ – centered individual “is” what it is all about. I have written in earlier posts about the trinity of Orthodoxy in our own lives. The true Orthodox church begins in the heart because that is where Christ lives. Once the love of Christ is in our hearts it will live in our homes and bring the light of God in to the home as well. It is only when the love of Christ is alive in the heart and in the home will our churches become beacons of hope and salvation for all of humanity. Otherwise our communities are nothing more than glorified (love-less) community centers.

      The issue of money, lack of faith and love, and lack of spiritual guidance by the three-fold ministry (bishop, priest, deacon) of our GOA has created an incoherent mess.
      In Christ,

    2. Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople Has invited Archbishop Demetrios to meet him at the Saudi Embassy in November.

    3. Yeah, he’s been invited to a dinner in Little Italy and asked to sit in the front seat of the car on the way back with a “made man” sitting in the back seat. The Bosses have made a decision.

      He should have taken the first offers to leave because now they will be sending fish wrapped in brown paper to his relatives.

  4. Although the recent failures of Archbishop Demetrios make it evident that it is time for him to resign, it is also fair to recognize and THANK Archbishop Demetrios for the progress he has made with our church in America.

    A few years ago Archbishop Demetrios made a bold decision to appoint a new, diversified leadership team of the Executive Committee of the Archdiocesan Council. Archon Michael Psaros, prominent business guru with crafty experience in flipping businesses for great profit. Cathy Walsh, Harvard Graduate, Attorney at Law and the most powerful woman in the Archdiocese. George Tsandikos,, Managing Director of Rockefeller & Co in New York, son of a priest and overall kind gentleman.

    This diversified team offers a particularly progressive perspective on issues facing the Greek Orthodox Church and our faithful today. One being married to a Jewish woman can provide understanding and support to the many Orthodox members of the church who are in interfaith or interracial marriages and serve as a role model for others modern families. Another represents strong woman throughout the Archdiocese and empowers them to rise up in the Orthodox world and take their place.

    However, choosing a person of alternative lifestyle shows just how compassionate, loving and accepting Archbishop Demetrios truly is.

    Many Orthodox Christians have been forced to choose between faith and sexual orientation, only to realize that denying ones true self is futile. Parish priests everywhere turn away LGBTQ people from the sacraments of the church all the time. It’s humiliating, unfair and devastating to those faithful servants and their families. Archbishop Demetrios has priests, bishops, chancellors and lay leaders who also live alternative lifestyles and with love and compassion, he gives them communion as well as other sacraments.

    Apparently, the Archbishop even held a seminar at the 2018 Clergy Laity Congress which was labeled “LGTBQ: Thoughts and Considerations”. I praise Archbishop Demetrios for being inclusive and I pray that Patriarch Bartholomew choose a new Archbishop of America who will continues to be inclusive.

    For those of us in the LGBTQ community who love and cherish our Greek Orthodox Faith and wish to continue to receive the sacraments and worship like all others in our church, we are eternally grateful for the support of Archbishop Demetrios and we pray for a peaceful transition to retirement for him.

    1. And there you have it.

      Lose $100m, preside over a 40% reduction in membership, have $50m go missing in the priest pension fund, desecrate the WTC site AGAIN by creating a $80m mess on sacred ground, and then, because you (Demetrios) held a LGBTQI seminar, be declared a hero above all by the gays.

      Conclusion: We must all bow and scrape to the most important self-proclaimed protected class in the USA, which gets to change any rule they want, LGBTQI.

      PS: There is no discussion allowed because we’re all smeared as bigots and homophobes if we defend traditional Orthodoxy and DARE to disagree.

    2. @anonymous
      what alternative lifestyles are you referring to? Our Bishops and some of our priests choose a lifestyle in Christ Jesus. They took a vow of celibacy. They choose to be married to the church and the flock they were assigned to be shepherds of.

      What progress has been accomplished under His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios? The GOA is in a financial and spiritual tailspin. There is an estimated 150,000 congregants left in our parishes nationwide.

      We are all children of Almighty God. None of us should ever be turned away from receiving communion – including myself who is divorced.

    3. it is time to recognize that the institution of The Metropolitans was a tremendous mistake.thst disintegrated the unity and finances of the American Church. Time to go back to the old system, and push for Autocephaly.
      If the Polish orthodox church , OCA, Finish and Estonian Churches are Autocephalic, then it makes sense for the North American Church to also be awarded the same tittle and independence. But perhpas it is not about faith but about money, the reason for keeping the US and Canada under the thumb of the Patriarchate through a weak and ineffective Archdioceses and Metropolitan system

  5. Cathy Walsh was part of old regime and did nothing as chief lawyer.
    Michael Psaros already said he is going to take his toys and go home and like the rest of the current Executive Committee members, they do not even touch the donantion level of their predecessors. All show no dough, leaving the Archbishop with no one filling the shoes of Bouras and Jaharis

    1. More importantly, they all failed to exercise the proper fiduciary duty to the organization. They all need to be sued in a class-action. But remember, as Anonymous reminds us, that’s not as important as “diversity” is.

      So, “Mr. Geron Minus 100 million” is a hero. Wonder what his retirement package will look like?

    2. Just remember who appointed him, and why…..
      In the end, Bartholomew holds ALL the blame for our mess.
      He inherited a strong Archdiocese built by Athenagoras and Iakovos, and squandered it for the sake for perpetuating a collapsing Patriarchate in Turkey rather than look at the future of Orthodoxy in North America.
      NOT Axios…for sure

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