Report Says Drone Carried Drugs Over Turkey Military Zone on Cyprus

(AP Photo/Michael Casey, file)

Turkish-Cypriot police were reportedly questioning a suspect alleged to have gotten narcotics from a drone sent over a military zone from the Cypriot side of the divided island.

There is a buffer between the two sides patrolled by a United Nations peacekeeping force an Turkey keeps a standing 30,000-strong force on the side it has unlawfully occupied since a 1974 invasion, in an area said to be one of the most heavily guarded in Europe.

Smugglers are trying to use drones fly illegal drugs over the frontier separating the sides, Police there said the drone is believed to have taken off from the Cypriot side of the divided Capital of Nicosia, according to the Turkish-Cypriot Kibris newspaper and Turkey’s private DHA agency.

The reports did not disclose the type of drug that was seized. Turkish-Cypriot police were not available for comment and Greek Cypriot police said they had no information about the incident, as did the United Nations force which monitors the frontier, the news agency Reuters said.

The heavily militarized 180-kilometer (116 mile) frontier splitting Cyprus east to west runs straight through the center of Nicosia.