US Military Chief Gen. Dunford Visits Greece Amid Strain with Turkey

FILE - Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, joined by Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, speaks at the Pentagon, Friday, April 13, 2018. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

ATHENS (AP) — The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff has begun a two-day visit to Greece, starting off a week of high-level contacts between the two countries amid increased strain between the United States and Turkey.

Gen. Joseph Dunford arrived Monday and is scheduled to meet his Greek counterpart Adm. Evangelos Apostolakis in Athens Tuesday.

The United States is keen to boost trade and military cooperation with NATO ally Greece as tension with neighboring Turkey continues to escalate over a variety of regional and political disputes.

Later this week, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is due to visit an annual trade fair in northern Greece, along with Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who is chairman of the Senate committee of homeland security and subcommittee on European and regional security cooperation.

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  1. Let’s see…. U.S has new enemy to world list….now Turkey…….and will demand Greece’s complete compliance to whatever punishment …is appropriate for Turkey’s …. insubordination in not buying U.S. weaponry, and in participating in a peace settlement with Russia,Syria, Iran to end the war in Syria! Unfortunately, this does not include the continued occupation of Syrian territory by the invading U.S. troops in Syria…which violate international laws and have made U.S. guilty of mass war crimes in killing civilians in another foreign country, who provided no approval to their crossing their borders! Of Course TNH and their corrupt media…have never told you this~ You see Turkey, was a part of the Sunni Muslim alliance with Saudi Arabia, UAE, United STates to fund religious terrorists fanatics to overthrow the governments of the Middle East..but not only have they turned over state evidence of this collaboration, but now have turned away from the dark side…to end the Syrian war , not prolong the suffering of the people of Syria….in order to be assured that their interests are satisfied! Turkey…simply knows…the Dr. Assad has beaten back with Russia the hordes of Nato , and Sunni Muslim proxy armies …and now just have to liberate Syria from the United States controlled territories!

    Tsipras …will do anything the masters in Washington say…. to retain his power! The bailout package, the turnover of the Macedonian cultures to Fyrom which will allow the United States to add another base to their 800 bases around the world , and the disgusting accusations that Russia meddled and colluded with the Orhtodox Church and members of the opposition groups to the turnover of the Macedonian Culture to Fyrom, and importantly, created what only the U.S wants …a hostile relationship between their vassal states and their enemies…like Russia,China etc etc!
    The only other thing …which should be investigated…. is if Turkey is correct….that the Turkish officers …who escaped from Turkey and were part of the coup…and which Greece has refused to extradite back to Turkey…are just another U.S order of Greece… to protect possible C.i.A colaborators to the attempted coup of the leader of Turkey!

    In any case, if Tsipras is just a puppet leader of Greece, …. it can certainly be proved…by not getting anything out of this criminal organization …like providing Greece with the advanced F-35 jets and S-400 anti ballistic missile systems and how about getting the controlled U.S IMF Banksters to forgive or write down the debts of Greece…and end comletely the austarity bailout program…. which is crippling the poor of Greece!

    I doubt it …. these prostitutes only want to have power and money…and that is it!

    Throw Nato , U.S, and EU out of Greece…or face enslavement forever!

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