New Jersey Philhellene Senator Bob Menendez Talks to TNH

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. (Photo by TNH/ Kostas Bej)

NEW YORK – New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez took time out of his busy schedule to talk to The National Herald about his re-election campaign and his years of public service. As the former chair, senior member, and now senior Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Menendez has shown strong support for the issues of most concern to the Greek-American community.

When asked about the campaign, he told TNH, “We’re moving in the right direction, we have a multi-millionaire who made his millions by gouging cancer patients with a drug that his company promoted and is spending it in this election mostly on negative advertising, so it’s a bit of a challenge when you have somebody who spends $40 million. As someone who has dedicated his entire adult life to public service, I don’t have that type of money to spend, so it’s a bit of a challenge, but we’re headed in the right direction. We had two polls last week, Quinnipiac had us up 11 points and CBS News on Sunday had us up 10 points, so we’re headed in the right direction now that we’re finally advertising.”

When asked about the Greek community, Sen. Menendez said, “I think if the Greek community comes out to vote it will be a big help. I have been a champion on Hellenic issues from my days in the House of Representatives where I was part of the founders of the Hellenic Caucus. I have been a champion on U.S.-Greek relations when I stopped the recognition of FYROM being called Macedonia because of issues of irrendentism and other concerns that I had. I have been a big supporter of Greece as it relates to meeting its economic challenges during one of its worst periods of time and advocating that the IMF cannot be on austerity alone that there has to be growth at the end of the day, on pushing back on Turkey’s aggression in the Aegean alongside the borders with Greece. I’ve been a huge champion for the Cypriot community and for peace and justice and reunification in Cyprus but under Cypriot-led terms. I have been an advocate of religious freedom globally as senior member of the Foreign Relations committee and as part of that I have always pressed the question of Turkey’s interference with the Ecumenical Patriarch, the return of the Patriarchate’s properties including the Seminary at Halki, and every time that we’ve had an ambassador nominee to Turkey, Greece, or the ambassador for religious freedom, I have pressed these issues individually and collectively, so I have used the fullness of the role I play as the former chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, senior member, senior Democrat now, to continue to press these issues as we move forward.

Mike Manatos, Fr. Alexander Karloutsos, Andy Manatos, Sen. Bob Menendez, Tasos Zampas, and Philip Christopher. Photo: TNH/ Kostas Bej

On the importance of Greek-American support, he said, “I have a quarter of a century of support for the Hellenic community and engaging its leadership, and so whether it be the Church and the Archons of the Church, or whether it be the Cyprus Federation of America, or AHEPA, or you name it, I have been engaged in understanding these issues through the eyes of Greeks and Cypriots as well as obviously from an American’s perspective and when they speak up on my behalf as leaders within the community it is a verification of what I’ve done. I think it is a powerful set of voices of people who are respected in the community, have worked for the community, and at the end of the day I think that the community will take to heart what they say and so I’m hopeful that all of that generates an active participation by Greek-Americans in New Jersey to come out and vote because the leadership obviously knows the champion I’ve been, but whether the average Greek-American who cares about these issues knows what I have done is another question, so to a large degree I depend upon the leadership of the community to express the successes I’ve had on behalf of the community and let them know as verifiers of my record, and so it is important.”

Of his background as the son of Cuban immigrants, he said, “Well, if you told me growing up poor in a tenement in New Jersey, the son of political refugees, the first of my family to go to college, that I could be one of 100 United States senators in a country of 320 million people at that part of my life, I probably would have said that’s not going to happen, but it is the promise of America fulfilled, it’s a promise I fight to keep true for future generations of Americans, it’s part of what makes this country so exceptional.”

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. Photo: TNH/ Kostas Bej

About his opponent’s negative ads, Sen. Menendez mentioned a recent interview with ABC7 reporter Dave Evans, who asked “‘How do you feel about all these attacks ads and some people say they’re going to vote for you but they don’t like you as much as they used to?’ I said, ‘Well, Dave, everybody loves you but if I spend $40 million attacking you, I don’t know if they’re going to love you as much as before the $40 million,’ so I have an opponent who as I said made his money off of making a killing off cancer patients. He raised the cost of the drug over 200% at the same time that he was lowering it in Russia by 50%. He was sued by the federal government for Medicare/Medicaid fraud, for VA health system fraud for putting patients at risk because of not disclosing potentially fatal side effects and he was willing to do all of that, he settled for $280 million, over a quarter of a billion dollars, so it gives you a size of the dimensions of the type of money that he made, if I take that type of money and just go negative but don’t tell you what will I do if I’m elected as your U.S. Senator, what do I stand for, what do I believe in. Am I going to create more healthcare for New Jerseyans? As I did for a million New Jerseyans who have healthcare today who didn’t have it before I helped write the Affordable Care Act, or 3.8 million New Jerseyans who no longer can be discriminated against because they have a pre-existing condition and used to be discriminated against by insurance companies or families and children on the autism spectrum in the state that has the highest rate of autism in the nation, I passed into law, the federal law, the Autism Cares Act that deals with how do we help those children and those families fulfill their God-given potential, or in the aftermath of Sandy, when the region got the worst natural disaster in the state’s history I brought $60 billion to the region and helped New Jerseyans recover and when New Jerseyans were turned down by their government on legitimate claims, I investigated, reopened the claims, and got them more than $300 million they had been denied. So, those are some of the successes, I think at the end of the day, that long history of advocacy and success will win the day regardless of how much negative advertising.”

More information about Sen. Menedez is available online: Election Day in Tuesday, November 6.


  1. Philhellene? Politicians that cater to any group are called opportunists not friends only doing it for votes…..

  2. Pavlo…again…you have eloquently …and briefly….exposed not only the opportunism of Mr. Menendez….but the fraudulent Greek Secret Societies…like the Ahepa Masons…who do not support the interest of Greeks and Hellenic values! No , Palvo …again they and their newspaper TNH, only promote an illusion that they with their photo ops…are the self appointed representatives of the Greek populace…. and defend the Hellenic cultural values of all Greeks…. and the interests of Greeks by endorsing Mr. Menendez…for Senator of New Jersey…who I grew up with in Hudson County New Jersey ….including attending at the same time as Mr. Menendez….the same University!

    So Mr. Manatos. and TNH…..should be very proud of endorsing and promoting another ….criminal and corrupt member of the Ahepa family.and U.S congress….and add him …to the endorsement and promotion of UAE airlines … wholly owned by the Government of the UAE….the indicted state sponsor of Terrorism in Syria , libya, Iraq , Yemen etc etc….with Senator Bob Menendez….where freedom of religion does not exist…and crosses are forbidden to be displayed anywhere!

    These Greek Aristocratic Elitist and Neo cons from the Republican wing of Mason..who apparently occupy TNH and the Greek Secret Societies of American Masons…. who support Mr. Menendez…a member of the Secret society of Ahepa Masons…who by the way …is also a member of 15 other ethnic secret societies…including the only one …that really matters to him …the Jewish secret societies for Israel Pacs…representing the interests of the Jewish State of Israel …and have most of the U.S. congress on their payroll!

    While TNH…and Mr. Manatos…create with smoke and mirrors the illusion and lies that Mr. Menendex has been a supporter of Greece and Cyprus,.just as these Greek Secret Societies have done….they have failed to get him to do one thing ….to help Greeks in Greece and Cyprus..because Mr. Menendez ….is one of the most corrupt financial prostitutes in our Generation…and only works …on the “PAY TO PLAY” policies of the congress of the United States! Therefore, these secret societies ….just don;t have the hard cash …to meet his needs…but still provide him with his needs …to influence Greeks to vote for him ….just like they have influenced Greeks ….to buy tickets from UAE airlines rather than Greek Commercial Airliner …Aegean airlines!

    Therefore …the endorsement of Mr. Menendez….does not benefit Greeks who vote for him…but his main financial benefactor …the Jewish lobby …who rings up the cash for his campaigns ….of about 1 million dollars!

    What Mike ?….. you mean this guy takes bribes and gifts from the Jewish organizations…and then represents them ….instead of the fraudulent Greek organizations!

    What Mike ? Menendez has already been caught operating for his Jewish buddies! Not only legally, but illegally …as follows…and apparently TNH…left this out of its article by Mr. Manatos as follows:

    Menendez….was indictment by a federal grand jury of 14 counts of felony — including bribery, conspiracy and false statements — against Menendez and also charges Melgen, a member of the many Jewish lobby groups for Israel and political donor to Menendez and other Democrats.

    Menendez was accused of accepting lavish gifts from friend and co-defendant Jewish supporter of Israel and the Israeli lobby, Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Florida opthalmologist, in return for political favors, according to report in the New York Post.

    Melgen was charged by federal prosecutors of personally directing $700,000 in corporate contributions to a Democratic super-PAC. The authorities assert that he then gave instructions to the group to use the contributions to assist in Menendez’s 2012 re-election campaign.

    One of Menendez’s job was to use his senatorial influence to persuade the Obama administration to modify the Medicare-reimbursement policy in a way that would make millions for the doctor, according to the NYP report.

    Unfortunately, for Mr. Menendez financial benefactor…. DR. Salomon Melgen was convicted in one of the biggest healthcare fraud convictions in the Nation …of 67 charges for operating what prosecutors called a massive scheme that robbed Medicare out of as much as $105 million dollars!.

    While Mr. Manatos and TNH…..would like you believe that Mr. Menendez has supported Greek issues…and that they are the caretakers of our Hellenic values of honor, integrity, honesty and the principles of our democracy …..they are merely, apparently, a front not only of the Masons…but the Jewish organizations… in promoting the Israeli interest in Cyprus….just when they discovered the possible oil and gas reserves in the waters of Cyprus!

    So lets review the bang up job …Mr. Menendez has done for these fraudulent Greek Organizations….while actually doing something from his Jewish organizations:

    Menendez was one of only four Senate Democrats to oppose the 2015 Iran nuclear deal., which Jewish supporter of Israel…. attempted to sabotage…. and which war monger Netanyahue…addressed the Congress of the United States to not approve…since, Israel does not want peace with Iran…only American bombing of Iran! However, an International body of countries …did approve the Iran deal ..which prohibited Iran from developing nuclear weapons…that Israel possesses…..but ends harsh economic sanctions on Iran and its people! However, MR. Menendez….has been one of the main supporters of Donald Trump …in despicably tearing up an International agreement with Iran… and now destroying the peace of the world…by imposing economic warfare on Iran which includes blackmail sanctions on any country by their oil and gas from Iran …and threatening military warfare on behalf of MR. Menendez… financial benefactors of the Israeli lobby!

    Menendez (D-N.J.) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) broke with their party to back David Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer and adviser to Trump who has” funded” Jewish settlements in the West Bank territories captured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. Again, complying with the choice of his financial benefactors!

    While, doing nothing to enforce the U.N resolutions to remove occupation troops of Nato Ally Turkey from Cyprus and support a plan for the return of Northern Cyprus …… U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, the chairman of the influential Foreign Relations Committee, introduced and had approved a bill that provided
    weapons to Syrian Rebels and terrorist….and appropriate 1 billion dollars from the Treasury of the people of America …to support the overthrow of the government of Syria….which was on the hit list of the Jewish State of Israel….and who has with the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey covertly… waged war with these proxy armies against the people of Syria…murdering thousands of Orthodox and Catholic Christians! Today Israel continues to rain bombs on Syria ….to salvage their Al queda forces…facing defeat!
    Congressman Tulsi Gabbard …has confirmed this arming of Al Queda forces by Mr. Menendez…and representing the Interest of the Israeli lobby!

    Menendez, a Democrat, was one of a few senators pushing the White House to provide for lethal aid to some of the rebels fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while leaving Greece and Cyprus with nothing but … a budget for maintanance service of out dated miliary planes!

    It is Menendez, who has supported the Jewish State of Israel …in providing them with 5 billion dollars in aid ..every year to fund their military assets …and wage war with her neighbors! It is MR. Menendez…who appropriated 500 million dollars to Israel …to resupply their war crimes bombs depleted after killing 3000 civilians in Gaza!

    All TNH and Mr. Manatos have done …is demonstrate who Mr Menendez and they….really represent…and it is not Greeks! What they do say about their organizations….is that they are frauds ….in unmasking themselves …and featuring the face of Bob Menendez… Ahepa Mason, War Criminal, and indicted corrupt financial prostitute!

    All Greeks who vote for Robert Menendez…. are merely making Public Corruption legitimate…and shame on all of New Jersey!

    Pavlo…sorry for the long Post…but I have no choice. it is a dirty job to tell the whole Truth…because I get no help from TNH!

    Regards, from the East Coast Aristocracy!


  3. Its ok type away Michael….you have the dates, times people and places, I am just saying in a very simplified version….I never liked the pandering to any ethnic always seemed so shallow on all sides one politician promising to do this and that, with the secret code of those he/she tries to help vote for that politician, corrupt from the start…to prove it if the district had more Turkish voters, the Greeks would be pushed aside, its not about right, wrong, aggressor, defender, rich, or poor, Its about Vote so any politician can win…and of course you dont really want to help the ones that vote for you completely, maybe a few feel good things you can bring up next election time, because if you deliver on all your promises, you both don’t need eachother anymore…then its off to the next group to pander to…Politicians Go For The Vote, Not For The Heart.

    1. However….more importantly, TNH, Greek Secret societies…and corrupt politicians ….. are symptomatic of what ails our country, Greece and Cyprus….and for that matter the vassal states of the EU and Nato!

      And that is …..a well organized fraternity of the richest Aristocracies of the world ….who white supremacist thinking…that because , like Donald Trump, they can accumulated mass amounts of money…. they are entitled to accumulate power and control of the sovereingty of all the nations of the world!
      To this end, they have systematically, purchased our government , Greece and Cyprus… to execute their plans and objectives….and have purchased most of the media….to misrepresent and distort information …to elect people like Mr. Menendez… execute their orders and serve their needs!

      There is a reason….that Israel can possess nuclear weapons…while the U.S government threatens war with Iran or North Korea…to prohibit them from defending themselves!

      There is a reason ….that Israel and Turkey….. can be armed to the teeth …to commit war crimes bombings with the U.S. in the Middle East in blatantly protecting …proxy religious fanatics of Saudi Arabia!

      There is a reason….that Saudi Arabia ….can be armed to the teeth …by the United States to kill 45 children with a lockheed Martin missile in Yemen….. and have the U.S simply tell us … be careful next them!

      The reason is sitting at TNH and the secret societies that are run by degenerate followers …and have turned the American government …into another Secret Society of …criminal liars and murderers!.

      The public ….has no idea …of what to do…because they don’t even understand the organized manipulation of the news and information which is penetrating everyday the people of our country and the world….on behalf of a very organized crime family of white supremacist Aristocratic Elitist!

      There is no difference here….to the accusations that were levelede against our government and the Corporate billianaires …who orchestrated the murder of 3 1/2 million people in Vietnam!

      Therefore, this has been the mode of operation for decades….but we are witnessing it in the Middle East …and has been accelerated since, the collapse of the Old Soviet Union!

      And today…we need Captain Hook back…because Peter Pan is now Rogue….and leading us all to our demise!

      And like my grandmother used to say…who your friends are…. tell us who you are!

      TNH, Greek Secret Society and Robert Menendez…. speaks for itself!

  4. Simply, in general, there should be term limits for all members of Congress; whether it be 8 years, or twelve years! This way politicians do not become corrupted! New blood is needed in New Jersey, and in may states like California- move on Ms. Feinstein!!!!

    I also believe this is true with our parish priests. “Move them around”. they become to comfortable in their seats forming “clicks” and becoming too political!

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