Letter to the Editor: What’s Wrong with Throwing Flyers?

FILE - Rouvikonas members roared into Greece’s public electric central offices and scattered fliers, Athens, Nov. 30, 2017. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Sotiris Dimitropoulos)

To the Editor:

The recent article on the anarchist group Rouvikonas at the Agricultural Development Ministry in Athens had me scratching my head. In the grand scheme of things, why should anyone be concerned about Rouvikonas throwing flyers? It seems to me that flyers that declared “war on the war of the bosses” should not be cause for much concern at a time when Greece is dealing with much more serious issues.

Ok, so a group was stopped on its way to Thessaloniki’s International Fair with sledge hammers and gas masks in the trunk of the car, fine, they were stopped. I don’t condone violence of any kind.

But in the September 7 article, “As Rouvikonas Strikes, Greek Cops Stop Anarchists Headed for TIF,” it also says, “The group also forced its way into the building of the Agricultural Development Ministry in Athens, where they also distributed fliers. Thessaloniki police detained a small group who tried to throw fliers from the top of the White Tower, a waterfront monument, the port’s landmark site.”

The only people who should be annoyed by groups throwing flyers are the workers who have to sweep up all the flyers.

People should be allowed to protest and express their opinions especially when they have opinions and are not just completely apathetic to the world around them or are repeating the same, tired political views that are not helping anyone.

Anna Z. Haralambou

Seattle, WA


  1. That would not be the position if it was Far Right, Golden Dawn, etc doing it…It’s intimidation protesting busting in on meetings is not peaceful protesting..Yes at times its flyers, but also spray paint, windows doors broken, the daily flyer throwing without ever an arrest for damage is appalling since the members video, post where they stay congregate etc, and never any action, because SYRIZA approves of their methods and likes its rebel methods, seems small but its quality of life laws. Take a walk downs certain parts of Athina, theres open prostitution, by minors protected by criminals, theft, pickpockets, robberies, drug dealers, etc etc, it starts with letting flyer throwing go on and on.,

  2. In 1930s Manhattan it was common to throw fliers from tall buildings at passers by. Now, if Sanitation can identify you by your flier, you will be fined unless it is removed within 48 hrs.

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