It Can Happen Here

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. (Photo by Wikimedia)

Madeleine Albright may not have been my favorite secretary of State, but her must-read recent book, Fascism, A Warning (Harper & Collins, 2018), shows that she fully deserves the praise of her Georgetown University students as teacher and scholar. Albright argues that early 20th century fascism was not an aberration and may have recently awakened from its hibernation. She leads readers to the conclusion that Donald Trump could be the link between the past and the present.

Albright describes Benito Mussolini, …

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  1. Trump likes Putin, Erdogan and China’s leader simply because they have absolute power. He is a fascist through and through. This country had better wake up before it’s too late. And if Republicans don’t fare well in this November’s elections watch for this idiot to stoke fires under his peanut brain base. Violence, indeed. All that will be missing are the white robes with hoods.

    1. This is hilarious…. where has Mr. Theros been for the last 25 years? The whole foreign policy of the United States supported by an annual budget 800 billion dollar budget for a military which is greater than the combined budgets of the top 20 countries of the world …and now maintains over 800 bases to occupy the different countries of the world, and a fleet of 22 aircraft carriers to patrol the oceans of the world to enforce their imperial dominance of the sovereignty of the world, which is also funded by the treasury of the United States!

      What is Fascism….when you ring up a 26 trillion dollar deficit to invade based on lies ….to overthrow the governments of the independent countries of the world … including Yugoslavia, libya, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, lebanon, Ukraine and now threatening Iran , North Korea, Venezuela, Honduras Russia, China, and not the least …..the government of the United States!

      In comparison …the big bad boys of Russia… maintain a 66 billion dollar military Budget.. .have one aircraft carrier…. and one base established in Syria….and the war criminals of this government call Mr. Putin a threat to the world and America!

      What is Fascism and war criminals , Mr. Theros….it is white supremacist Aristocrates …like Madeline Albright with another Clinton degenerate….formeting unrest in Yugoslavia…and support muslim extremist with Saudi Arabia… to create a civil war to dismember the country of Yugoslavia…and destroy the Christian orthodox population in Serbia and Kosovo…It is a white supremacist Degenerate Fascist like Madeline Albright …. who stated that we the United States have the military power…and we should use it …to justify the bombing of Yugoslavia!

      Let me help you , Mr. Theros…… have you ever heard …the phrase of some of the leading Nazi’s…which is “MIGHT MAKES RIGHT”! NOW that is a Fascist and that is what the entire government foreign policy is today….and what makes Bill Clinton, John McCain, George Bush Jr and Sr, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton , Barack Obama, lindsey Graham, Nancy :Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, etc etc. …..far more of a Fascist than Donald Trump!

      Mr. Theros …what makes Donald Trump more of a fascist than Hillary Clinton, who coordinated the invasion of libya…by lieing to the world …that the leader of libya was commiting genocide against the civilians of libya…not fighting jihadist sponsered by many of her Clinton Foundation donators …like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar ( you know ….when you were ambassador to Qatar under Hillary Clinton and Greek american Nato commander…. Stavrides.! How .proudly he boasted and even wrote a book …libya…how to conduct a successful military intervention!

      You remember Mr. Theros… your boss and fascist leader joining Mr. Stavrides , Hillary Clinton …watching the sodomizing and killing of the elected leader of libya….and screaming with joy….
      WE CAME! WE SAW! HE DIED!. Now that is a Fascist! Unfortunately, the leader of libya was not the only one to die…Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Theros , and Mr. Stavrides ….all the people of libya had died…and their nation destroyed …and most of them displaced and joining the other refugees from the Might Makes Right U.S. Fascist regimes before Donald Trump who bombed and murdered 3/1/2 million middle eastern muslims and christians!

      For you Mr. Theros…. you are merely one of those Neo liberat Clinton Trolls ..who are a cross between fascist and communist authoritarian rule, and have turned our government into a self funded and protected organized crime family run by a secret society of Billionaire degenerates ….to control the economic, political , and military sovereignty of the world! You are called Globalist! But what you really are …is the latest group of white supremacist making a run …at dominating and managing the world for your interests!

      Importantly, to properly define fascism …you have to add the greatest tool of war they have …control of the media….which is exactly the ticket …Adolph HItler used in Nazi Germany!

      TNH….has already proven they are card carrying fascist….by the mere fact ….that you are on their payroll to sell your lies and distortions to the truth!

      As for RAPANIDI……you need to stop your attack on the Greek Orthodox Church to change…and concentrate on what is wrong with the Evangelical churches and why they continue to produce and elect the most degenerate fascist and war criminals in world History! It may be …that those gospel services provided…. are misrepresenting the message of God! . Obviously, the killing of 600,000 Iraqi’s and an estimated 3!/2 million thruout all the Middle East countries attacked by the Evangelical armies led by George Bush Jr., John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and a cast of thousands in the CIA, who justified the killings based on messages from God and the bible gospels!
      Finally, all these fascist policies were developed , nurtured, promoted, and implemented well before Donald Trump became president in 2014.

      You see the indictment of TNH , Mr. Theros, Stavrides and their evangelical brothers as fascist is already submitted as follows by the people of the world and America!

      “The greatest threat and danger to the peace of the world….is the United States of America”
      International Gallop Poll of the countries of the world …2014.

      ” 78% of all American consider the govenment of the United States corrupt thru and thru”
      Gallup Poll of the population of American Citizens….2014

      Translation ….both Americans and the world consider all the members of the United States Government to be corrupt and imposing a fascist foreign policy that threatens world peace!

      Now Patrick Theros, and Repanidi….is the fascist threat, not just Donald Trump!

    2. Of course it’s not. But Trump is the president now. He is what we have to deal with now. Actually Donald Trump became President in 2016. Further, I’d be very worried about Trump’s courting of the evangelical right. Before we can begin to consider how to make things right with the rest of the world we need to ensure that this president does not deprive us of our rights. If that happens you won’t have to worry about fascism because it will already have taken over the government here in ways none of us want to even think about. You, and I, and countless others need to consider we might be contemplating all of this from jail cells because we publicly railed against fascism.

    3. I agree with MG—- the swamp creatures are not in Trumpland- they are deeply embedded with Ma Albright and Granny Hillbilly…

  2. Repanidi…..I hate to break the news to you….but those white supremacist evangelicals who parade with white hoods on…are already in charge…and fully operating in our government!
    These guys are religious bigots and racist ….who just burn crosses on people’s lawn or for fun hang someone for having the wrong color, or ethnic background, they now burn countries down because they are not compliant to the religious , economic and political values of their superior people of the United States!

    The only right guaranteed to you …is the right to make money ….any way you want…as long as you hand over that money to the monster called our government to fund their needs and their employees!

    It is not Donald Trump …who has requested and been given the right to wage contiuous “Undeclared Wars” without the approval of the people of America, it is the facist government of our Congress!
    Just think … Donald Trump, breaks international laws…and begins bombing Syria based on a proven Hoax, that the Syrian government and Russia used chemical weapons on the people of Syia…and is an act of war!
    However, the constitution of the United States states a declaration of war must be approved by the Congress of the United States,; for obvious reasons! No! the Fascist regime has withdrawn that right of the people…..and allowed Donald Trump to bomb and threaten not only the Syrian people but the Russia military forces fighting ISIS….. which could have set off world war 3! Now that is Fascism and control of the decision obligated by our constitution which was designed to prevent the actions of a madman to evoke catastrophic war on the American people, without their consent!

    Today ….fascism is deeply evident ….and as you said …. would subject us to possible jail time or worst for expressing our freedom of speech to express opposition to fascist policies and control! Their is a journalist and media news outlet ….called Wiki Leaks and run by Julian Assage….who has spoken up and revealed the criminal activities and act of treason by members of the Fascist state of America….. and is confined for the past 5 years to a room in the Bolivian Embassy in London for his protection , against being extradited to America … for prosecution for releasing information which indicts Hillary Clinton for treason and other criminal activities!

    Importantly, the is an example of fascism which does not prosecute Hillary Clinton for the crimes she committed but wishes to punish the messenger for revealing damaging evidence against a protected member of the government! Now, do you still believe Fascism has already taken over!

    Eric Snowden… revealed information that the Fascist in the NSA…were illegally spying and intercepting e-mails and communications networks of the entire world …including the American people! Today, Eric Snowden is under the protection of Russia, since, he will be prosecuted for revealing this information , while te perpetrators of this act of treason…live very comfrotable in retirement! To highlight fascism…James Clapper of the former Director of the C.i.A under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama…had testified.. .one month before the Eric Snowden revelations under oath…that their were no spying operation or survellience of the American people going on! A blatant lie..but rewarded with a lucrative retirement package from the Fascist government for his service!….

    The point Donald Trump may be a fascist…and based on his compliance to the media and members of the swamp who are attempting to overthrow him …. very presidential in supporting their regime change agenda in Syria, Iran and Russia!

    The same Media that calls him a racist ,Adolph Hitler, and unfit president that must be removed…call him presidential in threatening Nuclear war with North Korea, tearing up an International agreement with Iran …which can only result in possible war, bombing Syria to support religious proxy armies of Saudi Arabia and Nato to overthrow another regime in the world !

    Repanidi…the fascism you are afraid of….. will not be called Fascism ….but Neo liberalism and Neo Con demented degenerates…that is their new labels!
    Until you realize that you are part of a well written hollywood and media script that provides the entertainment and propaganda narrative that hide the global agenda of imperial domination of all the independent countries of the world by a few White Supremacist Anglo’s , you will continue to allow them to fulfill their crimes against humanity!
    I as a Christian , I will not ever be satisfied with my fundamental freedoms, at the expense of my silence to crimes against humanity and the laws of God!

  3. Are you old enough to remember Joseph McCarthy and all the red-baiting of the 1950s? The good senator stood on the Senate floor and waved a paper around saying it was a list of all the communists who worked in the State Department. Of course, it later was shown that the paper was blank. What we need to be careful of is being paranoid. Why do you connect fundamental freedoms and silence to crimes against humanity? It’s not that I disagree with much of what you say. But this is a trees and forest type of issue. As for Assange, if he got out of the Bolivian embassy, Sweden wants him for sex crimes.

  4. First Repanidi…. you are again a victim of TNH….and the fraudulent mass media….as follows:

    Sweden’s director of public prosecution says she has decided to discontinue the investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assage allegation of sexual misconduct!

    No charges and no threat of extradition….because, the new form of criminal assasination of the media …is to make false statements without any evidence to support them being true! However, it is true ….that the journalistic freedom of the press to print the truth is in question ….because the fascist government of the United States is planning to extradite Assage for publishing that dirty evidence of Hillary Rotten Clinton violating the constitutional laws of our defunct democracy!

    As far as the McCarthy witch hunt…what do you think Mueller and his SS are doing …waving nothing to support his charges, other than to demean Donald Trump…which is exactly what McCarthy was doing to suppress alleged communist sympathizers … which was to black ball the employement opportunities of these threats to the state! However , all the evidence exist which is hidden by THN …and mainstream media of the fascist policies and conseqences to th e people of the world! For instance, lieing to imose an agenda of killing 600000 Iraqis…. is right in front of you!

    As for not making the connection between our fundamental freedoms and silence….well read my post again, because your not undertanding that…is no different to the indictment of the “Good Germans” remaining silent to horrific attrocities against Jews and Gypsies, in order to preserve their freedom to just breathe and live life without threat of retribution from their fascist rulers!
    This is not a tree and forest scenario…it is a complete open valley of evidence and crimes that only Fascist governments are capable of doing….and only impotent human beings unable to even recognize and make them accountable for ! And as long as the media and you …do not make them accountable…they will grow bolder and more horrific!

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