9/11 Turned Many Liberals into Conservatives; Kavanaugh is Doing the Same Thing

FILE - Protesters gather in front of the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

We all know them. They’re mostly men, but there are women too. Their primary age range is between 45 and 70, and they were once liberals. Not today’s progressive kind, who might consider a “Kiss me, I’m Irish” t-shirt to be racist, but old school liberals, the type who were against the Vietnam War and prayer in schools. But now, they are conservative. They tend to vote Republican, and much to the shock and chagrin of many of their friends …

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  1. Mr. Scaros…while …I agree with most of your message….I think you are being much to kind …to the evolution of the Political ideology of the ruling parties of America!

    First, while you are correct to define as the liberal wing of our government ….who fought against the foreign policy of the United States to wage war against the people of Vietnam…resulting in the death and injuring of 31/2 million Vietnamese and 60,000 poor and middle class American soldiers….you incorrectly , Identify them today …. as the Progressives, who have turned to the conservative right of the Republican Party!

    Additionally, you suggest that this has been a result of the 9/11 attack on America …by 17 Saudi Arabia Nationals….which kicked off … an alleged “War on Terrorism” to which over the past 20 years …..5 countries have been invaded and their government have been overturned …12 countries have been or are currently being bombed…. and thousands of civilians have been murdered in the cities of America, and Europe ….and 3/1/2 millions citizens of the Middle East either killed, injured or displaced from their homes!

    Importantly…. what we have learned about this foreign policy ….supported by the so-called liberal or neo liberal ..or progressive party of Wllly and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama ….have actually …according to Democrat Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard…Iraq veteran and member of the Arms Service Committee…. is that they .have funded, armed, recruited, trained….and supported the so-called perpetuators of 9/11…. to piggyback on ally Saudi Arabia’s religious war with the countries of the Middle East ….not compliant to the religious Sunni Muslim religious fanatics and jihadist of Turkey , Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar to overthrow the Shite and Christian dominant middle East countries.

    Now you understand …. why Syria…and Iran are the enemies of a bunch of white supremacist members of our government and their vassal state brothers in Nato! Hence, the alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia…to wage war against …. Iran, and her friends….. Syria, libya, Iraq, Yemen …Afganistan….. the partners of war crimes with the United States!

    No, Mr. Scaros ….it was never 9/11 events…that made liberal members of our government joined the dark side of the Republican Party of Neo Cons….or now finally being recognized as right wing fascist extremist….it was the people of America …that were fooled by your media collaborators… to the Billionaire ruling class of America …..in joining the same Anglo white supremacist who have been in power since the end of world war 2…. and has maintained a foreign policy of …..regime change of any independent country of the world…not compliant to the economic , political , and military control by the ruling wings of the United States Government, and their financial benefactors! . Simple as that!

    It was not the degenerates of our government who ended the war in Vietnam…. it was the people protesting and recognizing that their interests were not being served, but those of 1% of the population!

    .No , Mr. Scaros …. those same liberals in our government and media….have always been the closet fascist…who supported the Criminal War Crimes of Vietnam ….but resurrected their plans…by joining a war in Yugoslavia…which introduced the world …to the narrative….that only America ..could protect the civilians of Yugoslavia from alleged war crimes by their government in waging war against terrorist Islamic desciples looking to cut out a part of Yugoslavia …like they did in Cyprus…and trying to do in Iraq, libya, and Syria …and funded by quess who….Saudi Arabia.and Bin Laden!.

    The end result …was the leader of Yugoslavia and his government were ultimately removed from Yugoslavia… and their country destroyed and dismembered…. into different republic….of which two are now under the control of Nato…. and the last …FYROM …will soon be obsorbed!

    When I say… this was the prototype to wage war against the world…. You can understand why Degenerate Hllary Clinton…acknowledged liberal ….made her contribution to the new Global order …when she took the game plan of her husband …the honorable Willy Clinton…more famous for his unique use of the oval office as a Brothel ….. to destroy Libya …under the same lies and narrative….that proved so successful in Yugoslavia…. and is the basis …of their war on Syria, Yemen etc etc. They were never fighting terrorist …because Hillary, Bill , George…and Barack …were the leaders of Terrorism!

    Mr. Scaros …you have been much too kind …in calling the liberals….. conservatives…because of 9/11.!

    They are much more…. and their record speaks for itself…and sadly you have concealed …in raping the treasury of the American people to spend 800 billions a year for their military Global war crimes and accumulate trillions of dollars of debt…which the have accomplished in ….not turning the liberal members of our government …who could stop these crimes against peace and humanity by 1% of our population on the world…..but instead chose to lie and fool ….the populace of America …..to turn to the dark side of a bunch of degenerate sadist…that can best be demonstrated as recently as today….as follows:

    Donald Trump …..has advised the public and the world …. that the government of the United States…will not punish Saudi Arabia…for the murder of a Washington Post Journalist by stopping the sales of arms to Saudi Arabia…. because it would harm our economy and lose jobs for the American People! Saudi Arabia …the number one arms purchaser in the world from the United States…. since Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were made president …which both of them knew …was going to ISIS and Al Nustra fanatical terrorist organizations to wage war on Syria….and just recently with the United States….buried a Lockheed Inc missile made in the USA. into a school bus carrying 45 children in age of 8 to 10 years old in Yemen, which grossly killed and mutilated all these children…in the false war on terrorism in Yemen!

    The response of this terrorist attack by the United States and Saudi Arabia…. was to declare that they had to be more careful!!

    What Mr. Trump and the Pentagon have just told the world ….is that the self proclaimed policeman of the world … had confessed that the war on terrorism has always been a myth…and only a cover to commit degenerate acts of war …to impose a global agenda of oppression!

    What Mr. Trump and the Pentagon have exposed…is MR. SCAROS….has been fooled….in first believing that the liberals of our government …who would have protested , like the Vietnam war… turned to the Conservative position of the Republican party led by George Bush Jr. to implement the plans for perpetual war crimes wars against humanity…. because of the 9/11 attacks….when in reality….they have remained true to the principles of this rogue country of the world ….to dominate the Global sovereignty of the world!

    No Mr. Scaros….it is the people of America …who have surrendered their moral conscious …and been fooled to join the dark side of the fascist wing of our government …. because of the events of 9/11….and demands a revisit of the conspiracy theories …that the United States C.i.A , Israeli Mossad, and Saudi Arabia intelligence orchestrated and coordinated the bombing of the World Trade center….with the benefit of mobilizing the appropriation of trillions of dollars …. to attack their common enemies!

    Mr. Trump…has exposed that the foreign policy of the United states …is not to protect its citizens or of other countries …but to loot them for money and power ! It is Mr. Trump ….who declared that it is more important to make money for his 1% Aristocratic elitist…than to bring to justice to those who have commited crimes against humanity and threaten the peace of the world!

    And that Mr. Scaros …should be your story line …the next article you spit up! America …..free to make money…. anyway you can …what a democracy!

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