Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Sentenced to 14 Days in Prison

Former Donald Trump presidential campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, who triggered the Russia investigation, and who pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI, leaves federal court after he was sentenced to fourteen days in prison, Friday, Sept. 7, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Greek-American George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign adviser who triggered the Russia investigation, was sentenced to 14 days in prison Friday after he told a judge he was “deeply embarrassed and ashamed” for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian intermediaries.

Papadopoulos, the first campaign aide sentenced in special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation, acknowledged that his actions hindered an investigation of national importance, a move that the judge in his case said resulted in the 31-year-old putting his own self-interest above that of his country.

“I made a dreadful mistake, but I am a good man who is eager for redemption,” Papadopoulos said.

The punishment was far less than the maximum six-month sentence sought by the government but more than the probation that Papadopoulos and his lawyers had asked for.

Papadopoulos, who served as a foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign, has been a central figure in the Russia investigation dating back before Mueller’s May 2017 appointment. He was the first to plead guilty in Mueller’s probe and is now the first Trump campaign adviser to be sentenced. His case was also the first to detail a member of the Trump campaign having knowledge of Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election while it was ongoing.

Former Donald Trump presidential campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, right, who pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI during the agency’s Russia probe, holds hands with his wife Simona Mangiante, as they arrive at federal court for sentencing, Friday, Sept. 7, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss said Papadopoulos’ deception was “not a noble lie” and said he had lied because he wanted a job in the Trump administration and didn’t want to jeopardize that possibility by being tied to the Russia investigation.

“In some ways it constitutes a calculated exercise of self-interest over the national interest,” the judge said.

Moss noted that many similar cases resulted in probation but said he imposed a sentence of incarceration partly to send a message to the public that they can’t lie to the FBI.

The sentence drew a quick response from Trump on Twitter, as he scoffed at the two weeks of prison time by comparing it to an unverified cost figure for the Mueller probe.

“14 days for $28 MILLION – $2 MILLION a day, No Collusion. A great day for America!” the president tweeted.

Memos authored by House Republicans and Democrats , now declassified, show that information about Papadopoulos’ contacts with Russian intermediaries triggered the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation in July 2016 into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign. That probe was later taken over by Mueller.

According to a sweeping indictment handed up this summer, Russian intelligence had stolen emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic groups by April 2016, the same month Papadopoulos was told by a professor that Russian officials had told him they had “dirt” on Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails.”

Papadopoulos later used his connections with the Maltese professor, Joseph Mifsud, and other Russian nationals in an attempt to broker a meeting between then-candidate Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

An orange shirt saying “inmate” is thrown by a protester at former Donald Trump presidential campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, right, who triggered the Russia investigation, and who pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI, as he holds hands with his wife Simona Mangiante on arrival at federal court for sentencing, Friday, Sept. 7, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

He admitted last year to lying to the FBI about those contacts with Russians and Russian intermediaries, false statements that prosecutors say caused irreparable harm to the investigation during its early months.

Prosecutors say those false statements, made during a January 2017 interview with federal investigators, led the FBI to miss an opportunity to interview Mifsud while he was in the United States in early 2017.

In court Friday, prosecutor Andrew Goldstein said Papadopoulos’ cooperation “didn’t come close to the standard of substantial assistance.”

“It was at best begrudging efforts to cooperate and we don’t think they were substantial or significant in any regard,” he said.

He said Papadopoulos’ deception required investigators to scour more than 100,000 emails and gigabytes of data to reconstruct the timeline of his contacts with Russians and Russian intermediaries.

Even after his arrest and plea agreement last year, Goldstein said, Papadopoulos continued to be difficult, only providing information after being confronted with documents such as emails and text messages.

In response, defense lawyer Thomas Breen said his client was “remorseful” that his lies impeded the investigation.

Papadopoulos lied because he was torn between wanting to cooperate and wanting to remain loyal to a president whose administration he hoped to join, Breen said. His client was also affected by Trump’s cries of “fake news” and his casting of the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt” just days before his FBI interview.

“The president of the United States hindered this investigation more than George Papadopoulos ever could,” Breen said.

Breen described his client as a “patriot,” who wasn’t trying to help Russia. But he acknowledged that Papadopoulos was unsophisticated, naive and even a “fool” for having made contacts with Russia intermediaries during the campaign.

Breen said his client’s primary interest was brokering a meeting between Trump and Putin, a move he believed the campaign supported. In court papers, Breen wrote that during a March 2016 meeting attended by Papadopoulos, Trump nodded with approval at the idea, and then-Senator Jeff Sessions “appeared to like” it and said the campaign “should look into it.”

That clashes with what Sessions, a key campaign aide and now Trump’s attorney general, told the House Judiciary Committee last November. In that testimony, Sessions said he resisted the idea of any Russia meeting proposed by Papadopoulos.

Outside the courthouse Friday, Breen said Papadopoulos didn’t recall ever telling anyone in the campaign about the fact that Russia had dirt on Clinton in the form of emails.

Breen also rejected the idea that Papadopoulos was the victim of a witch hunt or prosecutorial misconduct.

“We have seen no such thing. We have seen no entrapment. We have seen no set up by U.S. intelligence people,” he said, noting that he also had no reason to believe that Papadopoulos was the subject of a warrant obtained under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Asked if Papadopoulos still remained loyal to Trump, Breen smiled wryly and paused for a beat.

“We don’t talk politics,” he said.

By CHAD DAY , Associated Press


  1. I cannot know what was in the mind of Mr Papadopoulos, but, speaking in general, I say that it is quite possible for one to be both a patriotic American and to recognize the urgent need for a normalization of relations between the United States and Russia.

    1. It is again another knife in the heart of our democracy……. and the realization , that we are clearly in the grips of a Totalitarian government …. who will prosecute anyone , who they consider enemies to their Foreign Policy of Fascist take over of the Independent countries of the world ….including Russia! In their demented minds….anyone person, leader of a country, ….or as we see with George Papadopoulos, a Greek American citizen….who was naive …to believe that public service was a noble profession, and has found out ….it is only noble , if you comply with the intentions of a Fascist government , owned by White Supremacist degenerates Aristocrates …like John McCain …who was adorned by TNH and Mainstream media for his service to his country ….which included the promoting and coordinating the killing ..from Vietnam to Yemen…..over 21 million foreign citizens!

      Donald Trump said it all….. 14 days for $28 MILLION – $2 MILLION a day, No Collusion. A great day for America!” the president tweeted.

      All Papadopoulos did ….was to admit meeting a professor….. who is no different than about another million professors in the world ….who everyday….say the Russian’s have dirt on Hillary Clinton! Importantly, so does half the world today…. thanks to Wiki leaks …. and the foreign press!
      TNH….. and mainstream media ….do what the do best, as merely , fascist collaborators…… they simply…. do not ask the questions …..like who is this professor …so central …to the charges against George …who the FBI actually met with …and despicably…. implied that George…delayed their investigation! And how outrageous, that they use… a statement ….that the Russian intermediary…was a relative of Vladimir Putin ….who could arrange a meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ! Really, and George Papodopoulos……in front of Jeff Session ….allegedly, thought that Donald Trump …has nodded his approval for George to pursuit some sort of contact with the RUSSIAN BOOGEMAN!

      The bottom line ….there was never any secret meeting …and would that be a scoop…a private citizen Donald Trump….having a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia…..and please help me….not an enemy of the American people…only the fascist members of our government not at war with the American people ……only the fascist members of our government!
      So TNH….. like Donald Trump, and not public servant of the United States government …if Michael Gianakos….went to Russia …and had the opportunity to Meet with Vladimir Putin…would I be guilty of something! Would I be guilty….if in my travels, I met relatives of Vladimir Putin , or contacted Russia government personal to assist me ….in visiting and touring Russia …but still did not meet Vladimir Putin!

      George Papadopoulos did not lie…but recognized that these animals and SS members of the FBI and Justice department ..threatened and mentally tortured him to give them justification for their witch hunt, and to imply that the President of the United States had colluded with Vladimir Putin .

      George Papadopoulos ….was threatened by a trial ….that had no chance of success…. but presented as a lie…. could imprison him for years in Leavenworth, by these degenerates in the Justice Department …and while he would have won ….he would be financially bankrupt and subject his family to the sickest people in society ….who support these animals!

      Importantly, while we here , all the charges of hacking of Hillary Clinton which revealed her criminal activities in our government ….while George Papadopoulos ….was being stalked because a Professor said ….the Russian had dirt on Hillary Clinton…….they have not stalked or prosecuted Hillary Clinton for the dirt …that has been released, and is all the evidence needed to put her in leavenworth! As a matter of fact …she is free…to coordinate with her democratic and Republic swampsters to promote the coup of the elected President with the help of the nazi collaborators in the media!

      Today this SS wing of a fascist state…. represented by Mueller…..have arrest warrants for Julianne Assage of Wiki leaks for publishing the information of the crimes of this government and Hillary Clinton, and has been confined to the bolivian embassy under their protection!

      Today, the New York Times …has been caught again in …promoting the coup of Donald Trump…by publishing an editorial ….which claims that A Senior Official of the White house ….has reported to them …that he is going to sabotage the decisions of Donald Trump and steer him to what he believes are the correct policy decisions to protect our country….until Trump is removed or leaves office!

      In overplaying their propaganda campaign to promote a coup of the elected President of the United States….. they have left themselves liable ….if Donald Trump does the right thing….and that is to issue an arrest warrant for the heads of the New york times for treason …and in light of the fact…that all Senior members of the White House …have denied ever telling the New York Times , anything that they allege! Therefore, either hand over the Senior official of the White house …..who they claim made these statements, or face charges of treason …in attempting to overthrow the elected president of the United States, and incite civil war, and destroy the security and peace of the American people!
      It true…The Senior official has confessed to deliberately controlling the elected President of the United States, and basically, imposing his ideological policies, until the New York Times and the Fascist deep State can get him removed or replaced….but not indicating how…. and.leave that to your own thoughts!

      A civil war has been started….and whether Donald Trump is a Patriot or Fascist is still to be determined….since, it appears he not be in control of government! The important part …..is the SS group….are proven degenerates on the world stage …who have survived with the help of journalist from THN and the New York Times, Washington Post , CNN…etc etc. At Worst, Donald Trump is still better than proven degenerates …. who have infiltrated every department of our government…and God forgive us….been allowed to destroy humanity!

      What we have witnessed was a bunch of white supremacist fascist in our government attacking Greek American George Papadopoulos,,,,and have subjected him to discrimination and fabrication of charges to promote a campaign to enact a coup of the Presidency of the United States

      Of course, you will not hear a word from the Mason frauds of the Ahepa….in defense of George Papadopoulos….who promote the glory of America…not Greece, Not Cyprus, or anything not made in America!

    2. Here you go again, Mickie, after promising to take your meds, shooting your nonsensical mouth off with head-exploding VLAKIES.

      Papadopoulos was a nobody, hanger on, with no credentials, trying to hustle his way into a presidential campaign. His Italian girlfriend intro’d him in London to a British professor with ties to Christopher Steele, the guy who made up the completely phony dossier for Fusion GPS that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s law firm with campaign money and then fed to Bruce Ohr at the FBI who then maneuvered it as an excuse for the politically motivated appointees at the FBI to obtain FISA warrants to “investigate” the Trump campaign and, later, the administration because they can’t believe they LOST the election..

      Can you absorb all that?

      Papadopoulos gets drunk at a party and tells an Australian Attache the Steele phony nonsense and this is how it all got started, as if it were gospel and not made up and entirely fake.

      Papadopoulos should have gotten 14 years, not 14 days, for being STUPID and then lying about it.

      Say ! Why didn’t all you Greek Jehovah’sWitnesses offer to get Papadopoulos a Greek passport and hide him in the Dodecanese islands for the next 6 years? The monasteries would have obliged you for cash, certainly Athos would too because the Russians run intel ops from there and the Greeks there are “cash and carry”. The Ephraimites could have possibly helped, also.

      I’m going to dog you, bro, everytime you open your mouth. You need to get a life.

  2. Spiro…..i still may take you up on your offer to give me $1,000 in hush money…to donate to the charity of my choice! Because it would be donated to AA……..for your drinking problem …which apparently, you have shared with another drunk ….allegedly George Papadopoulos and his Italian Girl friend! Importantly, we all thank you …for being in a drunken stupor…to tell us of your personal inner secrets about George…and how this party animal…. bring new meaning to being Greek….as the re-invented “Zorba the Greek” who dances with the rich and famous Aristocratic elitist…. not peasants of Greece…..to recapture the glory of ancient classical Greeks!

    Spiro ….please sober up!! ….and tell us something we don’t know….I mean your revelation of the Hillary Clinton steel dossier set up…is a complete waste of TNH readers time, and how corrupt the FBI and Justice Department were in ….fabricating an investigation by Rostein and his drinking brother Mueller….full blown degenerate Deep State operators, which we all know now…. represented no legitimacy to ever having an independent prosecutor to investigate collusion by Donald Trump and your mortal enemy Vladimir Putin and the Russian intel ….worshiping with the corrupt Greek Orthodox church monks in Althos, in Greece, and in handing out cash .. to the faithfull of those monasteries, and I guess you failed to mention cash from Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox churches in our country! Now we know where the money vlafor St. Nick’s went!

    Spiro, now don’t grab another drink until we finish here! I need you awake! Tell me ….what was all that stuff that TNH..told us…I mean about the professor that allegedly …was the one who told George about the dirty stuff on Hillary Clinton? I mean you know…. the guy that told George …that one of the intermediaries was a relative of Vladimir Putin…who could arrange a meeting between my favorite buddy..Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump!! Thank God for you Spiro….telling us the real story…not the fake news story of TNH!

    Imagine that ….of course, George Papadopoulos …should get 14 years in leavenworth for bragging about how important he was ….and telling lies at a private party or at a bar! Can you imagine that….what I did as a college athlete…going into bars ….and jokingly telling ….some girls at the bar….that I was Mickey Mantle.o the New York Yankees…..just to feel important! No doubt about it ….even though it never was true…and of course , i never acted it out….it could have been used …to indict me for lying…if the girl happened to be an attache from the state department …which delayed an investigation into identity theft!

    Spiro …. I beg you to dog my posts and read them , but you do so at your own risk…in the event your brain has not already exploded and you have run out of liquor to suppress the demons that possess you!

    And please continue to support my allegations against TNH….. that they are responsible for the stupidity and ignorance I and you suffer from….. Thank you for your revelation of the real story behind the George Papadopoulos indictment ….which is guilty of being drunk and making up stories at a bar..and consequently, deserves to be in jail for 14 years! Zorba the Greek……and Anthony Quinn would be proud of him!
    By the way Spiro …based on your secret knowledge..are you the Greek American C.i.A appointee, featured by TNH to replace the promoted Gena Haspel to C.i.A director…you know the queen of the Torture chambers in various sites of the world ….who also did a good job of concealing the torture techniques of the C.I.A! I mean, this Greek American distinguished himself by being the C.i.A Inteligience Briefer for George Bush Jr;…who apparently may have been responsible for providing the false information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction…which another George ..used to bomb and murder 600,000 Iraqi peasant and inferior species! Maybe you can update us on that…after a few more rounds of kentucky Bourbon!

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