Analysis: A Bold Decision

FILE - Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, right, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians, sits with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, left, prior to their meeting at the Patriarchate in Constantinople, Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, about the Autocratically of Ukraine. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

The Ecumenical patriarchate made a historic, correct, and bold decision to proceed with resolution of the ecclesiastical problem of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine by granting Autocephaly. As I have written in the past, there are actually two Churches in Ukraine: One under the “schismatic” Patriarch Philaret of Kiev and the other under Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine, which belongs to the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Moscow.

A request was filed to the Ecumenical Patriarchate 25 years ago requesting Autocephaly, but the issue was delayed simply because the Phanar did not want to create any hard feelings toward Moscow Patriarchate of Moscow.

Without a doubt, the leadership abilities of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew should be recognized, because he manages to steer the ship of the Church despite the all those divisive obstacles that surround him. Such obstacles came into light in a systematic way during the 2016 Holy and Great Council (HGC) in Crete, with the divisive games the Moscow Patriarchate chose to play, aiming to postpone the GHC.

The recent visit of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill to the Ecumenical Patriarchate was the strongest proof that without the Patriarchate there is no secured guarantee of the Tradition and Unity of the Orthodox Church around the world.

I have written time and again that only the Ecumenical Patriarchate has the historic,
ecclesiological, and canonical privilege of granting Autocephaly to a local Orthodox Church; no one else may do so, whether the ancient Patriarchates of the Pentarchic or any of the newer ones.

The Patriarchate was through the centuries and continues to be the visible center of the unity of the Orthodox Church and Kirill very well knows this, as do the other local Orthodox Church prelates.

That Kirill made reference to the issue of unity during his recent visit to the Patriarchate and in his recent statements and interviews simply shows the magnitude of his hypocrisy, considering that two years ago, he unsuccessfully attempted to thwart the HGC.


  1. I enjoy the reporting of mr
    Kalmoukos but I must disagree here.
    The ecumenical patriarch transgressed
    The holy canons by interfering in
    The canonical territory of the
    Russian church. I do not like to
    Criticize the ecumenical patriarch
    But he is in the wrong here and has
    Instigated a major crisis.
    Also most Orthodox do not accept
    The pseudo council of crete. Many
    Prominent bishops and theologians
    From Greece and cyprus criticized it.
    Blaming the Russian church for the
    Debacle of crete is inaccurate.
    It is only after three other local
    Churches withdrew that moscow
    Announced it would not attend.

    1. Unfortunately…. I am not as informed on the technical guidelines on the Orthodox church and its relationships thru out the world ! However, what i do know….is that the demented U.S. government…and its corrupt Intelligence service…who with state Department Victoria Nuland…. are featured on ” You tube” …. on an intercepted call three weeks before the coup of the elected President of th e Ukraine , and the uprising that created it…… setting up the government of the Ukraine with the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, have documented their plans to take over Eastern Europe and isolate Russia….. by identifying those organizations which they consider threats to their plans…..and right on the top of that list ….is the Orthodox churches of Eastern Europe! This is how ….ideological Fascist operate …. and dissect their enemies This is what the catholic church and the pope in world war 11 were charged with….complicit collaborators to the actions of Fascist Germany!

      It is no coincidence … that Serbian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox , Greek Orthodox , Coptic Orthodox populations from Serbia to Damascus and the rest of the middle east have been the victims of the hellacious foreign policies of these White Anglo Supremacist!

      Today, the whores in Greece….accuse the orthodox church of collaborating with Russians…based on the orders of the U.S. and Nato regimes…because allegedly they took money from Russia…to influence the rejection of the FYROM theft of the Macedonian culture! This all designed by Atheist Tsipras to discredit the Orthodox church …. and suggest that the Russian Orthodox Church at the behest of the Russian government ..was somehow meddling in Greek Politics….and what Greeks have been accused of Sympathy with Russia …due to thier religious connection!

      It is no coincidence, that after all these years…… and with the imposition of a Neo Nazi regime in the Ukraine….and the separation of Eastern Ukraine by the ethnic Russian Orthodox from the Ukraine with the overthrow of their elected President….and not based on this false narrative…of Russia invaded the Ukraine……any association between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church with the Russian Orthodox church and Moscow….is considered an enemy of the Fascist regime … managed by the United States and Nato!

      Therefore, what difference, does it make ….. if the Ukrainian Orthodox Church retains its association with the Russian Orthodox Church …and its supervision….. which should be based on maintaining the spiritual doctrines and practices of the Orthodox church!

      The question is simple ….has a review been made of the current status of the Ukrainian church…are they complying with maintaining the icons, the practices of the original church of Christ….and what representation of faithful do they have!

      If not , then you have your answer……Bartholomew should not be ….removing the Ukraine from the Russian Church supervision…but removing them altogether as a member of the Orthodox Church …for engaging in political collaboration with the Neo Nazi Ukrainian regime…. supported by the United States and Nato….who are marching Europe into a war with Russia, and about 15 other countries of the world ….to do what they have turned Greece into …. a whore…who sells herself off …on the cheap!…

      Alarming , is that Bartholomew …. with the RED FLAG status of the Ukraine and their new leadership…of documented Neo Nazi aspirations, is not accused of political subservience to a state…which I beleive…violates the separation of church and State doctrines of our church….and therefore, ….subject and threaten the legitimacy of Bartholomew to direct the Orthodox Church, and compound, that with the fact ….that he did not to my knowledge…. help the Greek , Coptic and Syrian Orhtodox churches of Syria…who demanded that fascist John McCain, stop arming the Terrorist religious fanatics in Syria…who were burning their churches and killing their faithful! Where was Bartholomew …in joining these Archbisops from Syria , lebanon, and Jerusalaem in Washington D.C. begging them to stop their illegal and war crimes bombings, and support of these animals!

      He was nowhere….and now REPANIDI…..;you have all the information needed to make your case …for the removal of the leaders of the Orthodox church….because , they knowingly…..failed to comply with the teachings of the original church of Christ….. called love thy neighbor …and thou shal not kill!..

      Remaining silent for this is a crime, and that is unforgivable!

  2. Theologically and, perhaps, a doctrinally incorrect and indefensible position. No one bishop guarantees the unity of the Church. There is, in fact, no leader of “world” Orthodoxy, which this analysis seems to suggest and which has been bandied about as the position of the Patriarch of Constantinople, because no such thing exists. The unity of the Church has always been guaranteed by the absence of heresy in the local Churches and the common proclamation of the accepted faith, once delivered to the saints. It is an unfortunate fact that today all the patriarchs/patriarchates “play politics”. The jury is still out as to whether the decision to grant autocephaly is a correct and wise decision. If this decision causes a schism, as it well might, then the other local Churches will have to decide whom to agree with. Antioch and Alexandria went into schism over just one church in Qatar. This will be much worse.


  3. Someone should explain to the author of this article that we do not have an Orthodox Pope, and God forbid that we ever do. Primacy in the Orthodox Church is one of honor and love only, not the universal jurisdiction nonsense of the Latin Church.

    The EP has gone against the will of each of the other Orthodox Patriarchs and Autocephalous Church Leaders and is meddling in the affairs of the recognized Church of Ukraine in favor of a schismatic whom everyone knows is not only defrocked but has maintained a secret wife and children the whole while claiming to be a celibate monastic.

    Just as the EP’s meddling here in the GOA at the end of the Iakovos era resulted in a mess in the GOA and a withering Church, so will the fruits of the EP’s meddling in Ukraine be poisonous.

    The EP is embarrassing himself and world Orthodoxy. I guess supporting two dozen or more hierarchs for a flock of under 2,000 sheep leaves him with two much time on his hands so he gets into mischief with Byzantine intrigue. Time for new leadership.

    1. True enough. The author is a graduate of Holy Cross. Apparently whatever he might have learned there has been abandoned in favor of this article which is a puff piece, a PR statement and not a real analysis of the situation.

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