Wikileaks 2008 Cable Shows FYROM Pushed Same Name Deal SYRIZA Gave

FILE - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, right and his FYROM counterpart Zoran Zaev, raise their hands during a signing agreement for FYROM's new name in the village of Psarades, Prespes Greece, on Sunday, June 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS –  A leaked 2008 cable compiled by US Ambassador to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Gillian Milovanovic showed Greece’s neighbor was willing to take the name North Macedonia but keep a “Macedonian” language and identity, almost identical to what was agreed this year with the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA.

Anti-nationalist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras pushed for the agreement to end a 27-year name feud after a New Democracy government in 1991 agreed to let the new country emerging from the breakup of Yugoslavia to temporarily take the name that included Macedonia, an abutting ancient Greek province.

But after successive FYROM governments began claiming Greek lands, including the real Macedonia and second-largest city and major port of Thessaloniki, Greece used a veto to keep its neighbor out of NATO and beginning EU accession talks, both of which will be lifted by Tsipras even though FYROM Premier Zoran Zaev hasn’t yet moved to change his country’s Constitution as promised to remove irredentist claims on Greek territories.

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotizas earlier had admitted he made a concession to let residents of what would be North Macedonia call themselves Macedonians, as did the 2008 proposal which said passports of Greece’s neighbor would say Macedonia.

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis – whose father, the late former Premier Konstantinos Mitsotakis was in power when the name of Macedonia was first given away – said the leaked cable was another reason why he would not go along with the deal if he came to power.

“Today’s revelation from WikiLeaks, that Skopje (FYROM’s Capital) had been asking since 2008 to name their country ‘North Macedonia’ and their people ‘Macedonians’ who supposedly speak the ‘Macedonian’ language confirms in the most tragic way what I have been stressing all those months. That (PM Alexis) Tsipras, (Defense Minister Panos) Kammenos and (Foreign Minister Nikos) Kotzias wanted to present their extremely damaging agreement – which satisfied what Skopje had been demanding for years and had been rejected by all previous governments – as a success for Greece,” Mitsotakis said.
“I reiterate my commitment: New Democracy is not going to ratify this agreement,” he said, without mentioning that it may be a done deal if he comes to power as it has been ratified by FYROM’s Parliament and will go before voters there in a Sept. 30 referendum.

If that passes, it will go to the Greek Parliament, likely early in 2019 as Tsipras, with 62-68 percent of Greeks opposed, has barred a referendum. His junior coalition partner headed by Kammenos, the pro-austerity, marginal, jingoistic Independent Greeks (ANEL) are opposed however and the Defense Minister said he would take his party out of the coalition if it comes to a vote.

That would require Tsipras to find votes from rival parties and another partner to keep his government from collapsing, with polls showing Mitsotakis and New Democracy far ahead after the Premier kept reneging on anti-austerity promises.

The classified cable, titled What the Macedonians need to resolve the name dispute is dated July 29, 2008 although Milovanovic was Ambassador to FYROM only through 2007. The apparently discrepancy was not explained.

The cable showed FYROM’s negotiating targets have not changed much in the last decade and were essentially reached when Tsipras and Kotzias agreed to give up the name of Macedonia as well as the Macedonian language and identity.

The proposal then said that, “Macedonia would use its constitutional name in referring to itself, on passports, product labels, in the media,” which would mean the name North Macedonia would be mostly symbolic and the country would call itself Macedonia – as 140 countries now do anyway.

Kotzias responded to Mitsotakis – who didn’t mention that New Democracy was in power in 2008 – that FYROM’s Prime Minister then, hardliner  Nikola Gruevski, did not want any solution to the name dispute and that the discussion was a ruse.

“In order to mock the international players, (Gruevski) pretended to be forced to accept a compromise. No one believed him, except, in retrospect, Mr. Mitsotakis,” Kotzias said in a press release as he doesn’t give news conferences nor talk to reporters.

Kotzias added that the WikiLeaks release showed FYROM wanted to use its constitutional name Macedonia without any modifiers for domestic use – a condition that New Democracy accepted, he said.

Kotzias also said that the then New Democracy government claimed the best solution to the dispute would be the name North Macedonia, which was rejected repeatedly by Gruevski unless it was tied to concessions allowing the use of a Macedonian language and identity.

“Bottom line is that Macedonia needs assurance that their language, nationality, etc. would continue to be called Macedonia, not North Macedonia,” said the cable. The US calls FYROM by the name Macedonia.

It also said, disputing Kotzias’ view now, that, “Gruevski expressed his view that Greece is determined not to solve this issue,” and it wasn’t.


  1. If Tsipras had an ounce of decency he would have at least insisted on a North Macedonian identity and language as opposed to just giving in as if they call the shots!

  2. The Greeks…what’s left of them …deserve everything they are getting….because only completely impotent people ….can allow this slaughter of Greece …by the Governor of Nato… Alexis Tsipras!

    Just think ….Julianne Assage …the publisher of Wiki leaks…and the only legitimate journalist in the world , because he has had the courage to to what TNH and Mainstream media will not do….and that is to inform the American people and the world of the attrocities and destruction of the leaders of America and Vassal countries of the EU and Nato are inflicting on the world!

    Julianne Assage..and Wiki leaks… is under house arrest in the Bolivian Embassy for 7 years due to the fact that if he leaves the embassy….the white supremacist government of England will arrest him and extradite him to the United States to be prosecuted for releasing information and documentation that should have put Hillary Clinton in a prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, exposed the corruption of the DNC, and the mythical war on Terrorism….as simply, a fascist foreign policy supporting Sunni Muslim JIhadist Brigades funded by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar , Britain and the United States to overthrow the independent countries of the Middle East not compliant to their countries! The murder of 31/2 human beings in the Middle East ….was orchestrated by George Bush Jr. , Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the degenerate C.i.A !

    What Mr. Tsipras reflects ….is the rule of power in our country…where a secret society of white Supremacist Billionaires now own every part of our government …to represent their interests!

    The release of the classified information ….. that the U.S. supported the invasion of Cyprus and the murder and ethnic cleansing of Greek Cypriots in Northern Cyprus….. is a criminal war crimes , and yet the ruling party of Cyprus…have for 40 years withheld this information and continued to act like a compliant undeclared member of Nato…in allowing the maintanance of Nato based by Britain and U.S. involvement in the affairs of Cyprus!

    Consider this ….they even allowed State Department Hit women ….Victoria Nuland …better known internationally as the You tube celebrity…organizing the government of the Ukraine…about three weeks before their Neo Nazi thugs threw out the elected leader of the Ukraine…who refused to accept another one of the EU bailout financial package… be one of the head negotiators in the failed reunification of Cyprus talks in Geneva…because she was in compliance with a settlement that would have given Turkey …. continued presence in Cyprus and the right to do …what they did before….. invade Cyprus!

    It is clear… that Tsipras and Syriza…have surrendered not only the sovereignty of Greece to the United States and Nato …but their own political principles…just to remain in power! The same can be said about the leaders of Cyprus!

    What the world is witnessing …is that the United States has used “Democracy” as a tool of war….to disquise the real agenda of a Secret Society of white Supremacist degenerates…which is to make all countries of the world impotent to their control! It is a foreign policy…. that provides the same choice of the Organized Crime families of the 1930’s to legitimate businesses in New York and Chicago…hand over your operations to the Mob….or receive a “Black Hand” letter advising you their are dangerous people in your neigborhood who threaten your business! If the business owner refused to pay the Mob protection money and operation of his business….they would get bombed! After the bombing …they would again advise the bombed owner that they needed the Protection of the Mob to run their businesses!

    This is kind of what ther foreign policy of the United States and Nato is …if you haven’t noticed!

    Apparently, the Nato Governors of Greece and Cyprus know this…. and continue to disgrace themselves by complying to their interests …not those of the Greek people of their countries

    As Mr. Obama demanded of the government of another Independent country….”. it is time for you….to go”.
    It is time for the leaders of Greece and Cyprus to go ….immediately…..and clean out a bunch of people who have betrayed not only their people , but the independent countries of the world!

    It is also time for the United States and Nato to go …and have Fyrom and Turkey to replace their bases in Greece and Cyprus! Obviously, their stay in Greece and Turkey…has been a disaster for the people of Greece and the Greek Cypriot families of Northern Cyprus….who demand justice!

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