WSJ: US Seeks Military Expansion in Greece

FILE - US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford meets with the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, Athens, Sept. 4, 2018. (Photo by GEETHA)

ATHENS – Despite denouncing vacations from jail for a convicted terrorist behind the murders of five Americans attached to the US Embassy over the years, the United States wants to build bigger military presence in Greece and is working with Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, who said he would stop that.

With relations deteriorating with Turkey – which keeps provoking Greece in the Aegean, the Wall Street Journal said American military officials are in negotiations to expand in Greece, including using more Greek air and naval bases.

The paper cited unidentified American officials who said that relations between the US and Greece are getting closer – even though the US backs the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey that could be used against Greece – and that there are geographical and geopolitical factors suddenly making Greece more attractive for the US military.

The paper said that US officials who visited Greece recently said both the government and the opposition are receptive to strengthening military ties, while Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford said that the “geography of Greece and the opportunities here are pretty significant.”

The US though wants to keep a foot in both countries and keep using Incirlik Air Base in Turkey as well as bases in Greece. Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos earlier said he was keen on the US even building another base in Greece.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford meets with the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, Athens, Sept. 4, 2018. (Photo by GEETHA)

With the US being the honored guest at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) this year, Tsipras is backing away from promises to remove any American military presence in Greece, with the US Navy having a base on Souda Bay, Crete.

Tsipras also has reneged on promises to take Greece out of NATO and helped the US interests with his anti-nationalist party behind a deal to rename the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to get that country into the defense alliance. He also broke pledges not to have Greek troops overseas and sent detachments to help NATO in Afghanistan.

Keen on getting American investments as well to help him reverse a slide in polls after reneging on anti-austerity promises, and breaking his pledge to halt the sale of state assets, Tsipras is now getting even cozier with the US although he and his Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, were former Communist youth leaders and are working with their ideological enemy.

His party backed repeated furloughs for Nov. 17 terrorist group leader Dimitris Koufodinas, who was moved from a high-security prison to a work farm amid speculation that the table is being set for his outright release.


  1. A long list of disappointments concerning US foreign policy can be composed by any Greek who follows the news. However, having a major US military presence in Greece is certainly preferable to Greece being without a major power sponsor in this dangerous age, even if the danger to Greece is largely due to the military aid that the US and Great Britain have supplied to Turkey over the decades.

    1. John….. are you serious…..wake up and smell the roses….the United States is now a Rogue Fascist regime …and that is not just me saying that…. but is the new narrative …of the uncontroled alternate media..not TNH and mainstream media….who are merely propaganda machines for the Glory of America to wage war against the entire world!

      You wish to provide another massive base in Greece… support further acts of war ….which include plans to go to war with Russia , Iran , Syria, and any country…even Turkey….if they do not do what the United States Says!

      A country …who just ripped up an international agreement with Iran ….which assured peace and compliance to not only the proliferation of Nuclear weapons , but eliminated economic starvation on the people of Iran!

      Really, you want to surrender more of the sovereignty of Greece to a country …considered the greatest Threat and Danger to world peace. in the world today……..the United States of America! And that is not my belief…but based on an International Gallup poll of the countries of the world …which TNH….under the protection of the United States Regime…would never tell you!

      Based on your rationale…. Nazi Germany , would have been welcomed in occupying Greece, because they were one of the powerful military force in the 1940’s, which could protect Greece from the dreaded Turks, even though they were closet allies of Germany, and have always been!

      If I recall….is not Turkey …a Nato ally of Greece, and the United States, and is not Greece a member of Nato…which entitles them to a whole alliance of protection ….if they are attacked! Why do you need any U.S. bases in Greece? Are you saying that NATO is a lie” If so , I agree!

      Tell me John….if it is a lie…then instead of providing military bases to the U.S…. why not Russia? Do you consider Russia an enemy of Greece…..because they are economic, political , military competitors of the United States! Just think…. Russia has one base in the world ….not 800 like the U.S , and that base in in Syria! clearly…Russia has demonstrated that it …will commit to defending the sovereignty of Syria…in waging military war against the sunni muslim proxy armies of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, and Nato countries United STates and England.! It is Russia’s defense of Syria ..which has defeated most of ISIS and Al Queda forces….and now making a final push to liberate IDLIB, Syria!

      Importantly, your fascist regime and idol for more bases in Greece….has threatened the Syrian Government to possible bombing …if they advance and liberate the syrian people under the control of their Terrorist proxy armies! You see…. the United States is not interested in ending the suffering of the people of Syria……Interested….in protecting their “ILLEGAL BASES” to take control of the government of Syria! These people do not represent you or I as Americans!

      The only difference between the fascist regime of the United States …. and that of Nazi Germany… their occupation of Greece….is a friendly occupation …with the cooperation of the dictator Tsipras….who already has surrendered most of Greeks history and sovereignty to comply with the rampaging degenerates which are now dropping one bomb every 12 minutes of the day on some country!

      In the 1930’s….in New York and Chicago …organized crime families and their Black Hand gang…would send a letter to legitimate business owners….advising them that their were bad people in their neighborhood…who threaten to harm them and their business….. and the Black Hand mob…was prepared to offer them protection from these dangerous people ….but they would have to provide the mob with financial tribute from their businesses….and allegiance to the mob family! When , the owners refused….they would be bombed…..and then another letter would go to these business owners….asking them again to put them and their business under the protection of the Mob!

      Apparently, Tsipras, the proven coward and liar….would have surrendered his business …or in this case …the government of Greece …and put them under the protection of the new organized family…the United States and Nato! Mr. Tsipras ….was bombed with an IMF bailout package controled by the same mobsters from the United States….and he will not make the same mistake twice!

      OXI…to U.S bases period, Oxi to Nato and especially OXI …to the EU! and OXI…to putting in more U.S. troops in Greece….not to wage war just on other countries …but to provide protection against what will ultimately come ….resistance movement against a corrupt government!

    2. I stated above that a long list could be compiled covering the numerous times in history that Greece was betrayed or disappointed by the United States. However, a similarly long list could be made of the times that Greeks have been betrayed or disappointed by Russia.

      Further, I see no evidence that Russia is seeking a base in Greece, large or small.

  2. No doubt John the list is long and goes back many years but this is a positive development that I believe even the incompetent Tsipras government is seizing for the security of Greece from its neighbors. I also believe a deal was cut behind the scenes with the US to sour relations between Greece and Moscow with the expulsion of the Russian diplomats from Greece and more recently with the patriarch “ even though he is independent he still still a Greek” granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox creating more problems for Moscow. It’s no coincidence that as Moscow has allowed Erdogan to warm up to them relations with Greece and Moscow have taken a small hit.

    1. Niko….what and who ….represents a security threat to Greece…Turkey…a Nato ally! Who are all these neigbors beyond Turkey …who have demonstrated threats to the security of Greece!

      What happened to the Nato alliance that Greece is a member of …..and under the protection of 29 countries in the event of an attack on their sovereignty!

      No Nick….. the warming up of relations with Turkey by Russia …has its limits …. do you think that Russia ….is warming to turkey’s invasion of Syria …and their plans to do what they did to Cyprus…grab territory, and compliant to U.S war plans in Syria!

      Importantly, the only impact of Russia warming up with Nato member Turkey….is on the United States…who already has a historic love fest with Turkey!

      Why Greece and Russia relations …have slided down…is as you said…the control of the Greek Government by the United States government…to not only attempt to sabotage relations with Russia, but to add another military base …in one of Greece”s back yard …Fyrom!

      On the contrary…. all U.S bases should be closed , because ,,,,,they represent a threat to the Security and peace of the people of Greece….. who will suffer from the war marches of a fascist regime …called the United States! They will also …. support the dictator Tsipras to remain in power…as long as he complies with what ever the U.S. says…and join the forces of Tsipras …in putting down any resistance …that is bound to come…with a dead and starving Greece! And that is the real reason for expanding bases in Greece!

      They know …. what may be comming up!

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