ND on Tsipras’ Address in Europarliament: “PM Does Not Understand His Role”

New Democracy headquarters in Athens. (Photo by Eurokinissi, File)

ATHENS – Instead of speaking about the future of Europe, which was the issue the European Parliament invited him to address, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras “ started listing his government’s so-called successes,” New Democracy (ND) party said on Tuesday.

Criticizing Tsipras’ address at the Europarliament in Strasbourg earlier in the day, ND added that the result was “ that he raised a barrage of questions by foreign Europarliament deputies, who not only know about the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government, but have a point of view about its achievements.”

The main opposition party then listed some of the MEPs’ questions, including:
–    Why is Greece trailing all OECD countries in development?
–    What does the government plan to do with the market’s high interest rates for lending to Greece, and how does it plan to access the markets again?
–    How were funds provided by European taxpayers for the migration issue used?
–    What does he have to say about the experimental approach of the first half of 2015 that cost Greece 100 billion euros?

ND concluded that “Tsipras was completely taken off guard, and as usual in such situations, instead of responding to the questions attacked the president of ND, as if he were addressing the Thessaloniki International Fair or SYRIZA’s Central Committee.”

The prime minister, the main opposition party said, “ has once again proven that he does not understand his role. Unfortunately, when that happens it is humiliating not just for him alone, but for our country as well.”