Hollywood Star Matthew McConaughey Loves Greece, Antiparos (Video)

This image released by Sony Pictures shows and Matthew McConaughey, left, and Richie Merritt in a scene from "White Boy Rick." (Scott Garfield/Sony/Columbia Pictures and Studio 8 via AP)

Renowned actor Matthew McConaughey told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon how he fell in love with Greece while staying on the island of Antiparos – where Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Pierce Brosnan have villas, making it celebrity-friendly.

McConaughey, acclaimed for his role in True Detective and a number of movies, stayed with fellow actor Woody Harrelson, his co-star in the series.

“We were there [in Greece] three weeks in paradise, we had freedom, the water is amazing, Greece is just beautiful it’s inherently generous, the sea doesn’t bite, the air doesn’t bite, the land doesn’t bite. It’s beautiful. People love family, we had a great three weeks and decided when it was time to go, we weren’t ready to leave so we said let’s do this another week, let’s stay in paradise another week, and we all agreed,” he said.


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