McCain, the Bidens, and Ouzo

Former Vice President Joe Biden gives a tribute during memorial service at North Phoenix Baptist Church for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York, Pool)

Oh that Greece! When, oh, when will we understand and appreciate its true value, it’s appeal, and its ability to leave an indelible impression on its visitors?

What’s its secret? Is it the culture, its gleam, its ruins, its lifestyle, or a combination of those, and more qualities, that makes for unforgettable memories?

Ask your children. But also read what Joe Biden said.

In the middle of a Baptist church in Phoenix, AZ sat the coffin of U.S. …

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  1. Mr. Diamantaris….the only thing Joe Biden was doing …was attempting to reinvent the real legacy of John McCain from a bloodthirsty degenerate responsible for the slaughter of millions of human beings in the world to promote the interests of white supremacist billionaires obsessed with managing and controlling all the countries of the world! His comment was designed to bring a human side to John McCain….as a fun loving happy go lucky average american , not capable of what the informed in the world say! Of course , Joe Biden loved , John McCain…so did Hillary Clinton…… he was their strongest ally for a fascist foreign policy designed to destroy the independent countries of the world not compliant to the American control of their economy, politics, and military! They are called Globalist…and they represent the same white supremacist billionaires who pay them keep them in power!

    No matter how Hard TNH…and their fake news media….. collaborate to honor one of the” Swamps” greatest leaders in the government of the United States….whose legacy among the informed people of he world and the United States……as a white supremacist degenerate sadist….who received great satisfaction and fun in murdering other human beings! The Congressional leader in introducing 76 resolutions to arm foreign rebels and state sponsors of terrorism like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey and the United States…with the most recent success in making Saudi Arabia….the number one purchaser of American arms in the world …where freedom of religion does not exist! Importantly, if it wasn’t for John McCain…… this group of religious Sunni muslim fanatics.who have collaborated with Mr. McCain to kill 3/12 million human being in the middle east …in order to overthrow the governments of the Middle East not under the control of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia,, a resolution by Senator Rand Paul would have been approved to prohibit this massive sale of arms to this group. Importantly, these weapons have been used to commit horrific war crimes against the Shia Muslim population in Yemen….which now includes the slaughter of 45 children of Yemen by a lockheed Martin missile labeled made in America striking a school bus!

    Of course, TNH and Mainstream media….have done what they do for their masters in the Swamp….cover it up, and replaced it with another narrative….that the Russians had hacked the secret world of the Greek Orthodox Church according to another American source….at exactly the time , that his Eminence Bartholomew was reviewing a request from the Neo Nazis in Ukraine…to divorce the Orthodox church in Russia from the Ukraine!

    Only TNH….and what is now clear…. a willing collaborator with some of the leading Greek Secret societies, who now replicate ….the administrative protocal of the United States Government and the swamp…. which is complicity to any policy and lies of a now Totalitarian government….as long as it is for the “Glory of America…and their billionaire aristocrates Empire

    Therefore, some how, TNH…must do something to honor Mr. McCain, who has done nothing for Greeks anywhere in the world …including stompimg out of a meeting with the Patriarch’s of the Greek , Syrian , Coptic Orthodox churches in Syria , lebanon, Jerusalem…..who demanded that Mr. McCain stop arming the radical jihadist rebels in Syria who were killing thousands of Orthodox and Catholic Christians, burning their churches and forcing them to leave their homes! The degenerate McCain …who had champiooned the Billion dollar budget to arm, recruit, and train radical religious rebels in Syria to fight allegedly ISIS , but really the government of Syria! This billion dollar program was finally stopped by Donald Trump?

    The victims of empire are never more invisible than when it is time to whitewash a departed warmonger. McCain’s “war hero” credibility stems from being a direct perpetrator of, and not simply a cheerleader for, the mass slaughter in Vietnam that took the lives of millions of people—or “gooks,” as McCain unapologetically preferred to call them.

    It is left to independent voices like Max Blumenthal (Consortium News, 8/27/18), to review McCain’s bloodthirsty record as follows:

    ‘McCain did not simply thunder for every major intervention of the post-Cold War era from the Senate floor, while pushing for sanctions and assorted campaigns of subterfuge on the side. He was uniquely ruthless when it came to advancing imperial goals, barnstorming from one conflict zone to another to personally recruit far-right fanatics as American proxies.

    In Libya and Syria, he cultivated affiliates of Al Qaeda as allies, and in Ukraine, McCain courted actual, sig-heiling neo-Nazis.

    While McCain’s Senate office functioned as a clubhouse for arms industry lobbyists and neocon operatives, his fascistic allies waged a campaign of human devastation that will continue until long after the flowers dry up on his grave.

    Unless there is radical change—real “resistance”—that transforms the organizations that people rely on to be ”informed” (media and NGOs included), Donald Trump, like Nixon, Reagan and George W. Bush, will eventually be whitewashed as well.”

    To this Greek….McCain’s legacy…. will not be whitewashed …. by having a OUZO with his wife in Greece, but as a blood thirsty Socio pathic murderer of humanity, who was a war criminal …as the Pentagon Papers revealed, and simply enjoyed bombing human beings! This guy almost became President of the United States….. and was caught singing in happiness ….the thought of murdering more human beings in Iran…when he did a rendition of ……”BOMB, BOMB, BOMB………Iran!

    The only Cancer Mr. McCain suffered from ….was the Cancer of Conflict!

    Congratulations TNH… will continue to fool Greek Americans and the world with the corrupt media establishment …. that is responsible for the deaths of million of human beings in this world!

    The only question is ..Mr. Diamantaris … how does humanity produce degenerates, who willingly support lies and journalism which allows sadist to fulfill the atrocities against humanity! n

    Spare me and your readers your attacks on our church…because, their legacy is already written……and the informed know that ….they are the only light and hope for human beings, not you media frauds!

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