TIF: Commerce Sec. Ross to Meet PM Tsipras; Over 4,000 Police on Duty for Trade Fair Protests

Police officers in Thessaloniki, Sept. 7, 2018. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Fani Tripsani)

THESSALONIKI (AP) — Thousands of police officers have been deployed to Greece’s second-largest city ahead of anti-austerity protests at a trade fair where Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is set to outline his post-bailout economic policy platform.

The Thessaloniki police department said more than 4,000 officers will be on duty in the northern city on Saturday as many previous protests turned violent.

U.S. personnel are helping with security since Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will be in Thessaloniki with American corporate delegations participating in the annual fair. The U.S. is the honored country this year.

Tsipras is due to meet Ross later Friday. He will inaugurate the fair on Saturday, delivering a keynote speech.

Trade unions, left-wing and anarchist groups plan protests around the fair venue, where right-wing groups also are set to rally.


  1. Left wing PM wants 5,000 Astynomia to be in Thessaloniki? But not one police officer after Rubicon….SYRIZA doesn’t and does want protest at the same time. If you saw Tsipras 11 car procession to the hotel complete with ambulance, The Greek President….and his one of the masses gets farther away everyday…

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    Just one of us……

    1. Pavlo… who need 5,000 Greek police and U.S. marines to protect a commerce beuracrat of the United States?
      The answer…..
      Two corrupt government who are rapidly losing their fascist grip of the independent countries of the world…… the only issue ….their should not be thousands marching on their parade…but millions of real Greeks! How appropriate …..the masters of Greece….no setting up just part of another military occupation of one of the hundreds thruout the world …. with one purpose ….to suppress another vassal state from reclaiming its sovereigty…..and to protect their Governor…MR. TSIPRAS…..to stay in power to continue his act of treason!

      Who orders 5000 policemen to confront the citizens of Greece or any other country?… HOW about a proven Dictator and collaborator with fascist foreign countries..in looting the country of Greece and its culture?

      I don’t care who they are…if they are Greeks…..just God Bless them!

      Now you know why the U.S is demanding more military bases in Greece…..not to launch military war crimes bombings of Syria and the Middle East from Greece, but to support Mr. Tsipras in putting down any resistance to his dictatorship and their control of Greece!

      The fangs are comming out….from the cornered Eagle! His wings have been clipped in Syria, Afganistan, libya, Turkey and hopefully, Greece!

      These White Supremacist will not go easy, though! Pray for Greece and its people …this could get ugly! lets hope not…..because it would do what the degenerates love in Washington ….destabilization and chaos….and force Washington to do what they have no legal right to do….invade to save the people!

      Get ready….it is the Russian who are doing this! Hope TNH….sharpens their pen ….. and complies!

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