Strengthening AHEPA Membership: Another Point of View

By James P. Zafiros,

Regarding Art Dimopoulos’ comments about the National Hellenic Society and those of AHEPA Executive Director Basil Mossaidis and Supreme President George E. Loucas (Aug. 18), I respect their points of view, but more needs to be said, to understand the AHEPA landscape of this generation.

The analytical data shows, The Order of AHEPA still is the backbone of the Hellenic American Community even though its domestic membership has been in decline for some time now. AHEPA is not alone, as other organizations have experienced similar declines. It is not that these organizations have changed, but America has changed. Moreover, in spite of aggressive efforts to initiate new members, the issue is not recruitment but retention. The loss of membership in the United States represents a loss of capital and civil engagement. Today, potential members are constrained by lack of time. In addition, they may not see much in an organization whose prestigeand vitality have declined.

The decline of AHEPA’s domestic membership has forced AHEPA to develop and expand the brand in new markets, like Europe, to make up for the loss of revenue, image, and prestige. Moreover, we need to understand what makes organizations flourish and what makes them languish. Social economic factors, including mixed marriages, divorces, newfound, wealth and time management all have impacted AHEPA and other social organizations.

The Greek-American and Philhellene today are more likely to be considerably more successful and resourceful and better-educated with advanced degrees than their AHEPA counterparts of previous generations. While their priorities remain family, career and education, status has entered into the equation of lifting their image, especially in the much larger Anglo community. They want association and recognition with leadingmembers of their community. They want their children exposed to a better social environment so they can interact and network withpeople, not necessarily of their own ethnicity, which accounts for the large numbers of mixed marriages.

This generation’s Ahepans seek upscale, social, diverse, and economic mobility. In an effort to achieve their goals, many have leftAHEPA and have joined other organizations in an attempt to get closer to their heritage and achieve their goals.

It is not enough to simply rely on routine monthly meetings, distribution of scholarships, or the next philanthropic project to rise to the occasion. AHEPA has the built-in advantage of being an “American” grass roots organization, but it needs toreinvent its performance on an ongoing basis and it has to focus its attention in its own backyard.This would appeal to the ever-increasing numbers of Philhellenes, who are becoming members and even leaders in their chapters. That’s what the “A” stands for in AHEPA.

Some AHEPA Chapters are consciously aware of these socioeconomic factors and are more innovative than others, and are more likely to succeed. Signature events likeCareer Days, Legend Tributes, Supporting Wounded Warriors, Nationwide AHEPA Homes, guest speakers, and involvement and co-sponsoring events with other multicultural organizations – not necessarily Greek ones – fill their calendars.

As a former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NBC-TV, my mentors insisted I know who my “customers” are, an anecdote to remember for today’s and tomorrow’s AHEPA.

James B. Zafiros is Vice President, AHEPA Chapter 405, New Rochelle, NY.


  1. Mr. Zafiros….as Vice President of a chapter …I believe …would put you Ahepa District 5….. you apparently,,,,are not aware of the charter of the Secret Society of Greek Masons and Birchers …called the Ahepa….and what really ails them!

    However , as a former President of one of the Chapters of District 5 in New Jersey….let me help you!
    First, maybe members of the Ahepa ….have been thrown out of Ahepa …for making personal statements ….. as member of the Ahepa, let alone making statement …as a member of Ahepa…and violate the oath of secrecy of this secret society…. when you reveal the inner problems of Ahepa, and use the Ahepa name on your letter! You are now subject… charges of Insubordination in making statements in behalf of the Ahepa! If the demented ideological challenged leadership of the new educated and Anglo obsorbed leadership of Ahepa…chooses….they will send their SS Supreme Attorney to ….facilitate fabricated charges of Insubordination, then have a meeting, to present the charges without evidence…to the supreme order of the Ahepa…. and recommend your removal from this holy Secret Society of Greek and Non-Greek Masons.and Birchers ….who take an oath of silence and secrecy…. and simply, do what ever their …. legal advisor says….for the good of the Order …..of the Ahepa! There is no …. providing of the evidence to the insubordinate traitor to this secret society, no opportunity to refute….only the imposition of how Secret Societies work ……and if you haven’t watched the current circus of a Secret Society in full control of our government ..then you are not understanding …why John F. Kennedy …called Secret societies repugnant to all Americans…with their shaddow governent and agenda’s …. which replace the elected governments of our democracy!

    Importantly, this den of white supremacist aristocrates , who have what the original leaders of the Ahepa didn’t have…. and that is a first rate education in legal and financial expertise in ..distorting the articles of the constitution of the Original Ahepa …. in order to remove anything ….that is a obstacle to their personal agenda’s and interests!

    Mr. Zafiros…. what could you have been thinking when you exposed how and what the leadership of Ahepa …are really doing in their positions and in your own words!

    “This generation’s Ahepans seek upscale, social, diverse, and economic mobility. In an effort to achieve their goals, many have left AHEPA and have joined other organizations in an attempt to get closer to their heritage and achieve their goals”.

    Thats right James…. you see , the current Ahepa….has been hijacked by those Aristocrates who have plenty of money and time to burn … promote themselves by using the Ahepa …as a Networking scam to enhance their political and financial opportunities…not those of Greeks and the people of Greece and Cyprus!

    The were formed in 1924… help the immigrant Greeks from persecution, exploitation, discrimination and to preserve the Hellenic and Cultural values of our new Greek community in America!

    Unfortunately their is no immigration issue for Greeks…..and therefore…make the Ahepa obsolete and not needed….and now under the protection of their government of the United States …and its constitution!
    Hence, what they could do …. was promote the Greek Hellenic values and culture and continue a policy of protecting the exploitation and discrimination of Greeks, and Greek Orthodox Christians!

    Instead , their leadership ..has turned the Ahepa into …a front for the Mason and birchers society of americal ….where the only values and interests …are in behalf of the Glory of America!

    This has been done …by littering the Ahepa members with non -Greeks and made in America…Greeks, who are either Masons, Birchers, Hard core Democratic and Republican political delegates, which measure patriotism to America …. as practiced by the Nazi party of Germany!

    Their is no loyalty or passion for Hellenic Values and principle among these non-Greeks…who do not have Greek blood in them …and we are dillusional to believe they ever will ! They have only one concern …toj suppot and use the scholarship offerings of the Ahepa…. as a means of revenue…for their children!

    The could care less about the exploitation , discrimination, and oppression of Greeks…when they called me insubordinate for writing and documenting …a Petition …which made the secret Society of the Government of the United States ….accountable for allowing the ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots from Northern Cyprus by an Invasion by Nato Ally Turkey ….. and making them accountable with Nato …. to police and bring to justice those in Turkey..responsible for their deaths! It also demanded that … as members of Nato …they are responsible for the criminal actions of their membership …and demanded their actions in the form of economic sanctions or military enforcement!

    This James…was considered insubordination …because it was more important to these Ahepa Masons…to preserve the image of the United states …. as a policeman …protecting the world from the oppresors of the world! That is their form of defending the oppression of Greeks !

    While this was called insubordinate ….the then un-elected President of the Ahepa …. Zacharidies…by the Greek community …..was parading in the government of Greece with apparently , a script from the state department of the United States …to support the U.S lead Nato regime and the continued maintanance and expansion of U.S military bases in Greece…. which obviously…were not representing the people of Greece!

    The Ahepa’s problem is that most members of the Chapters …sincerely, are proud of their Greek Heritage and Cultures…which was brought to Ameica by our immigrant families! It is their desire …to help ..continue that….and most them are ..over 70 years old … and represent the declining membership, being replaced by this new breed of frauds!

    Importantly, This group ..sends in their money, and never attends any meetings, and educationally have no clue as to what their leaders are actually doing! Yet , they remain loyal to their oath of silence…. and complete surrender of their rights to speak up and be politcally active .or challenge the ethical conduct of these frauds!
    To many…. it is their only opportunity to feel important …in the belief that they are contributing to something good and noble…and which is passing on to the next generation of American with Greek Blood…why they are special …and what was once good …in the world!

    No one should be part of any secret society…because the reason they are Secret to hide their real intentions!

    And that message is from a “Former President of Ahepa Chapter,…..and a Vice President of Sales and Marketing of a Fortune 500 company! Additionally, a member of the committee…who developed the research assessment of what was wrong with Ahepa! And James….I commend you for your assessment …it is still not fundamentally accurate…since…one of the main criteria of Developing a Marketing Plans…is the “Strengths and Weaknesses ” of the product …not just the customer!

    1. Spiro……. as I said before….what would Peter Pan be without Captain Hook!
      Thank you …for reassuring me……that all is lost , based on my Post!
      Importantly….you seem to suggest ….. that I am not the only one….your having to deal with this mind blowing revelation!

      But let me help you Spiro…. when Brother Jim …gets to be more than a …silent partner in the administration of the Chapter membership ….. as Vice president …and becomes a President of his chapter …which based on his revelations …is in serious jeopardy….he may even be invited to join the Mason …if he hasn’t already joined!

      Hey Spiro…now we know …your more than just Captain Hook…but a certifiable representative of the Ahepa Organization…. and I can fully understand the limit of your posts….and frankly, do nothing for me or the readers!

      Come on Spiro ….forget about that secret oath of silence and secrecy…an let us know , how you really feel! Tell us how you really feel about ….the Ahepa endorsing and promoting to Greeks flying on UAE airlines owned by the Government of the UAE…who with Saudi Arabia represent countries where freedom of religion does not exsit….and are the acknowledged state sponsors of terrorist organization …like their Sunni Muslim Brigades call Al Queda, ISIS , and Al nustra…etc…who make a living by killing Orthodox Christians in Syria….in order to overthrow those infidels leading the government of Syria!

      Imagine that…. You guys support airlines owned by the government of the UAE…but do not endorse Greek Commercial airlines …like Aegean for 30 pieces of Silver! Be proud Spiro….that same airline UAE….was recently, sited for unethical pricing practices due to undercutting Aegean airlines with pricing subsidized by the government of the UAE.\\
      I hope you feel good …when you Ahepa members book you next filght with UAE…and the revenue winds up in buying another lethal weapon killing Orthodox Christians!

      My advise to you….don’t just walk away from Ahepa…..Run!

    2. Your position, whatever it may be, is incomprehensible. Clear concise points, logical thought flow, presentation of facts and opposing viewpoints are hallmarks of our ancestors legacy.

    3. No 2nd generation …the hallmark of our Ancestors …was in telling the Truth….not suppressing it!
      You are obviously …. from the school of distorting facts and demeaning them based on your perception of what a journalist is worthy of !

      However, 2nd Generation …. I am not a writer or journalist …and just do my best I am obviously …not an intellectual like you and Spiro….who are more worthy than I can an ever be!

      However, I believe you overate yourself…since, like Spiro .. your .cute two line sentences provide our readers with nothing more….than someone who is pretty proficient in writing skills, but clearly lacking any ability to obsorb facts and opinions…from a former President of an Ahepa Chapter! What is more important 2nd generation ….. the legitimacy of the former President of an Ahepa Chapter to bring truth to a fraudulent organization ….or the legitimacy of you …. to refute that truth …because you don’t like his writing skills!

      So 2nd generation … why don’t you rewrite my post to fit your writing protocal ….and teach me how to properly tell the truth!

      If not , please try to write something that contributes to the benefit of the Ahepa ….which Captain Hook is supposed to do….so far , Spiro , has been an utter failure!

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