Greece, Hellenes Abroad: a Call for Structure

FILE - Burned houses are seen through a gutted window frame one month after a deadly wildfire tore through holiday homes near Athens, on at the seaside area of Mati, on Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

This summer, The National Herald Publisher-Editor Antonis Diamataris lamented the tepid response of the Greek-American community to yet another calamity in Greece, the wildfires in Attica that burned to the ground a large inhabited area, claiming 99 lives.

He astutely cited the fatigue of the community, emanating largely from a lack of trust. This sad observation follows on the heels of the embarrassing headlines only a few months earlier about the resignation of the newly formed Hellenic Space Agency’s (HSA) Founding …

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  1. The Greek American Diaspora, is a fragmented, untapped uninformed and with no cohesion at all, it trust no one in greece and rightly so, its various organizations here are just figure heads and “Supreme Leaders”, A new organization or fund whatever you want to call it. With everyone who identifies as greek must contribute, man woman and child, a yearly amount, $100-500. per person parents pay for their kids…the false claim always reported “Oh theres 3 million greek orthodox in america? where?” If that were so our churches would be financially secure for life yet they struggle weekly..the more well off greeks must contribute more, without fanfare, accolades, or trying to take over because they give more…This is about greece not about oneself….these funds must be used to help in various ways in greece, and given over to any government to waste lie and steal..Healthcare, Education, Safety•Security, Defense, are the big 4 areas to concentrate on, other areas too can be helped as well, emergency funds set aside for things like the Fires, Earthquakes, Floods, etc and anyother, with of course new asap fundraising for emergencies and situations. The diaspora can and should be more involved in giving back, in assisting greece even without the crisis, $100’s of millions to $Billions yearly should be raised and used for good in greece no matter what stupid government is there. We are a force we are just not united…a new org open, without politics, BS, egos, etc…If we don’t help greece we can’t complain…to walk away gives up being greek, our frustration of greece is understandable place pisses me off daily, never seen a more inept nation..We go it our way around governments, red tape, political parties..

    (“We Are Ellas”)

    1. No money should be donated or raised which goes to the government of Greece, until their is a complete removal of the Political leaders and their parties!

      No money should be donated or raised which goes to the government of Greece, until thi Corrupt government resigns and is tuned over to …. political leaders who will remove the EU , Nato, and all military bases of foreign governments from Greece and return to the Drachma!

      No money should be donated or raised which goes to the government of Greece, until , they default on all loans and file for bankruptcy ……and a new repayment program be negotiated to Greece’s interest in stabilizing the economy of Greece and it people!

      No money should be donated or raised which goes to the government of Greece, until , they stop their migration policy of supporting EU demands….which violates the borders , exacerbates the employment opportunities of Greece…. which is growing everyday…and has led to an exodus of Greeks from Greece! This hilarious…we have a migration of Greeks from Greece because of economic conditions and unemployment, while we have a migration of non -greeks into Greece to Replace them! All this for the Glory of America and The EU communist bloc!

      Why would you save the traitors …who have helped orchestrate the conditions of Greece…which is a dead carcass…with little left to pick on! NOW is the time to make changes …that provide any hope for the future of Greece and the Greek culture!

      There is no more pain to Greece …. in starting from Scratch to rebuild Greece….by going back to an independent and non-aligned member of independent countries of the world …. who can make their own deals and plans based on the interests of Greece…not dictated by the EU and U.S. led Nato!

      There is no more pain for Greeks …in rebuliding their country by themselves and for themselves …than continuing to rebuild based on the dictates of EU Banks , German and U.S. leaders, and a depraved traitors like Tsipras, Syriza, and their AristocraticGreek American Elitist from some of our favorate Greek Secret Societies! Do you have to be reminded….on how Cyprus’s future has not changed in 40 years based on their status quo ….and compliant government to Nato and the United STates!

      As an American it gives me no pleasure to condemn the government of the United States….but our country is a myth…. and now considered the greatest threat to world peace….and are marching us to catastrophic nuclear war with Russia and other countries…based on a fascist foreign policy…which has killed 31/2 million people in the Middle East and parts of Europe!

      It is not worthy of us …. to deny this …and ignore this reality…. and Greece should have no part of this …if they are to become independent again and start taking back their sovereignty to determine their destiny…. not other foreign countries …whose only interest is what the can get out of any deal for themselves! like the Spartans of old….” Come and take our swords …..because we will not surrender them! Time to …. be able to say that again…. and only the removal of the EU and Nato …. will again guarantee the people of Greece…. ..that it is Greek Swords that will not be surrendered!

      What we can donate to …with the help of the Greek Orthodox churches of the world …is to donate money to the victims of the EU scam …. thru our churches and have them distributed thru private organizations to provide medical aid , medicine, and food for the people of Greece suffering from the corrupt policies of their government!

      The Austerity program …. while to some is a prescription to a bloated government social club…is is also a prescription for punishment of the populace of Greece…which inflicts in humane suffering for people who have been citizens of Greece….and many who fought for her , when others did nothing and just left to mythical promised lands…whose only attachment is based on how much money they make for their government and themselves!

      Yes, donate , but make sure you are not rewarding a bunch of traitors…who are perfectly capable of corrupting the good intentions of those who care about Greece!

  2. I’m sure most Greeks would contribute if they actually felt like100% of their money would be used properly and not stolen by those in charge. Unfortunately this is never the case in Greece. They not only steal or waste a little of it, they take it all!

  3. Thats why it just cant be given over, whatever group we make here in the states that is 100% transparent and open, exactly how much raised, where its going etc…then will need our people over there over seeing it blank checks, bs…and we will expect results by our organization or they are replaced asap, not decade long tenures, golden parachute CEO, handful of professionals in, Medicine, Education, Fire, Astynomia, Defense, Fundraising, not that hard other groups, done it for years, raised billions, we can’t do it or wont?,
    With Greeks in America, Canada, Australia, can’t say we could not contribute a billion or more a year, our money our say where and how its spent, no political party has a say..if it came down to whoever is in power that funds have to go where they want F them, we can do it…so much to do, islands with no doctors, no medical facilities at all no ambulances, fire trucks, it a national scandal….All parties have failed, time to use our “Greek Tax” use it where it does the most good…

  4. The Greeks think that those of us in the US of Greek descent are their homeboys.

    They refuse to acknowledge that we are proud Americans not their colony.

    Diaspora, omogenia and all that bs.

    Screw them. Let them sit in their own Euro slop and choke on it.

    God bless the USA.

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