Survey Says! Greeks Don’t Trust Politicians, Parliament, Media


ATHENS – Showing their discontent after more than eight years of brutal austerity measures and a crushing economic conditions, Greeks lashed out at a range of people and institutions they blame, especially politicians, Parliament and the news media.

Those were among the findings in a World Values Survey, the first time since 1981 that Greece was included. It was organized by diaNEOsis, an Athens-based research and policy institute, in cooperation with the National Center of Social Research (EΚΚΕ) and was designed to track the development and transformation of societies’ basic values and citizens’ attitudes.

The poll records the attitudes of citizens in almost 100 countries and found that in Greece, only five institutions are trusted by more than 50 percent of people: universities, the military, police, the Church and judges.

Trust in Parliament, the media, the government and political parties was under 15 percent, representing the depth of contempt in which they seem to be held although the media has exposed wrongdoing by politicians and that Parliament workers were exempted from austerity measures after threatening to strike.

The mistrust extends beyond institutions with 90 percent of people saying most people are dishonest, perhaps indicating just how strong the sense of “zeelevounai,” mistrust between Greeks for each other really is.

Some 61 percent said they trust their neighbors, and only one in five said they trust people of a different nationality or religion, Kathimerini and the business newspaper Naftemporiki said of the results.

Other findings were:

  • 63 percent said society must improve gradually with reforms, while the remaining one-third consider that voters are essentially “bribed”
  • Some 33 percent said they don’t want homosexuals as neighbors, 25 percent don’t want migrants and 20 percent don’t want to live next to someone whose religion is different
  • Another 20 percent worry about a civil war, 40 percent a terrorist attack and 33 percent war with another country
  • 10 percent said they were victims of a crime and 33 percent said they witnessed many thefts
  • 29 percent worry their children won’t get a good education, 16 percent of people 30-49 years old are anxious they will lose their jobs
  • But about 70 percent said they are happy, including 83 percent for young adults – an age group with nearly 50 percent unemployment – and 80 percent said their health was good or very good
  • Some 81.4 percent said they were religious and only 21 percent said science would prevail over religion when there was a clash of ideas
  • About 50 percent said migrants and refugees are bad for the country, 64 percent said migrants bring a bigger risk of terrorism and 63.5 percent said they worsen unemployment

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  1. Hey TNH….please don’t take this personally….because as much as I might be critical of your journalistic bias and misinformation to support the rantings of a Fascist government now in control of country……you are light
    years ahead in journalistic integrity and transparency ….than the mainstream media!

    What you should take from this survey….it that the world is catching up ….to a well managed collaboration between the media and the government to represent the interests of White Supremacist Billionaires and their employees in the U.S. government and Congress! To compound this ….. these Billionaires are rapidly eating up ownership of the News outlets of the world ….like Bezos of Amazon….who now owns the Washington Post ..who promotes the Globalism of the world …for the likes of HIllary Clinton and George Soros…who is now banned in Hungary, and other countries of Europe…for his meddling with government officials….but not in the United States!

    Or Sheldon Adelson …the Jewish Casino billionaire ….who owns the newpapers in the United States and Israel …to promote war crimes and interest of the State of Israel …which includes trying to incite a war between Iran and America…and controls the congress of the United States …to extort 5 billlion dollars every year from the American Taxpayers to purchase all those weapons …that makes a country the size of Rhode Island , ..a menace to peace in the middle east…. and has earned them the title of Apartheid State!

    Or Rupert Murdock …of Fox News and other newspapers of England …that represent the interest of the evangelical white supremacist of the United States and England …to sell their perpetual wars made of lies to put the sovereignty of the world in the hand of select group of billionaires!

    The lesson learned ….and the most important ….is you can no longer fool the people of Greece…as you still do in America ! You have been reduced to what …they needed to recognize …that evil has no boundaries…that their are humans capable …of collaborating like the media and government …to sell us the policies of their government …..not representing the interest of the masses …but a select handul of degenerate sadist ….. who could care less …if most of civilization is destroyed! That is why…we will continue to have world wars ….and they are working very hard to fulfill the next one …with Russia, Iran , China,etc etc!

    Welcome my Greek brothers …to the informed …. and represents a good start! It also represents a good start for TNH…for printing this article….. since, the message of importance …is that all Greeks now know….that it is not just them individually who recognized the deceit and corruption of their government …but most of Greece! Now …with confidence …they actively march forward with prosecuting those problems …and make them honest!

    Finally, the sadest result in the end…is honesty in society…. since, they only verbalize what we can all understand…. a society that knows that they are being lied to …but still comply or remain silent …to the actions of the purveyors of lies! This in the end….is representative of a decadent society…which just doesn’t care about anything …but making money!

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