Enough of the Cover Ups, in the Church

FILE - Pope Francis sits in pensive mood during his weekly general audience, at the Vatican, Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Pope Francis will be forced to resign if the allegations against him that he covered up the crimes by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former Washington, DC Archbishop, of sexually abusing seminarian students are true.

Much of the image of today’s Catholic Church according to allegations and portrayed in the media is that of a gay culture that has spread like the “tentacles of an octopus” to every aspect of the church. But beyond homosexuality, there is …

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  1. All Orthodox should refer to http://www.pokrov.org for the lists of convicted, dismissed, and sanctioned Orthodox priests and deacons. This is an invaluable tool for situational awareness. We’ve been lied to and abused enough by the robes. It’s time to get aggressive about not tolerating any of these types.

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