End This Archbishop Drama

FILE - Archbishop Demetrios with Patriarch Bartholomew in a previous meeting at the Theological School of Halki. (Photo by GOA/Dimitrios Panagos)

If the leaked information is true, the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate will convene October 9-11 in Constantinople to decide the replacement of Demetrios as Archbishop of America.

But similar information regarding the archbishop’s replacement also circulated at the previous two Synods, and despite that the information was confirmed insofar as Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew asked Archbishop Demetrios to resign, the latter not only refused to do so, but imposed his decision to stay.

If such were to happen a third time, …

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  1. This dilemma, “drama” is deeper than an Archbishop, but deep rooted in the entire Archdiocese in America, is it money, leadership, incompetent people in charge? The Archdiocese, School, Fundraising, and Fund distribution should all be separate. Let the Church run the religious aspect, the rest the laity should have at least oversight and be non biased and there for the good for all, not for a job, power, or political reasons. Something so simple has gotten out of hand, the disgrace that this has become is unacceptable, the top, middle, bottom need to go…A successor has been picked next week it will be known.

    What does an Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of America need to be? Younger, More Educated, Religious Scholar, Accountant, Lawyer, Fundraiser, Mediator, From Greece, From America, Etc, Etc.

    Will the laity accept the new one, will we all work together, get our finances straight, BUILD St. Nicholas ASAP. Get Holy Cross Funded and functioning properly, Audit the entire system find the missing millions, fire people, hire new staff, bean counters, fundraisers, etc. Enough already, we had Spyridon, that was our call to never let anything like that occur again, we failed, or they failed us..

    “The People Are The Church, And The Church Is For The People”

    Lets get this done, fix it, move on.. we have too much work to do in Greece, let alone here.

    1. Why should I give a damn about “work to do in Greece” ?

      I am American not Greek. More importantly, Geron Liar has betrayed us and lost our trust forever. There’s no “fixing” anything unless the archdiocese is first dissolved completely and parishes are released from the slave tax we pay each month.

  2. “No archbishop ever again should say: ‘I did not know.'”
    I agree – especially since there’s no way this was even a true statement.

  3. The dysfunction in America was caused by our feckless Patriarch of Istanbul and All Turkey, who divided and weakened us so there would never be another strong Archbishop of America. Old Bart and the useless eunuchs we are supporting in Istanbul are the problem, not part of the solution.

  4. If they send Elpidorcus, we will make sure the press misspells his name eternally and he will yell AHIROS at his enthronement

  5. The future of the Greek Orthodox Church depends, in a very special way, reliant on the spirit and love of the Greek Orthodox faithful and not on priests, bishops, Metropolitans, the Archbishop(who is just a figurehead) and yes, even the Patriarch.
    At the helm of our church, is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The rest of us are just in His service. If we are willing through the love in our hearts to be in His service.

    1. While some, and perhaps most, of what you say, is true, there can be no church without the bishop who is considered the living icon of Christ. The issue is what kind of bishops. If a bishop does not show piety, humility and true love in the Christian spirit then whatever administrative ability he may have does no good for the people. The Mysteries remain valid but the bond between bishop and flock is damaged. What we see is not only a lack of administrative ability but also a lack of piety, humility and love.

    2. You are correct! Our Bishops as well as our Priests – although they do not represent Christ – because Christ does not need representation – He is in our midst! our living icons.
      In addition, we are also icons of Christ – when we love our neighbor as ourself.
      My understanding of the Bishops role is that of a living icon (piety, love, humility) as you mentioned and also shepherd – tending to their flock, and being a spiritual guide for their respective communities. Visiting a community once a year ( if that) is not being a spiritual guide to their flock.

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