Patriarch Bartholomew Urged, Again, Archbishop Demetrios to Resign

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios lights candles at Kimisis tis Theotokou Church in Brooklyn before the Great Vespers service on August 14. Photo: Michalis Kakias

BOSTON – His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during the Synodic meeting at the Phanar today urged His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America to willingly submit his resignation. It is the second time that the Patriarch is calling Archbishop Demetrios to resign. The privies time was at the end of May 2018.

According to exclusive information of The National Herald Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew reportedly told Archbishop Demetrios officially during the Synodic meeting the following: “You have done a notable archpastorship all these years, but now at the end of your ministry you put yourself in danger to embarrass yourself. I call upon you to think in not only about your personal posthumous fame and dignity, but also to think about the prestige of the Church, of what I had told you in the previous Synodic meeting and to act accordingly.”


  1. The Archo thinks if he resigns it will stop the State and Federal Investigations on them and looking into the money laundering scam called the Saint Nichalos Shrine.
    Good luck with that…

    1. I think old Bart should resign. His playing footsie with schismatics and right wing nationalists in the Ukraine is an embarrassment to us all.

  2. Suggest it should be a trifecta of resignations or, preferably, fired.

    Bart and

    All leftists with leftist agenda
    All cover up co-conspirators
    All lost market share and money

    “You’re Fired!”,

  3. Your exclusive information comes from one source. We all know who it is…why not just say “the Metropolitan of New Jersey told the NH”….we really aren’t as dumb as you think.

    1. Heh, heh……that’s why the NH backs Evangelos to replace Demetrios. What a mistake that would be. The biggest since the Eastern hierarchs capitulated to the Pope and St. Mark of Ephesus had to bring them to their senses. Who will bring the Patriarch and the other hierarch to their senses, not only about the GOA problem but the Ukraine issue, etc…….

  4. No Deal! Bart goes first! Elpidofrus for Patriarch, Zambillas for Archbishop.
    No foreign born or foreign raised archbishops.

    1. Elpidoforos? The Patriarch’s hatchet man? Constantinople’s match for Moscow’s Hilarion?

  5. When it comes to being humble , the NJ. Met is the opposite of Demetrios. He has his personal entourage of people serving his every command. He rules like a Despot with an Iron Hand. All the priests are afraid of him and his bullying. But I think, given a budget to work with and a responsible group of people overseeing the expenses of the Archdiocese, he may be just what we need in America to fix everything that is broken. He has vision and clarity, when he’s not throwing one of his temper tantrums, to grow the church and the HC/HC school. He’s up the Patriarchs butt feeding him info all the time so the communications may be much better, and he follows protocol. He is also a big supporter of a free Constantinople and expanding world Orthodoxy. We may all be surprised if he were to take over the throne, or it may turn out to be a complete disaster. Not a fan of him personally or his inflated ego but as a leader I would trust him with my business. Big ego’s create big things and failure is never an option. Just a thought

    1. He does not have vision and clarity. If he did he would not throw temper tantrums, he would treat his clergy better, he would realize being a carpetbagger shows him to be something other than what is seen even when he is at his best. First and foremost what the GOA needs is a PASTOR, not an iron hand. What the GOA needs is an administrator who can combine humility with the ability to make clergy and laity alike understand that he is able to take the reins and restore order. The metropolitan of NJ has none of those qualities and traits. As for HC/HC…..what has he ever done for the school?

    2. Yes, Evangelos is what we deserve. He is the perfect symbol of the totally corrupt, totally failed, present situation. His elevation would complete the portrait of our Satanically-driven church.

  6. This publication is the primary source of demonic propaganda. Do you know what Master you serve? May God forgive you for advancing the attacks of the evil one.

    1. The demons wear the black robes, brother, The Master doesn’t have the $100m that’s missing. Truth comes with the sunshine that TNH shines on many occasions, Stop your silly FAKE piety.

  7. The world’s Christian religious leaders are WORSE than today’s leftist liberal politicians – in it ONLY for the $$$$$! They manipulate their
    members for their own personal gain. Most of the orthodox priests in the Chicago area receive a salary of $150,000. to $200,000. with $45,000. to 65,000. plus fringe benefits, and add the tips of $50,000., a cell phone, house, vehicle, and family health insurance. Add the Presbytera’s salary for Sunday school which used to be volunteer, and Greek school which requires an outrageous amount. Most of the members don’t earn a fifth of that. Archbishop Demetrios demanded a certain amount from each church for the St. Nicholas building fund. And today, most of those “helping” in the church, our actually helping themselves to the donation very much UNLIKE our fathers and forefathers who gave selflessly. Consider the priest here who disobeyed the prior Metropolitan’s order to respect the last wishes of a deceased parishioner, and instead disrespected the deceased’s immediate family in favor of 2 disrespectful brothers who boast they have cash, yet had a business closed down for gambling and narcotics and are penniless. Because of the parish priest’s greed for $$$, other family members changed their will which would have left 4 million dollars to the church. So the church loses out in the long run. And let us not forget the priest who lost most of the members of his church trying to run it as a business with his father, then created a “miracle” icon to try to recover the funds from the sale of the church he used for himself and his family, and decided NOT to open the church to more viewings of the icon by “Amerikanoi” because they leave no offerings in the tray. After close to ten years, the members still have not acquired a church with most saying they will die and a new church will never be built. And two of the fairly new board members are thieves. Let us not forget the haughty Philoptohos President, a retired elementary school teacher who’s brother was murdered by his wife, whose husband she has elevated to a college diploma who in fact is a common laborer who met her through her father with which he worked as room waiters at a hotel. Her husband not only cheats on her, but even made advances to another married woman at church who husband had to be restrained to avoid a fist fight at one of the church’s festivals. The list is long and like dirty laundry. It is no wonder that those of us who are educated see through these dishonors and now choose to stay away from a church that only worships cash.

    1. You forgot the kickbacks from priest’s salaries to the late Metropolitan for plum assignments and “enforcer fees” when parishioner suckers ask appropriate questions. The Milwaukee case (resulting in a felony plea from a priest) was just such an example.

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