Analysis: Speechlessness

Finance Committee Chairman Lazaros Kyrkos is showing the budgets of past Clergy Laity Congress while Archdiocesan Council vice chairman George Tsandikos listens. TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos

Not a word from the Archdiocese or the host Boston Metropolis since July 5, the end of the 44th Clergy Laity Congress in Boston. To an extent, this speechlessness was justified because the end of the Congress occurred as summer was in full swing, a period of vacations and lax behavior.

But now more than two and a half months have passed, and still, not the slightest financial accountability has been given by anyone about income, expenses, and general costs. …

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  1. Difficult to find anything to object to here. As for the expenses of the hierarchs, that would be paid by each metropolis. That makes sense, because parishes support their delegates to the congresses. What matters most, though, is what accommodations they had at the hotel. Was it a simple room or a suite? How much room service, etc.?

  2. Difficult to find anything to object to here. As for the hierarchs expenses, it’s logical the metropolises paid their way. That’s reasonable because parishes support their representatives to the congress. What is of interest though, is what their accommodations were. A simple room or a suite? How much room service, etc.?

  3. Ted, tell them the truth. You know it, as well as I do.

    1. 8-10 East 79th will be sold as will St. Basil and Cathedrals Towers and Holy Trinity.

    2. The insolvency will be solved by sale of assets to pay the $100m, give or take, that’s unaccounted for and owed.

    3. Laymen will run boards that will have “veto” powers over spending (until they get enough medals and honors from ArchNothings and Robes to go away).

    4. There are no trained leaders for the American Church, no fighter pilots, no warriors, no customer comes first guys. Just fake Byzantine Imperial princelings who line their pockets and fill their ever expanding stomachs. It will take a generation to fix that. A generation of an independent church.

    5. ALMA bank will be the only winner because presumably it holds the current paper on 8-10 East.

    6. Individual parishes are starting the slippery slope of failure.

    7. There’s no real recovery plan, no humility, no repentance, no hard workers among the hierarchs. Just NYC bs.

    Tell them, Ted. The truth.

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