Analysis: What a Shame!

Fr. Alex Karloutsos briefs Elder Ephraim about the St. Nicholas National Shrine. Shown are Archdeacon Panteleimon Papadopoulos and monk Chrysostomos from the St. Panteleimon Skeet of Mount Athos, who was also visiting New York. (Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

In covering the visit of Elder Ephraim, Abbot of the Vatopaidi Monastery on Mt. Athos, to the United States, I had the opportunity last week to visit the St. Nicholas National Shrine at Ground Zero in New York, and really it was a very painful and heartbreaking sight, and experience.

I had not visited there in quite a while, and seeing what I saw was quite a traumatic shock. The building was locked, as construction halted nine months earlier due to …

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  1. The final say on the design of the shrine was made by the Archbishop as well as the selection of the architect who has a clearly documented history of cost over runs on his projects. While there was a committee to deal with the design it was doomed from the start because the building was probably considered a national shrine before it was considered a Greek Orthodox church.

  2. That’s right, the hierarchs knew nothing about the financial problems. Yet, somehow, they knew to run to Mr. Bouras and Mr. Jaharis for bailouts. Bailouts from the financial deficit that they didn’t know about. Uh huh.

    1. 2010 stats

      545 parishes
      476878 adherents ( means all baptized or married)
      107289. attendees. ( means those who stuck around after)

      That’s 196 attendees per parish
      There’s your 2010 reality
      2018 reality is 35% worse

      Congratulations when we meet our Maker and He asks about what we did “to spread the Gospel”.
      We joined ArchonHandKissers, Faithless, and Leaderless 100 to save the planet.

  3. St, Nicholas was desecrated twice.

    Once on 9-11 by Al Qaeda and a second time last fall by the GOA. Mark that in your history books.

    Both organizations are run by smelly men in robes and beards. Both have “couriers”. Eerie, isn’t it?

    Bringing in Ephraim and posse is like bringing in the Waffen SS to the Reichstaad bunker in the last week of the war in Europe.

    1. What is the fascination with Ephraim? looks like he is been shown around as possibly the new Archbishop?

    2. He’d buy the office of archbishop in exchange for a bail out of Nick and Pension fund. He controls a lot of money of unknown sources. The Holy Mountain also dances with The Devil and the Russians have a big presence. Think cunningly, not like a pay, pray and obey donation basket dweller.

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