Athens Not Among World’s Top Cities, Except for the Buzz

(AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis, FILE)

Athens is not a charming city. There are blocks of ugly, filthy, grey, unkempt cement buildings, many covered in graffiti that’s bad spray painting and not art, grimy glass and faux modern facades covered in pigeon droppings.

Those monstrosities are often next to abandoned majestic classical buildings that have been left to rot instead of renovated into office space and other uses that would be more of a lure than the adjacent eyesores.

The biggest disgrace is Omonia, the second business hub …

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  1. I haven’t been to Greece in decades. My family was victims of communism and they think I’d approve of places named for Polytechniou, Plastiras and Mecuri? Heck, I’m the one who tells my USAF buds Greece needs a couple of good airstrikes.

  2. I remember Athens, Greece in the early 80’s when I lived there. It was cleaner, no graffiti, but their buildings downtown were dark in color, the way NY was due to the leaded gas used by automobiles, and other vehicles.
    I visit Greece every year, avoiding Athens because of its unsightliness! My “new name for not only Athens’ buildings, but buildings throughout Greece “Tatooed buildings!”
    There are so many different immigrants living in Greece who don’t respect this country, because it’s not theirs! However, even many natives are negligent and not proactive in keeping their city, and country clean and attractive. We need this ancient capital to be the center of the world! In the 70’s and 80’s NYC was a disgrace with its filthiness and graffiti on trains, buildings etc. How many times was my husband’s building grafited??? Many to say the least; however in a week’s time it was washed off either by paying a company or having it done by himself! How can you expect a small economically impoverished country to improve when its citizens for the most part, especially people with cash businesses not pay their appropriate taxes to improve their roads; and why should the government be responsible for repairing sidewalks? This past year I sprained my ankle walking in Glyfada which you can compare it to the”Southhampton” of New York! It’s sidewalks are disgraceful because the property owners are not responsible for their sidewalks; only if they want to repair them! Each sidewalk is made up of a different material! Cheap white cement would be the solution! It would look clean, and safe to walk on; trees in the middle of the sidewalk need to be removed so mother’s with baby carriages can take their babies out safely on a straight wider sidewalk, and this solution would especially assist the handicap to move around more easily!
    I know what I am writing is not reality, but Athens slowly over many, many years can be cleaned up if their were “community boards” agreeing to the problems of their communities, and slowly and surely having these problems remedied!

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