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Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

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Repanidi1908 writes:

Let’s Fix it: the Inherited Legacy of the Church” by Ari Stone is a very interesting article and brings up several issues pertinent to the state of the Greek Orthodox Church of America (GOA)  today.

Mr. Stone is quite correct to use the franchise model when referring to the Archdiocese, because that is what the parishes have become: franchises.

What would happen to a parish if one year it couldn’t have its annual festival? Where would the annual “franchise fee” that each parish must send to the Archdiocese each year, come from? And why is there even such a bloated structure as the Archdiocese in place? Its budget has grown by $1 million per year for the last 20 years. Most of its departments could cease to exist and be recreated in the metropolises. The Office of the Archbishop would have a staff, and perhaps Internet ministries might be valuable on a national level, but not much more.

That brings us to the most important element: the Archdiocese’s spiritual state, beginning at the parish level. Many parishes are run as businesses, not particularly because the clergy want that, but because the laity does. People complain about the clergy, but they are overworked with matters that weigh heavily on them, matters that others never have to encounter, especially on a daily basis. Any community with 300 families should have two priests and parishes of 600 or more should probably have three.

Supporting all those clergy and their families costs a lot. But parishes can’t afford that.

The parish priest’s workload is what impacts most heavily on a parish’s spiritual state.

Parishes can’t afford extra clergy because of the annual “franchise fees” the Archdiocese demands.

Metropolitans’ lifestyles is a whole other issue altogether. As is recruiting clergy.

It is time to look at the spiritual issues that exist in the parishes, metropolises, and the Archdiocese. If the laity doesn’t see that spirituality is the basis for the existence of the parish, all the money in the world won’t help.

It is time that parishes cease to be Greek-American social clubs. Most marriages are “mixed” and the children and grandchildren need a spiritual reason to go to church. And, of course, there is the message of Orthodoxy, not ethnic heritage, which will bring converts to the faith.

Ignore those issues and parishes will soon die out.


  1. The following was also posted in the article on fixing the church by Ari Stone…. and is a submitted letter to the Editor.!..

    .However, it does not support the narrative that to dismantle the church both physically and spiritually….which Repanidi and TNH….have been campaigning for and representing an opportunistic attempt to capitalize on alleged but slanderous charges against the Archbishop and Archdiocese of the Greek Orthodox Church of America which imply corrupt administrative practices by the spiritual leaders of our church….. which suggest the “Knowing” embezzelment of financial assets of a private non profit organization …entitled to appropriate money at their discretion!

    Translation…. clergy who are married to the body of Christ ….are liars, theives, and dishonest human beings who shower themselves with money for their personal gratification!

    However, Repanidi and THN …. reveal their real problems with the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church…and it goes far beyond criminal mischief, but their spiritual deficiencies! Now how do we get from incompetent or criminal business practices … an indictment of their Spiritual administration of the Original church of Christ that they have provided for over 4000 years, and to this date…are the caretakers of the Holiest Christian sites in History ….The church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where Christ was born and The church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, where the tomb of Christ is maintained ….and most importantly, responsible for maintaining the spiritual worship and practices of the original church of Christ…..and that is why we are called Orthodox! The Evangelical churches of America…. have no legitimacy or foundation of what the Greek Orthodox Church has over 4000 years , which provides the unedited worship and practices of the Original Church of Christ….and if their is one area of improvement of the Archdiocese…is to catch up and not be restrained ….in advertising the opportunity to the christian masses …. to partake in what is the legitimate protocal and practices of the Original Church of Christ…and as providing an opportunity ….for Evangelicals to worship …in the REAL DEAL of the Church of Christ ….as it was done….and fundamentally established by the apostles of Christ and the Greek Orthodox Church ..and explains the fact ….that advertising us as Greek Orthodox .. is not a liability…but merely, reflecting what the written word and language of the Apostles and Christ was …thousands of years ago!

    Of course , it has it place in our liturgy…..and guess what …you evangelicals can experience exactly that …. as a member of the Greek Orthodox Church! Of course,,,, translations in English will be provided!
    Now REPANIDI and TNH….here is your missionary work for the Greek Orthodox Church…here is you requested advertising message and narrative ….you can covey to your future converts, as to why, they can experience the entire Christian practice of worship to Christ, as it was done…. by the original church of Christ….the Greek Orthodox Church……and established by Paul ! Just think , what TNH …can contribute to building this message to their audience, and even, tie in for members of the Greek Orthodox church…. personal visits with the clergy of the Church of the Nativity, and the Holy Sepulchre….and receive a cross from the Church of the Nativity and Holy Sepulcre…signed by the Greek Orthodox Clergy of these holy sites!

    But TNH with their Troll …Repanidi …. but unlike Ari Stone ….believe that our church …needs to change not only its spiritual practices taught over thousands of Years , but its ethnic identity…. to look like one of his Anglo Evangelical Reformed Churches …which serve rthe Evangelical community! So we should reform 4000 years of Orthodoxy, which includes the Greek language and written word of the apostles of Christ in Greek and its bible in order to be accepted by the evangelical and Anglocan community… and draw evangelicals converts to our church, who have been subject to the “Praise the lord: religious practices that Repanidi and his followers praise…as the best bible toting people of the world! Strange!

    The Take-away from Ari-Stone article…which I must applaud, since, it does address areas of improvement in what is “Alleged” to be possible incompetence in the managing of the financial affairs of the Archdiocese of the Greek Orthodox Church! Importantly… Ari Stone’s assessment provides the basis for why the “Greek ” Orthodox Church was established and has been the foundation for Greek families in America for decades, since, they were established in America! .

    Thanks to this assessment …it exposes the ..debacle of a TNH campaign and their evangelical followers to opportunistically dismantle the Greek Orthodox Church, and apparently, relegate it to another Anglican REFORMED Church… order to gain converts….from population of Evangelicals representing 38 % of the American population by removing the language of the original church of Christ…which included Greek, and more importantly, ….extinguishing the Greek Culture and heritage from a dominant role in the affairs of the church! KInd of what the evangelical leaders of our government are now doing around the world …. in dropping a bomb every 12 minutes on the people of the world …. to save them and reforming them to the Evangelical culture and values…which included political, economic , and military compliance! Hence, Regime change not only of the countries of the world ….but every religious institution of the world ….not compliant to the Anglican white supremacist …that litter our country and the world!

    What these evangelical lovers and their Media collaborators…would like you to believe… that it is a bunch of “corrupt clerics” who have instituted an authoritative rule on the faithful of the Greek Orthodox church….which includes Hellenism, Ethnic Greek culture and Heritage in the operation of the church, and consequently, ….prevents or suppresses the growth of the Greek Orthodox Church!

    Unfortunately TNH and the media hord of atheist and evangelical lovers….. are sadly, misquided….since, it is the Poor Greek immigrants….who established the church’s in America….to fulfill their needs…. which was to bring to America…. the Greek Orthodox Church , not the Syrian, Russian, Ukraonian, Coptic orthodox etc etc churches…to read the gospels in Greek …for which they understood….and to make the Church grounds….for their family gatherings …to share their common heritage and culture!

    All the Clergy of our Church are responsible for …is opening the Doors every Sunday…and providing a spiritual servant of God…… to convey the Gospel of Christ and celebrate the holiest of days as required by the original church of Christ ….the Orthodox Church.

    In other words. let me help TNH and the followers of Evangelical hero’s Tammy and Jimmy Baker…. who were former Franchise owners of the Evangelical church,until they , wound in Jail ….in skimming money from their donators ….and who really did not meet their franchise conditions to sell the gospel of Christ!

    The only responsibility of the Archbishop and his Metropolitans… to make sure that the “Franchise ” principles and standards of the original church of Christ…. are being complied with ….on a daily basis! This is how ….franchises for Macdonalds or Dunkin Donut work! If a franchise …does not comply with the conditions to operate as ….lets say like Duncan Donuts…. with those of the owners of the Dunkin Donut corporation…they will be terminated!

    Therefore, the 500 plus Greek Orthodox Church “Franchises” are responsible for complying with the Spiritual principles of the Orthodox Church, no more , no less!

    As far as the promotion and financial management of the churches…..that is the responsibility of the elected Board members of each church …representing the franchise owners ….the members of the church…who may be ethnic Greek, Serbian, Hungarian, Ukrainian etc etc!

    Understanding that…. the service of the clergy of our church…..has nothing to do with the Ethnic makeup of each franchise church… since, .it adorns Christ and the Saints, since, the beginning of Christianity, not Greek only! It is the will of the people of our Church….who have made the church ….Greek Orthodox!

    And it will be ….the people of each church …who decide whether ….the service is in Greek, or what many and what I subscribe to do …half English, Half Greek!

    It is not up to the Archdiocese to have a Sunday School in the church halls which teaches in English the tenets of our Christian Orthodox Church! It is the Franchise operators and owners of each church!

    It is not up to the Archdiocese …to have a Greek School in the church Hall to teach and educate anyone on the Greek Language and Greek Culture!

    It is not the Archdiocese…who promote our Greek ethnic culture in our churches and community…and wish to preserve for future generations …. an unmatched culture of Hellenic Values and principles which include our religious preference! Today Universities provide education on the importance of the Greek culture on mankind and Western Civilization…. and include the likes of Plato, Socrates , Aristotle , Alexander the Great, and you can’t find a University or High School who doesn’t represent themselves as Spartans,, like the Spartans of Michigan state ..etc etc. Why do you think the want to be associated with Greek Culture…because it describes what the ethnic Greeks represented…integrity, honor, strength , courage…and most of all…..Passion…which they envy in Greeks and what they do not have, but love!
    To suggest that we need …. to eliminate our Greek Social Club environment from our church…can only come from a bigot or atheist….and not of Greek Blood! What do you not understand….about Ari Stones worthy effort to explain in detail and accurately…..what the Greek Orthodox Church means to our community and for the children of our families in the future….. it will survive centuries from now….because, money will never be the issue, because a bunch of Greeks with no money, no language ability, no education, but loaded with passon and ethics from Greece….built the Greek Orthodox in a hostile and prejudicial society of religious wanabe, who even today….have not changed their church! Forget about it TNH and Repanidi…it is not going to happen….anyone with one ounce of Greek blood…will not let that happen….because, as long as , the Archdiocese does it job…in preserving the spiritual standards that they are obligated to do…. and demand that of their franchise Greek Orthodox Church…. it will never die!

    Importantly, it is not the Archbishop of the Church or Metropolitans….who control the budgets of these Franchise Greek Orthodox Churches…….it is the elected Board member of each church….who administer the expenditures of each church! It is these Board members ….who are required to administer the funds of its membership…. and to do what ever is in the interest of their Church, not the Archdiocese!

    It is not up to the Archdiocese to promote the Greek Culture and Heritage by organizing annual Greek Festivals to raise funds to contribute to the operating costs of the church…which includes the clergy provided by the Archdiocese.

    Just think …would all those non-orthodox patrons of our Greek Festival…come to enjoy our famous Greek foods, and culture , if we were called the Reformed American Orthodox Church!

    Mr. Stone has it right…. the only legitimate suggestion we as parishioners can make to the Archdiocese….is if true…they mismanaged funds, or are unable to fund themselves properly to administer the maintanance of the Greek Orthodox Church….which is the foundation that provides the legitimacy and authorization of the operation of all the churches in America…. by being compliant to the spiritual standards of operating a Greek Orthodox Church in America… …is to heed the recommendation of Mr. Stone ….in adding a management consulting arm for their financial administration to address what they cannot do …. based on the enormous responsibilities of a Multi National organization to service the spiritual needs of their “GREEK” ORTHODOX COMMUNITY, not those of the Evangelical community!

    My recommendation …is tor TNH and its evangelical opportunist… is to stop their campaign of discrediting and demonizing the entire Orthodox and Catholic church….every time …some rogue member of these churches …fail to meet their obligations to the service of Christ!

    TNH…has proven this, with their followers …in repeatedly implying.that Archbishop Demetrious and others in the Greek Orthodox Church….as corrupt theives engaging in unethical practices….and suggesting he be fired or resign! Unfortunately, I have not seen any criminal indictments against Archbishop Demetrios …and only accusations!

    Get it right out of your head……Their is no need for the Greek Orthodox Church to change, other than to address any needs to legitimately add to the management of their financial affairs!

    Today, my children who are 4th generation Americans…. are active attendees of our Greek Orthodox Church…. never went to Greek School to learn Greek…like me, but somehow…I am proud to say….actually…practice what they were taught in our church!

    If you have an argument with how our church is promoted or how we as parishioners are spreading the word of Christ…I suggest you make an appointment with your elect Church board member…. and see if you can take the Greek out of our Orthodox Church and find out why they have not reached out to your evangelical souls …who are searching for a new church by failing to spread the word ….that the Greek Orthodox the only legitimate caretaker of the Christian faith…and compliant to the worship and practices of the Original Church of Christ ….and can bond with our lord …as established thousands of years ago!

    If not,,,,do us all a favor….go find a reformed church that meets your needs…. and go there! Or as some of the great politicians tell those who oppose their unethical conduct of American politics….”Love or Leave it”


    1. You’ve got your head in the sand, Mickie, “love it or leave it” is happening as you speak. Pretty soon, you’ll be the only guy handing out antidoron to yourself and Fat Metro Angelo with the lights out because the bills are unpaid.

      Lord Almighty, you love to write streams and streams of horsehockey, don’t you?
      Are you being paid by the word from the Chancellor’s Office? TNH probably has to buy more space on the Cloud for your insane posts.

      Or are you a Jehovah’s Witness, as I suspect.

    2. Let me try …to shorten my response to you …and your followers….and is best said …by non other than …. a minister named Martin luther King….as to the validatity of what you can only derive …dots And you can condem or allege poor management of the church..but you cannot …. indict them …for representing and maintaining the spirit of the Greek Orthodox Church…if not the financial and business practices!

      .If today’s church does not recapture the sacrificial spirit of the early church, it will lose its authenticity, forfeit the loyalty of millions, and be dismissed as an irrelevant social club with no meaning for the twentieth century.

      -Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. He is a Greek Orthodox Believer, with extreme passion and pride..The Church does not need to disenigrate to rebuild, like all religions it goes through ups and downs…fight for control fight for power, look at the real history of our church, there was deceit, corruption, even murder to be the high and mighty…todays problems are different and the same. The church was set up to be a part of the local comunity, and share its teachings, love and understanding with the laity, so there would be no top down religious forced dictating…As they were built, supported and became the home of Greeks in America, a connection to home, a connection to eachother, and a new connection to America, the power that was shared began to be moved more and more to the laity, the same ones in each church the richest, the loudest, the fattest,…these patrons of religion for personal boasting, personal gain began and still call the shots daily, the priest have become their secretaries doing for them instead of the other way round. If these high and mighty wanted these positions so bad, why didn’t they go to seminary school and become what they profess so much? You give to the church because you believe, not to take ownership, or to buy your way into heaven…..yes there’s many problems, some from clergy, some from laity, all from confusion and deceit….the one that gets a replacement for our Archbishop gets what? The Crown Of Fattest Greek American, go to burger king get your crown. Leave the real church alone, yes come together, its needs funding , St Nicholas needs to be finished asap. But things can be done better and more professional, this is god not a company board meeting with only its few wealthiest stock holders calling the shots as usual, while the penny stock holders have no say…..the church is all of ours, all can and should be a part of it…The church has ancient teachings, that at times change as society changes, it has a few tweeks and turns here and there, just today the Patriarchate said that priest can remarry if their wife died or left them!!!! Never in all these centuries a decree like this…The church is for us all rich and poor…not the loudest and callous….Be part of the good, not a piece of the bad….

    1. Your and he are Greek Nationalists, above all, which probably tacitly makes you racists, too, and encourages your labeling any reform attempts as “Protestant”.

    2. Let see , Spiro….I am a Jehovah Witness, Greek Nationalist, paid collaborators of the Greek Orthodox Church laity who are crooks and perverts with Pavlo Serritas and Nick Seretis! More Importantly…..and devastating to me….. is your criticism of my writing ability!

      But Spiro…. I like all of these people! …. as a matter of fact…. I get annual visits from the local Jehovah Witness representative to sell their principles and beliefs over a cup of coffee I provide! I don;t know why they come each year…. since, I make it very clear to them, that I respect what they are trying to do, but , unfortunately for them, I am a member of the Greek Orthodox Church….you know the Original Church of Christ!
      At this point, and while you may not believe it….they fully know….. that they are out of there religious league! It would equate…. to a high school baseball player ….. meeting Babe Ruth…to show him how to hit!

      Instead, we spent the rest of our time drinking coffee …. highlighting the virtues of the Original Church of Christ ….The Greek Orthodox Church! And I ask myself….is this why they keep coming back to me every year….to learn more? What I learned is ….the real need they had….was not in quoting and interpreting gospel scripture…..but how to worship God, and participating in the practices and services of the Greek Orthodox Church……which is the real bond between the apostles of Jesus Christ and Christ and the faithfull of our church!

      This is what the Evangelicals and their wanabee ….off shoot religions …..tell their faithful are just “big” old men, with long beards, in performers outfits!

      That is why the Greek Orthodox Church is a threat to them …. because, they know, the dynasty of the Greek Orthodox Church ….makes them the only legitimate caretakers of the Christian religion and every aspect of it! And that is why ….. they, not any of these reborn , reformed, edited churches of America are the guardians of the Church of Nativity and the Holy Sepulcher and why we call ourselves “Greek” …. the language of the Apostles!

      If you wish to label me , a former Board member of a Greek Orthodox church, Altar boy, Greek school graduate, and Greek Festival coordinator, and regretfully, once a member of the fraudulent Ahepa, and whose mother led the Philoptohos and member. of the PTO……the only legitimate affiliates of the Greek Orthodox Church, who help the poor….and who name is derived from Greek …. subversive and the other names you embarrassingly highlighted in your post…. … do what TNH and Mass Media …do best…demean and dismiss the truth….by minimizing the messengers character….it will not change my positions.

      If you want to label me ….. for what I beleive ….are the only legitimate actions the Archdioces should do ….to secure the foundation of our faith by supplementing their administrative operations to manage their financial affairs and make sure that the church that Palvo, Nick and I worship at …… is consistent with what is expected of the original church of Christ in maintaining the spiritual bond….between as Palvo said ….he and not any entitled financial benefactor of the Greek Orthodox Church or church beuracrate

      Therefore, Spiro, TNH, and Repanidi…. I plead guilty to all your accusations, if that is who you as ….for telling the truth!

      It is clear …today , we have witnessed a bunch of Evangelical degenerates …. who profess that they are saving the world by overthrowing the leaders of foreign countries of the world, when in fact, they are bombing, murdering, looting resources, and erasing the cultures and Sovereigty of the people of these countries….to comply with the economic, political and military control by these bible toting Evangelical followers….who praise the lord…and drop a bomb on some country of the world every 12 minutes of the Day!

      While these Fat, Anglocan bishops and Evangelist…. are cheering on these attrocities and insult to any real Christian…it is the Original Church of Christ …the Greek Orthodox church….who understand right and wrong as …. and have acted , as the messenger of Christ from the holiest sites in Christodom….the Church of the Nativity….and when the Greek Orthodox clergy proclaimed that Evangelist and Reborn Christian George Bush Jr. , Tony Blair, and other members of the United States and British Government ….were forever banned from entering the Church of the Nativity for the crimes of slaughtering Men, women and children of the country of Iraq, and representing a crime against humanity and Gods Children! What these Evangelical bible toting experts do ….is build monument to George W. Bush jr….and build libraries and museums in his honor! All because …. he removed the leaders of a country….. they claimed were authoritarian, perverts, crooks and a threat to the world….which we now know …was a lie! Spiro…sound familiar!

      As far as love or leave it…. and the demise of our membership…. there was a time ….when poor Greek Immigrants in the early 1900’s, were alone worshiping in their church, in a hostile environment with much greater courage than you or I can imagine… and …. were very content!

      So Spiro… I could care less how many people are in my church…. because the only one who needs to know I am their …and worshiping as dictated by the Greek Orthodox Church.doctrines, is the creator of that Church …..Christ!

      To this end, Spiro here is my recommendation to you.and TNH….. start constructively practicing what Palvo , Nick , and Ari have highlighted!

      Your Mission …is to attend the next Board meeting of your local Greek Orthodox Church and demand that ….the Archdiocese… no longer makes our faith…. the best kept Secret in America…. and.come out of the closet ….to reveal the true leader of the Christian world…and the only legitimate house of worship for all Christians!
      To this end…. it is up to the Archdiosece to support their church franchises by promoting what the Greek Orthodox Church should mean to all Christians….the authentic and unedited form of worship of our lord …as practiced by the Greek Orthodox Church…. the Original foundation for the church of Christ….started by Paul himself! Furhermore, you demand that the Archdiocese…. make any administrative additions to assuring the financial and managerial integrity of the church….which secures the future spiritual mission of the original church of Christ!

      Next… as part of the new coming out of the closet announcement of the Greek Orthodox Church to reclaim it rightful position as the leader of the Christian Faithful….you Spiro and the rest of the Greek Orthodox Comunity will contribute any amount of money needed to complete the Shrine at St. Nick’s at the memorial of the former World Trade Center!

      How appropriate …the resurrection of the destroyed St. Nicks church…… will be the launch point for the resurrection and elevation of the Greek Orthodox Church…with all its Glory!

      Just think Spiro..TNH, PatrickTheros, Repanidi….. instead of destroying a country, religion, a culture, or an Archbishop, you can participate ….in simply ….helping them …to make their job easier to concentrate on what they do best…. represent the wishes of our lord! .
      Just think Spiro, TNH, Patick Theros, Pepanidi…. maybe you can start printing the truth about the importance of the Greek Orthodox Church is to society in general ,instead, of printing the importance of a corrupt and evil government that has hijacked the democracy of America …. and has made a living on demanding the change of governments thruout the world!

      And to the parents of Greek families…. you should get your new babies baptised and when they are 3 months old ….grab you diaper bags…. and start bringing them …to the most important home …they will ever have in their life, and where, if you really care about their future happiness …will understand what our poor Greek immigrants understood….that what they needed most….to live their lives, was not money, but what their church did….. and is the signature of Greek families …. “Come on Over….everyone is coming” and that is why we are a “GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH”!


  3. As I spend a lot of time in Greece in my village every summer with my family , which is a blessing, we attend the churches there for services on the major summer holidays. The priests finish the service and never give a sermon, to explain the feast and its significance, or the life of the saint we are venerating on that day. We enjoy the service and chanting strictly in Greek but we miss the sermons we hear in our churches all across America. They leave after the last Antideron is passed out. My point is our priests here for the most part are good people who care about their flock. They stay late after services and are usually the last to leave. If we can get our administrators to practice fiscal responsibility with the donations and get put bishops to be more humble and not act like Godfathers we will be in much better shape.
    Michael is right. Keeping bringing your children to church. Make them feel proud of what we have accomplished. Explain to them their are bad apples everywhere including in our own community. And show them how passionless and empty these spin offs are from Orthodoxy. God gave us the keys to the most holiest sites of Christianity in the world. The gospel is in Greek! That’s plenty of proof for legitimacy of our Church and that’s the way it is !!

    1. This is more than a few bad apples. This is systemic, persistent, strategically planned rot and subversion by perverts and crooks. Wake up and stop being a Yiayia’s boy.

  4. Nationalist? Hmmm, This is a Greek American News Site, So If you are on it does that make you racist? If you vote and pay taxes you are a nationalist, If you don’t vote your a bum, if you don’t pay taxes you are more greek than me. Nobody, has said the church cannot be changed, or check and balances need to be put in place…yes as Niko said in greece the church has become more of just the culture, people go to church, socialize then home, In America its a power play by the few that run each church…you can chose any religion any church, temple, sanctuary you want, you can stay or leave, if you want change then change it..

    Start Your Own, Church, but you can’t call it Greek because that’s racist, can’t call it Christian cause that might offend non Christians, you can’t call it a religion because atheist might get offended (Tsipras Might Cry)…

    Good luck in the nea Spiro Non – Greek, Non – Orthodox, Non – Christian, Non – Religious, Thing? Can’t call it a thing, non-things might complain.

    1. Ridiculous, silly comments that make no sense. Either acknowledge the deep rot, theft of millions, and corruption— or deny that it’s there. Stop conflating the problem with loyalty statements reflecting how “Greek” you are and want to appear.

  5. You called us Nationalist, and Racist, because we have different opinions, we said the frame work is alright the people and its working have failed its not the religious teachings, but man that fails again, fire everyone and start over..Theft and Rot…are probably a good way to word it….If the top is inherently bad, then maybe get rid of any hierarchy, just have local churches, supported by the members…no direct dues to anyone…therefore no offices, no limos, no funds to steal. It would entail larger amounts to run churches, gonna need Greek Festivals Every Month. Who’s denying anything? Problems like in all areas of life anywhere..Problems Stated, Answer Fix them from within or from the laity, No one said anything about being more Greek than anyone… Everyone has the right to comment, if you disagree fine..If your gonna call others Nationalist, And Racist ( Sorry Not From Astoria) then lets fix it together, no names no silly games.

  6. You called us Nationalist, and Racist -(Sorry Not From Astoria) Just because we disagree, a common tactic to stiffle opinion. Who said anything about being more greek than anyone? And who said there are No problems?

    We all stated that its not the religious teachings but the running, or not running correctly that has caused this mess. Theft and Rot, is a good term to use as it is man that has caused this not the religion.

    State problems, then state the fixes..
    Maybe we should do away with the top, only have our local churches no dues to anyone else, that way no funds to steal and squander, of course then would need Greek Festivals every month…

    I guess its good we are all talking about it, even if we have different approaches, shows we care guess we should have cared more and not let this happen in the first place…

    To me the St. Nicholas Memorial is at the moment the worse as its a national site, that our church some how F up big time with still no end to it. Next tuesday is the 11th, should have been closer along or almot done. We look like a Third World Group now….The evil that has corrupted god’s work needs to be caste aside..

    Fire everyone if you want, start over.
    Bean counters audit everything, everyone,
    No monies for anything unless its approved by 5 or more have to sign for it etc…

    School Stays – Ok smaller, just religious education with how to run a church, how to throw a successful greek festival, etc.

    School Goes – Import Priest From Greece, You know the ones with cell phones on mopeds…Saves millions. Its how they use to do it…Maybe thats what we need a priest that does the liturgy (3hrs) handles baptisms, funerals…prays for the congregation…thats it…

    We shouldn’t run away or quit, just because it looks like they ran and quit on us…

    Spiro what are your suggestions real doable answers to our troubles? I listen to all sides all ideas, if I don’t agree will say it, wont call anyone names..

    Like I have said the church in greece and here is more culture now than anything, I want my kids to go learn meet people, have it be a good part of their lives….so we all have to do something, blindly going in opposite directions to be right, to win to babble on and on, as nothing gets fixed, will make this really like greece…

    Have a great weekend Michael, Spiro….

  7. Greek speaking churches are a lot more tolerant. Many non Orthodox bring their kids to learn Greek. Even in Greece, many returning from America as Protestants went to regular church but practised their new religion at home.

  8. W L Westermann wrote (J Egy Arc 18#1 p27) “Further, I would add that this is another, though humble, example of the greatest among the gifts of the ancient Greeks to human society, namely, the secularization of human life (I have to thank my colleague, Professor Frederick Barry, for this phrase)” So why are we allowing these Arabators to turn our lives into religious lunacy. St Anthony, the first monk, was not Greek, he was a pyramid necrophile who turned Chirstians on to his pyramid-dwelling. When the Efremites and Lulurags buttboys and the howling minaret psalti efialties entered our churches, the brightest of our children left. Greeks were the ultimate secularists, as my dad taught me, “Syn Athina kai xira kine”! For them religion was a joke. It must remain a joke!

  9. Mass is way too long. Catholics got it down to an hour, even half in the summer. Greeks shorten it themselves by showing up at Our Father and staying for coffee. They figure they need to put a buck in the tray to pay for coffee. Some dudes even bring their coffee in to church. Greeks are WESTERN, we ain’t be needing no Slavs and Arabs. Greeks prefer their kids marry Catholic than Orthodox.

  10. Why fight? It’s over. Just turn the churches into amusement parks. “Shoot your paintee at the saintee”

    1. Let’s just turn it over to Michael Gianakos and his 25,000 word stream of consciousness posts. My head is going to explode, if I read another one of them. No wonder the Kleptarchdiocese stays in power. The congregants are morons. Good grief !

    2. Hey Spiro…I am sorry your head is going to explode….if you read another one of my posts,so why are you so obsessed with reading any of my posts! However, this is my last post…. in explaining your dilemma …. as quoted by Martin Luther King Jr … Short and sweet, and I will pray for you!

      ” Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and
      conscientious stupidity’.

      Martin Luther King, Jr.

  11. Priests over shrinks is nuts. If anything we need to shrink the priests. Lowest admissions scores (USA & Greece) are priests, then teachers, then social workers (like Giannakos), all blathering wastrels. We need to psychiatrically regulate the preachers and teachers who produce creatures like Payurges. You know how many lid slives have been messed up the the phony soviet “Psychotherapy” of Helithios Vlacus, Bishop of Naupaucus?

    1. Hey Bobby….so between you and Spiro…voice of reason…. we can conclude:

      The Greek Orthodox Priests , and their faithful members are stupid and ignorant ….made up of Social workers,like me and the only approved affiliated organization to the Greek Orthodox chucrh like the Philoptohos and PTO….are not generous and wonderful volunteers,, but crony paid for jobs by the Church!
      Additionally, our priests, are intellectually challenged based on their admission scores…is that SAT scores, or merit scores ?

      Apparently, based on your measurement of the worthiness of our Priest to preach the Gospel and doctrines of our church to the faithful….not even Christ, has any admission scores to provide us…and therefore, he by you and Spiro’s standards….not even Christ is worthy or OXIOS to serve in the Greek Orthodox Church!

      However, what they do have…is the most important qualifications and highest admission scores …in being worthy to be the caretakers of the Church of Christ and be the spiritual advisor to our faithfull in how to worship our lord, and the roadmap to how we are to live our lives …which includes compassion, love, forgiveness, and most importantly love your neighbor….all the things that you and Spiro despise!

      You mock the faithful for being STUPID and COMPLIANT to the hierarchy of the church….. when you are stupid to believe that 99% of the parishioners of the GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH….. actually, go to church to worship the hierarchy of the Archdiocese every Sunday, and not to worship ourlord and comply with his teachings….as provided by the only authorized servant of God …our priests? 99% of the members of our church ….. are genuine christians ….who have no idea that their are dangerous deviates…who wish to destroy their churches ! The also …have no idea …that their church is being run by alleged homosexuals, sycophants, and crooks as highlighted by the followers of TNH…. and represent nothing more than angry opportunist…waiting for the right overthrow our church doctrines and history, not help our church!

      That is why Spiro, bobby and Repanidi…continue to use the demeaning adjectives and labels try to make their case to the faithful of our church and history….because , non of that means a thing to 99% of our faithful…..whose only concern …is to bring their children to church to be able to partake and witness the only legitimate service in Christian history …that brings them closer to the lord!

      The only time it will matter to them … if someone tries to change or dilute the spiritual service provided by the priests of our church, as proscribed for centuries! Then you will get their attention!

      Your demeaning characterization of our priests and faithful ….has no reality…and therefore., you only embarrass yourselves with your misguided ranting in support of another fake news journalist from TNH!

      All you have to do …is actually attend a Greek Orthodox service and find out …who we worship how we worship, and I think you will discover….When we receive communion to partake of the body and blood of Christ…. we share the same blessed wine from one chalice and one spoon….and that is what makes us the original church of Christ, and does not make us compliant or stupid to any other Hieracrch, other than Christ!

      Finally, Spiro….you promised to dog me and my post….well I have a whole bunch of Posts ..addressing the various ….distorted narratives of you and TNH…which are littered thruout their Newspapers….please put up or shut up!

      To me you and the TNH editor …. are what Captain Hook means ….to Peter Pan! Without Captain Hook …their would be no Peter Pan! I need you and the readers of THN need you… bring reality to the threats to Neverland!

      So Spiro…it is showtime…show us what you got! Just read thru the various articles…and let us hear from you….but I would recommend …you restrain from using demeaning characterization and labels…do you know justice, and is very boring to your efforts …to bring justice and Truth….to the Greek American people! Look forward to hearing from you!

    2. Mickie,

      First move to restore order: Charter a cargo ship and load you, the Archbishop, Metropolitans, Bishops most Archimandrites and all the “fixers” (clergy and laity) and drop you off in Libya, where you can live and work and fight. Thus, left alone here, I will give you the next steps here while you’re at sea. Ship will depart New York Harbor, Dec 6th, nameday of St. Nicholas, so these losers can have a last look at the project they plundered and destroyed. Maybe, you’ll cheer them on because they’re “Greek”.

  12. There are four very different constituencies in the GOA.
    About fifteen parishes can be described as immigrant ghettos who act like they are still in Greece.
    About ten are silk stocking and only care what their fellow high society thinks of them.
    Maybe fifty are suburban and tend to be more Catholic than Orthodox.
    The rest are totally American and surrounded by Protestants –
    If you want to meet Greeks who use the word “Jeezzzzuss” in every paragraph, go there.
    Check out the census, the overwhelming part of GOA members is in big cities:
    Flushing NY, Charlotte NC, Glenview IL, Houston TX and Salt Lake UT, also Detroit, Los Angeles.

    1. There’s one stereotype among all constituencies, however. That’s being STUPID and COMPLIANT to the corrupt hierarchy.

  13. I can’t believe some of the things you guys are posting. Yeah their are corrupt people in our hierarchy, but not every priest is corrupt. Most of the priests are good people both here and in Greece. I know for a fact because the ones that at least service our village church refuse to accept any money. They live a poor and humble life and mix well with the rest of us. It was the priests who kept alive the spirit of Hellenism and Orthodoxy for 400 years while the barbarians were raping our women and stealing our children to build their armies because their own people were too stupid. Even then their were corrupt priests who were in bed with the Pashas but for the most part they took up guns and fought alongside the Christians to liberate Greece. They blessed the soldiers and the guns and today your all able to say and post anything you want in English and in Greek because of them! We’d all be speaking Turkish today with a Mongol identity if it weren’t for the clergy in Greece. Lets fix what we have here rather than trash talk.

    1. Let’s keep it real simple for you Greek mythical heroes:

      1. Unfixable, corrupt hierarchy that destroys everything it touches.
      2. Priests in disarray from years of leaderless neglect and abuse by bad bosses.
      3. Parishes not thriving because of above and because we are an unwelcoming ghetto-iced ethnic church without impact or influence in the public square of faith and ideas.
      4. Membership and attendance in steep decline.
      5. All direct reporting institutions to archdiocese in crisis.
      6. Public disgrace ove St Nicholas, no accountability.
      7. De facto insolvency, now have to sell assets to survive
      8. A feckless ,ineffective patriarchate enslaved in an Islamic state by choice.

      Can it be any clearer to you guys? Can you face the truth? Can you get your heads out of your butts?

  14. Like all things if you do not like it or agree you don’t have support, go, believe, etc….If like many have said its bad no matter what. Then don’t go to church, or give money etc…simple….If your not attending or financially supporting then you have no say, just like if you don’t vote you loae the right to complain, but if you left because it is no longer as good as you liked then you do have a say, but if you don’t care at all, then why complain, just go on with your life….Religion and Politics brings out the best and worst of people, and even from those that don’t believe or vote….everyone has a right here to say what they want (If 25,000 words are too much then skip them) Say your piece, then read and comment on another story, Attacking those commenting instead of the actual problems waste time and space…if your against almost everything then why are you here, or anywhere…Michael keep it brief, but the way you feel, be honest and truthful to yourself..things will get better, the church will survive, all will be ok….

    1. Thank you, Mr. Josef Stalin
      I’ll say what I want without your censorship or that of your Nouna, Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

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