The One Good Thing Tsipras Did

FILE - Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, second left, shakes hands with U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, as U.S ambassador to Greece Geoffrey R. Pyatt, right, looks on, during an inauguration ceremony at Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, at the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) did not contain anything remarkable. Nor did he convince anyone with his unfounded  optimistic description of the economy and an old recipe of benefits that even if implemented would not materialize for years.

And it was indicative that the limited applause he received from a friendly audience, lacked enthusiasm, as did he.

Notably, though, there was a positive exception to his speech: his bold reference to longstanding ties between the United States and Greece.

Specifically, the prime minister said that “on this occasion, I would like to welcome the United States delegation, which is the honored country of the Thessaloniki International Fair this year. A country with which we are connected by a strong strategic relationship. But also struggles for common values at significant moments in history.

“From the struggle for independence against colonialism and the Declaration of Independence, to the struggles to abolish slavery with the stamp of President Lincoln. And from the common struggles against fascism and Nazism, to the great battles for the safeguarding and respecting of human rights against racial discrimination.”

Unfortunately, the prime minister missed the opportunity to mention the most important link between the two countries: Greek-Americans. A link that is a bridge between Greece and the United States, in calm but also stormy periods, which provides dynamic encouragement and support, and which often acts as a mediator between the two. Why was this omitted?

Probably because we are too far removed from Tsipras’ thoughts, or because his reference to our humble existence would recall his unacceptable opposition to granting the vote in Greek elections to Hellenes Abroad.

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  1. No TNH…. the worst link between the people of Greece and made in America of Greek ancestry….and that includes me….. are what you describe as Greek Americans! Because the only connection ….between the people of Greece and Greek Americans ….are the Aristocratic Secret Societies who are ideological demented Masons and Birchers merely promoting the Glory of America and its interest…not Greece!

    TNH…. who features these frauds…. to unilaterally…support their messages to Greece ….which is promoting Nato and U.S bases in Greece, and in suppressing information like who should be responsible for the debacle and remediation of the Ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots from Norther Cyprus!

    It is this meddling by …and let me repeat….made in America of Greek Ancestry citizens …who have been brainwashed. manipulated. , and lied to …. as the rest of America …to cheer the murder and injury of 31/2 million people in Vietnam ….and the same number in all the wars of the middle east …orchestrated against the independent countries of the world!

    They do not stand up for Greek and cultural values….or the sovereignty of Greece! They have no clue…. that the family of the United States….which they desire Greece to be part of …is nothing more than an Organized Crime family …perpetuating wars and war crimes against the entire world….if you haven’t care to notice ! Are you not shamed by the fact….that the country you work for …is dropping one bomb every 12 minutes on some country of the world! So this is the country ….’we made in America Greeks’…stand up for ….and Tsipras complies with …to destroy my great Grandfathers country!

    The following …can never be more clearer…. that honor, justice , and democracy are simply myths…perpetuated by these ….made in America Greeks! And the only reality….is that you are free to make all the money you can …. as long as you handover those tax dollars to fund another 800 bases of the new Global empire of white supremacist!

    Now TNH….we even have a president who will stand up to….The International Criminal Court at the Hague, and not just Mr. Tsipras’s enemies!

    Why don’t you write another article …about the real Fascist President of the United States… standing up to another obstacle to their current march to Global dominance of the World ….. John Bolton!

    Earlier this week, John Bolton—Trump’s national security adviser and basically the president of US foreign policy—told the Federalist Society he would see to punitive sanctions if the International Criminal Court at The Hague moves to charge American soldiers who “served” in Afghanistan with war crimes.

    “If the court comes after us, Israel or other US allies, we will not sit quietly,” said Bolton. He said the US is ready to impose financial sanctions and go so far as to arrest members of the court.

    “We will ban its judges and prosecutors from entering the United States. We will sanction their funds in the US financial system, and we will prosecute them in the US criminal system,” he said.

    France 24 reported:

    Bolton pointed to an ICC prosecutor’s request in November 2017 to open an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by the US military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan, especially over the abuse of detainees.

    Neither Afghanistan nor any other government party to the ICC’s Rome Statute has requested an investigation, Bolton said.

    The US has occupied Afghanistan and handpicked its government for the last seventeen years, so obviously it will not bite the hand of its master.

    Ashraf Ghani, the current president, will follow orders to the letter. The alternative is to be strung up by the Taliban.

    Tsipras …. is merely ….Ghani with a Greek Name….. who instead of removing Nato and the Tyrant regime of the United states…is looking to add more U.S. military bases …. for the same reason Ghani cannot get rid of these white supremacist war criminals…. because , …. they like previous leaders ..are simply removed ….and replaced with the next puppet!

    This is how bad and blatant …this fascist regime can demonstrate ….. that they are a totalitarian Regime….where international laws and war crimes only apply to the enemies of America…. and no one can bring them to justice, or their financial partners …the Aparthied State of Israel…whose Jewish lobby’s own the entire corrupt government of the United States!

    What a disgrace …. and TNH….continues to march out the likes of Patrick Theros to prosecute countries like Yemen the poorest country in the world …..where last week another Lockheed Martin Inc. missile made in the USA… ;murdered and mutilated a school bus of 45 yemenese children!

    And this decadent society of made in the U.S Greeks…will simply switch channels …and write it off…as the right of the leader of the free world and our superior way of life!

    Remain silent ….and lets hope ….Vladimir Putin …will wake up and do the right thing for humanity…and put it out of misery!

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