Kiragiannis among 13 Arrested in Operation Cyber Guardian


MIAMI, FL – “Operation Cyber Guardian” led to the arrest of 13 suspects, including 39-year-old Orlando resident Georgios Kiragiannis, the Miami Herald reported. The arrests were carried out from October 2-7, bringing in a variety of individuals including workers from Disney resorts restaurants, a former member of the U.S. Air Force, and Kiragiannis, a FedEx manager. “The Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) says they had one thing in common- they wanted to have sex with 13- or 14-year old girls or boys and they showed up for dates they made online via dating sites and social media,” the Herald reported, adding that “upon arrival… each found his date for the evening actually was a detective playing an online role. Instead of getting sex, they got cuffed and booked.”

According to the PCSO, “Kiragiannis’ online bulletin board ad said he was looking for a younger girl to be friends with benefits. Once he started exchanging e-mails with a ’14-year-old girl,’ PCSO said he ‘sent four pornographic images depicting various acts and asked the young girl if she would perform the acts depicted in the photos with him and offered a new iPhone 8plus to her in exchange,’” the Herald reported.

Kiragiannis “showed up with a brand new iPhone 8, condoms, sex toys and male sexual enhancement pills. Kiragiannis was arrested on charges of attempted lewd battery; transmitting material harmful to a minor; traveling to meet a minor for the purpose of sex; and using a two-way communication device to commit a felony,” PCSO said, the Herald reported.

Another suspect was Monteverde resident Richard Hicks, 29, who “told the ’14-year-old boy’ he met via an online profile that he’d bring lubrication, that he wanted to have unprotected sex and he didn’t have any communicable diseases. After his arrest, PCSO said it found Hicks brought lubrication as well as an HIV-positive health status,” the Herald reported, adding that “Hicks claimed to be a truck driver for Florida Paints” and “was charged with attempted uninformed HIV-infected sex intercourse; attempted lewd battery; traveling to meet a minor for the purpose of sex; and using a two-way communication device to commit a felony.”

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  1. Why does everyone arrested with a greek surname get printed here? Greeks Awarded Prize, Greeks Arrested, boring, yes greeks are good and bad, here and greece and the world, a shame, especially for this type of claim in this report..but we need better stories, not fluff, not to bypass any offences but every little thing is a waste of print, paper or digital.

    Better lets talk about greeks sending money to Panhandle Hurricane Relief for everyone not just greeks affected…lets to good and show by example, to counter the evil among us and the world.

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