NY Times Athens Democracy Forum Shines a Light on Dark Happenings

Just like ancient times the Athenian Agora was the scene of passionate discussions about politics, such as this gathering in the Stoa of Attalos. Photo by Constantine S. Sirigos

ATHENS – The hometown of democracy’s greatest heroes – Pericles and Cleisthenes, and critics – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, was the scene of the sixth New York Times Athens Democracy Forum September 16-18.

Scholars, business leaders, policymakers and journalists predominated, joined by numerous Greek officials, and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt was present at several of the events centering on the beautiful Zappeion exhibition hall.

At the opening ceremony Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos serious meetings about the growing threats to democracy and human …

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  1. There is nothing Geoffrey Pyatt and the rest of the imposters can offer to …. exposing a Democracy….that has removed Christian Values …to suppress the morallity of the slaughter and destruction of the independent countries of the world ….and the oppression and enslavenment to a Communist/ fascist EU and Nato group of ideological demented ….. Globalist….who dictate the face of Nations of Europe …including Greece…that attacks their sovereignty …and calls those who dare to defend their cultures , religious beliefs and constitution as mandated by the political will of the people!

    Today, Hungary…faces Eu political sanctions and loss of rights in the EU….because,…..the leader of Hungary…elected by a landslide of the people of Hungary….to resist the immigration mandates of the EU…and their attack on the Christian population … has not complied to the immigration black mail of Mrs. Merket…who has disctated with her fascist buddies in the EU…..what her definition of open borders means…and expects the former independent countries of Eastern Europe to take a knee!

    What these frauds in the EU…do not realize…is that Hungary know ..communism and learned a long time a go …when she had to take orders , as a member of the Soviet Block …. and desire to be independent!
    Therefore, …. the leader of Hungary…recognizing that this form of Eu democracy…is no different than the Old Soviet Union …and is now joining the people of England , Poland, an other countries in resisting their mandates to comply with the New International Order of the new Proletariate …in Washington and Brussels!

    An if you listen to the leaders of the EU order…they sound like the former Soviet block Communist Proletariate ordering ….communist party leader …. Breznev of the Soviet Union …to march into Hungary…and remove the leader of Hungary and occupy hungary with Tanks and troops …to bring Hungary back in line with the order! Specifically, he has called on …. and who are you going to call …when you need Regime Change in the world ….The degenerates of the United States….because somehow…this anti immigration act represents undemocratic principles …and the people of Hungary have made a serious mistatke…which needs to be corrected, and more importantly, their are indications ….that Hungary could come under the influence of the Dreaded enemies of these …degenerates in Washington and Brussels …the boogeyman Vladimir Putin!

    So how will the EU and the United State enact another regime change like they did in the UKraine.?
    Well , it can best be described by former Iraq war veteran and Democratic Congressman from Hawaii…. Tulsi Gabbard on what the degenerate Fascist Regime of the U.S government has done to Syria….. another Regime change target……of these War Criminals who continue to parade around Greece and the countries of Nato and the EU!

    US military veteran and congresswomen for Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, has slammed US foreign policy in Syria.

    Arming al-Qaeda

    On the 13th of September,:

    “Since 2011 both overtly and covertly, the United States has been providing arms, intelligence, and equipment to fighters who are allied with, fighting along side, working with, al Qaeda in this regime change war.

    So these very same terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. We’ve been supporting for years, as this ground force to fight in this regime change war that we have been quietly waging now for seven years.”

    There you have it….there are 3/1/2 million people dead or injured in the Middle East…5 countries overthrown, 12 countries still be bombed around the world ….and economic warfare …that deprives countries like Yemen , Venezuela , Iran , North Korea, Palestine, Syria, …. etc etc…. which deprives essential medical supplies and medicines from the People of those countries….in order to impose economic hardships on those countries …. to do what the so called democracies at the forum wish to do…. destroy another government and country of the world …not compliant to their form of International order!

    So, Mr. Diamantaris…don’t you think it is time …to expose to Greek American and Greece…. that we pay our taxes to a corrupt government that has been imposing a foreign policy of Regime changes on the world …and waging war on the world …not to save anybody….but make us richer…bsed on maintaining an economy ….based on wars and crimes agaisnt humanity!

    It is time that we the American people …take responsibility for stopping this hijacking of our country…. because the only way it will ultimately be stopped …if these lunatics… as Congressman Gabbard has confessed to …can continue their policy of perpetual wars …using myths of fighting terrorism …when they are the Terrorist….and ultimately end up …in our destruction of our families and the future of our children!

    The deomcracy forums today…are simply…set ups …to promote pretexts for war based on naratives that American democracy must be spread and enforce…when this democracy is realy…just another tool of war!

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