SNF Co-President, Andreas Dracopoulos,Talks to The Doctor Magazine

FILE - Mr. Andreas Dracopoulos as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation signed a memorandum of collaboration with the Greek state on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

ATHENS – The Co-President of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), Mr. Andreas Dracopoulos, granted a comprehensive interview to the quarterly scientific magazine “The Doctor”.

Mr. Dracopoulos talks about the SNF’s activities throughout the years in the Greek healthcare sector and its most recent, large Initiative, which includes grants across the full spectrum of the national healthcare system. More specifically, he notes that “We feel grateful that, thanks to the generosity of our founder, we are in a position to be able to contribute and support those in need. After all these years, we do not simply consider it in terms of our ability to do so, but in terms of our responsibility as well. This extends to the responsibility we have towards ourselves, to remain conscious about complacency or arrogance, and a dedication to offering tangible and practical help.”

When asked about the brain drain phenomenon in Greece, Mr. Dracopoulos underlines that “One of the reasons why I insist so much on the importance of meritocracy, transparency and the absence of a “hidden agenda” in what we do, is that I firmly believe these elements are the necessary components for empowering the truly capable, for giving equal opportunities to everyone, and for a sense of justice to prevail, which will allow young people to stay in their home country and make an effort.”

In addition, Mr. Dracopoulos, referring to “contemporary national benefactors”, notes that “I believe that we all can—and should—contribute, each to the extent of our capabilities, wherever and whenever we can, no matter how small or large this contribution may be.”

To read Mr. Dracopoulos’ full interview with The Doctor click here.
To read the English translation, click here.

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  1. SNF should be commended for it’s great work so far. It has financed EKAB Ambulances, the new National Library Concert Hall. Etc, and continues to help in Greece and beyond greece….

    But this great philanthropic organization should not be used by useless greek governments to pay for things the state should be doing, but don’t because of their stupidity can’t budget wisely, can’t have leaders make promise after promise, to win votes then go to SNF to pay for it…Charities, Trusts, Philanthropic organizations are not the private ATM for governments that can’t run a country….they are in place for emergencies, for that little extra help, for contributing to a nations culture, well being, and for the future…..God Bless SNF and all the groups that help greece and the world.

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