Lockheed Martin Program to Upgrade Greek F-16s to Start Monday

Lockheed Martin’s VP Business Development Initiatives in Europe Dennys Plessas. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

The upgrading program for 85 F-16 fighter airplanes with the Block 70/72 Viper system will be formally launched on Monday, Lockheed Martin’s VP Business Development Initiatives in Europe Dennys Plessas said at a press conference in Thessaloniki.

At a presentation of Lockheed Martin during the Thessaloniki International Fair, Plessas explained the timetable of the upgrade and said “ a great part of the upgrade will take place in Greece.”

The first two years will be spent on engineering for the prototype and the registration of the systems. The installation on Greek fighter jets will take place during the third year of the program, and the Hellenic Airforce pilots will be trained in the fourth year. The training is anticipated to be brief, as he said, because of the exertise of Greek fighter pilots.

The upgrade of the 85 warplanes to Vipers “ will provide the Hellenic Airforce with an entirely new aircraft, as the only element we shall keep is the fuselage,” Plessas said.

He added that the F-16s and the fifth-generation F-22 and F-35 share some technology, including the new radars to be installed (digital sweeping model APG83).

Among other issues, Plessas said that 70% of the Hercules transport planes’s latest edition, J, delivered by Lockheed Martin to Australia “ was made by Greek hands.”


  1. 4-5 years? Waste of time, Greece always planning for a war 20yrs away, then at year 19, starts another 20 year war planning. What about tomorrow or next week then what?

    1. All Greeks should be proud of themselves for again allowing Governor Tsipras…. to do business….with Lockheed Martin inc….whose weapons …..have been contracted by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE , Qatar etc etc to be used by ISIS, Al Nuestra, Al queda….Sunni Muslim religious fanatics….in murdering Christians and muslims in libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc etc…..

      Not only are these weapons labeled and found in the capture of these animals by the Syrian government, but indictable for complicity for war crimes bombings of independent countries of the world!

      Mr. Tsipras and the people of Greece should be proud of the fact….that they are certifiably….effiecient and reliable for use…. as displayed in the murder of 45 yeminese children going to school on a school bus in yemen….. and mutilated by a missile …labeled made by Lochkeed Martin Inc. USA and launched by the fascist Regimes of the coalition of the degenerates …England, United States, Saudi Arabia. and UAE …to teach those Shite muslims for not surrendering to the will of these degenerates!

      Be proud of your relationship Greece….with the profitable business venture ….who is one of the main contributors ….to the War Economy of the United States.!

      Feel comfortable….. that they continue to drop one bomb every 12 minutes on some country of the world! Now that is a monopoly….no one can match!

      Tsipras …is not only a Traitor….but has been complicit in supporting War Criminals and their business operations ….nothing more than the worst forms of Organized Crime families!

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