Trump’s Resistance from Within

President Donald Trump responds to a reporters question during an event with sheriffs in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

On September 6, the New York Times published an op-ed piece titled “The Quiet Resistance inside the Trump Administration,” written anonymously by an author whom the Times confirms is a senior administration official. The president, as one would expect, launched an attack against the unknown author. As Mr. Trump often reacts to much less important issues, is there any surprise he would respond to one of such harshness?

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the author’s …

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  1. So Mr. Diamantaris……lets examine the real significance of your Title….”Trumps Resistance from within”

    Let look at this from the Perspective of an Informed American who elected Donald Trump ….to clean out the most corrupt government in the History of the United states…as indicated by 78% of the American Public Polled by the Acclaimed Gallop Poll organization! Specifically, 78% of Americans..”.consider the Unites States Government Corrupt thru and thru” Additionally, another International Gallup Poll of the countries of the World ….revealed that the Greatest Threat and danger to Peace in the World ….was the United States of America! These polls were prior to the election of Donald Trump, and represented why Donald Trump was elected …. and personified by the Hillary Clinton and DNC scandals!

    Donald Trump was elected on his promise …to clean out these elitist rulers …alias Deep State, Fascist , white Supremacist, who have systematically taken over every department of our government ..including the C.I.A , Congress, State Department, FBI , Justice Department …. to control the policies and actions of the United States to comply with a Global agenda representing the interests of the richest countries of the world and their billionaire financial benefactors! To this end , prior to Donald Trump….they had imposed , by raping the Treasury of the United states …. a Fascist foreign policy of overthowing the independent countries of the world …like the Middle East….who were not compliant to the economic, political , and military control by these degenerate sadist…who have murdered or injured 31/2 million people in the middle east to impose their Global Agenda!

    Understanding this ….since the election of Donald Trump….this corrupt group have simply demonstrates thru their campaign of disinformation and misrepresentation with the collaboration of their Aristocratic billionaire owned media….created a narrative to demean , discredit, and set up a coup of the elected President of the United States …as we have all witnessed! Their objective is to stop Donald Trumps march to changing their power base ….and hence , possibly obsrtucting their Global interests and will!

    Understanding that, …the latest hysteria revelation by the New York Times ….is merely another addition to deceive the Ameican public …by suggesting that even people in his administration are terrified by what Donald Trump is doing…and get this ….are attempting to steer him in actions they believe are in the best interests of America….until he is removed or out of office!

    Understanding this …the media has overplayed their regime change protocal …which they have used on other foreign countries …but now are using on our President justify his removal! Because, what the New York Time described …. what a senior official in the White House and government …who has just committed Treason… admitting that they were sabotaging the policies of the elected President of the United States , elected by the people of America to in fact…. make decisions of policy on their behalf!

    Furthermore, implying that they will control the Presidency, and impose what they think are the right policies and actions of our country! This is a coup attempt….. and signal for the military to step in an impose a Junta government!

    Therefore , Donald Trump, needs to take immediate action …..and protecting the security and peace of the American people….demand that the New York Times …immediately identify their source and the grounds by which they issued this article and information!

    Failing to do this …the head of the New York Times and its editor …should be immediately arrested for complicity in commiting treason to incite a civil war, initiate a coup of the presidency of the United States, and sabotage the democracy of the United States!

    Additionally, Senior officials are all denying they participated in any messae or communication of the information alleged by the New York Times! Therefore, if the New York Times does not provide their source, then they have lied and are still liable for acts of Treason…in destabilizing the government of the United states and continuing to subvert the presidency….in order to enact a political coup of our country!

    The states government is now in the hands of the most perfect storm of evil government and financial prostitutes …which is a cross between communist and Fascist …with a Global objective of dominating the economic and political interests of the independent countries of the world. The corruption in the FBI,State Department , C.I.A ….and the perpetual wars that have induced a 27 trillion dollar debt on the American people ….is all the evidence needed! These departments with the Mainstream media ….are now politicized tool of war…to protect the real rulers of our country…who are ideological demenented sadist and white supremacist….. in capable of any moral concerns of their actions….and under the belief …they are invulnerable to prosecution !
    Call you corrupt congresman…and tell them…we are no longer fooled ,,,and demand their efforts to stop the deterioration of our democracy…and begin an investigation into the activities of members of government and the media…leading to indictments on charges of Treason!

  2. The only fascist I see on this page is the author of this comment. Are you serious? Arrest the publisher of the NYT? Go back to middle school social studies class. This nation is still governed by the Constitution and lightweights like Donald Trump cannot simply pick and choose how, in his small mind, to interpret it. He doesn’t get to interpret the Constitution at all. That prerogative belongs to the courts, exclusively. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are easily the worst choices for president in a single election. To be anti-Trump is not necessarily to be pro Clinton. Donald Trump is a pathological liar, a boor, ignorant, an adulterer, a cheat, both amoral and immoral, unethical and quite possibly the least qualified person to ever hold the office of the presidency. He brings shame on himself, his family, the office of the presidency and the country. He is an embarrassment to the world. No one has done anything illegal regarding the Times publication of the anonymous letter. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech were considered so important to the foundation of a democracy that the men who wrote the Constitution saw fit to put those two freedoms in the First Amendment. No citizen is above the law. If Richard Nixon were still alive he would attest to that.

  3. Thank You …Maria for joining what is rapidly growing ….. an informed public…that understands why we have a 27 trillion dollars deficit , and are dropping one bomb every 12 minutes on some country of the world …and have racked up .the slaughter of 22 million people since the Vietnam War!

    Repanidi …apparently, you are a designated plant of TNH. and mainstream media…. to promote the regime change policies of Facist Globalist …who now occupy our government! You have distinguished yourself in the regime change effort against Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Church ….to destabilize our church …to impose your policies and administration to be compliant to your form of Orthodoxy, and now join TNH in attempting a regime change of the elected U.S. president…Donald Trump, because he promised the public that he clean out the corrupt Swamp …that had been running our governmemt for the last 25 years….which has systematically been loaded up by William Clinton, George Bush Jr. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.. with what can only be described a ideological white Supremacist racist.. who believe that they are only entitled to manage the world …and if they have to kill the entire population of the world to do this…they will ….Hence the Russian Narrative…as only the New York Times and their fraternity of Nazi collaborators who in the end…..tell all the lies…that have led to perpetual wars!

    Repanidi… your allegiance to the constitution, like our fascist government , is merely using democracy as a tool of war…to disguise your real intentions …to run a protection racket for the crimininal actions of a bunch of white supremacist fascist…who have been appointed to manage the affairs and interest of degenerate billionaires and their allies!

    Repanidi…spare us your false defense of freedom of the Press and Speech….when the proven fascist corrupted members of the FBI, C.I.A, and Justice department….already have arrest warrants for the Journalist and publisher Julian Assage….of Wikileaks , as soon as , he walks out of the Bolivian embassy in london, because, he published information exposing Hillary Clinton for not only her criminal activities , but treasonist collusions of her and the DNC. with CNN and the meida ..which sabotaged the nomination of Bernie Sanders! ;Not to mention the use of private servers which allowed her to hide …criminal political acts. including using the Clinton Foundation ….to serve the desires of state sponsors of terrorism ….Saudi Arabia, by knowingly making them the number one arms purchaser of the U.S. military weapons….which she knew was being supplied to ISIS, and every other Sunni Muslim Brigade to overthrow the Syrian Government!

    It was not Donald Trump …that initiated those arrest warrants…that alleges treason…it was the SS boys and girls brown shirts…now parading in our government! It was non other than John Brennan and James Clapper….CiA directors…who call the shots! And it is John Brennan …who declared that a coup of the presidency should take place…because Donald Trump did not support the Intelligence community…who have distinguished themselves …in falsely reporting weapons of mass distruction in Iraq, genocide of civilians in libya, use of chemical weapon in Syria….and who leading to catastrophic military actions…that killed thousands of Iraqi’s , libyan’s and Syrian! So much for your mantra…that Donald Trump is doing something wrong in arresting proven collaborators in selling criminal wars, political assasinations, and ever acts of treason …in attempting to promote the overthrow of the elected President of the United States!y

    No, it is the media who fooled the American people and Public, in falsely, promoting false flag military action by North Vietnam…which , provided the justification to start massive bombings of North Vietnam, or the werapons of mass destruction narrative in killing 600,000 Iraqis, and it is their campaign of distortion and propaganda to impeach and promote a coup and overthrow of the Presidency of the United states.

    Failure to serve an arrest warrant for the head of the New York Times for withholding information as to the leak of a Senior official ….indicating that they would be sabatoging the decisions of the President of the United States …until he was removed or left office…is nothing less …. than a coup plan, and would represent Gross Negligence by Doald Trump …in protecting the integrity of the democracy of the United States citizens! The media ther equivalent of a state controlled media of a fascist or communist dictator…with the only difference…. is that these dictators are capitalist degenerates worth Billionaires in control! The own and control our media….and they do exactly what they are instructed to do!

    So you see….your fascist brothers…who litter our government , make Donald Trump , look like Ghandi
    and every slanderous and hysterical label you place on Donald Trump…your fascist in the New York Times are responsible for your obsession agaisnt Donald Trump!

    ..Here is your indictment Repanidi and TNH…. for your efforts in waging war against not only Donald Trump but our Greek Orthodox church and leaders, and answers the question , on how the media …should be indictable for false information …which can result in the deaths of millions of people!

    “It is a Tribute to the American people that their leaders and representatives perceived
    it necessary to lie to wage war, but it is not a tribute to the public….that they could so
    easily be fooled”
    Daniel Elsberg – Pentagon Analyst
    Author of the “Pentagon Papers” – Vietnam War
    .Who fooled us…. in the end….the New York Times.

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