Anna Karabesini, Folk Singer of the Dodecanese, Was 95

One of the many albums featuring the sisters Anna Sarri Karabesini and Efi (Eftichia) Sarri. Photo: Youtube

KOS, Greece – One of the most recognizable voices of the Greek islands has gone silent. Well-known singer of traditional and folk music Anna Sarri Karabesini, “the voice of the Dodecanese,” passed away on September 7 at the Hospital in Kos town, To Vima tis Ko reported. She was 95. 

Born into a musical family in Antimacheia on Kos, Karabesini sang from a young age. She was known as the “muse of the Aegean,” the Rodiaki reported, and along with her sister Efi (Eftichia) Sarri sang the folk music of the islands for many years, making a significant contribution to promoting the musical tradition of Kos and the Dodecanese. The sisters traveled to Athens in 1947. In 1949, Anna met and married Haralambos Karabesini. The couple shared 35 years together until Haralambos passed away in 1984.

Early in 1950, Anna Karabesini met Simon Kara who was a major influence on the course of her later musical career. She returned to Kos in 1952, returning to Athens often to record her music. Karabesini and her sister recorded 23 albums together and appeared on many television programs over the years. She also appeared at events for the Greek community abroad in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Efi Sarri passed away in 2001 at the age of 68 while her sister was performing in Australia, the Rodiaki reported.

At press time, funeral arrangements had not yet been announced.