What is a Democratic Socialist?

Former Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

For the first time in seventy years, democratic socialists have become a viable element in national politics. Sixty democratic socialists have run or are running in Democratic Party primaries. Twenty have already won their primary, three in what are considered “safe” Democratic districts.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the main reasons for this unanticipatedphenomenon. Sanders winning 13 million votes for president in the Democratic presidential primaries of 2016 catalyzed the spirits of progressives of all ideological tendencies. In the months …

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    1. Maria….I think you are right….but I believe Greece 01………is on target …in clarifying!

      Translation…. The REGIME in power …and I mean …. the ruling parties of both Republican and Democrates….are now a cross between fascist and communist!

      The only bipartisan efforts of members of the Democratic Party and Republican party…. is to enact violent overthrows of the Independent countries of the world …is to make them impotent to function on behalf of their people! Rule of thumb….. communism spread to those countries where the poverty level and income disparity was so great…. it represented an opportunity …for a socialist party …to nationalize all private businesses and rights , who had amassed , what we see today in our country and the world …. 90 % of the wealth ! Therefore , their objectives were to distribute these accumulated asset thru the government to serve the people! The Neo Cons and Neo liberal of our Government are called Globalist….but what they really are ….is nothing more thatn socialist engineers… utilizing violent revolutionary disruption of the countries of the world ….to enact their form of communism …which makes billionaire Capitalist …the proletariate, who in the end …own the government of the United States …. and now, dictate the distribution of wealth, and control the economic, political , and military of most of the sovereign nations of the world! No different than a peasant communist party leader of the old Soviet Union! What you are witnessing …is International communism…. with the coordinators being Washington and Brussels!

      Their are two models of this new order ….Greece and as Greece01 appropriately used as an example Venezuela! Both countries … are in crisis economically, and both allegedly run by Socialist parties, hence, ….they are perfect targets of the Globalist ….International communist party ….run by billianaire Capitalist…who now perform the duties of a Proletariate of a communist party!

      In the case of Venezuela …their economic demise…..has been accelerated by the actions of the Fascist United States Regime .. by not helping Venezuela ….but imposing brutal economic sanctions of Venezuela …which includes obstructing their vital oil and gas revenues, basic commodities and health needs, and then coercing other vassal states allied with Washington to comply with their sanctions…. hence, the strangulation and economic warfare …to do what …communist systems fed on …in the 50’s and 60’s …economic starvation to enact unrest and change their government ….to the protection of the International rulers and new age communist control .. by the proletariate that runs our government …. and can order up any war they want …to fulfill their Global Agenda.

      In the case of Greece….it is a criminal financial Bail out program …reserved for countries , who dare to suggest that they …wished to leave Nato , and close U.S Bases….and guess what not be a part of the International communist party run in Brussels ! The bail us program …. has gotten everythng they want the utter destruction of Greece as a Sovereign Nation, theft of their culture, and her assets!
      Greece is dead …and her future gone….they as a U.S attach blurted out …are ripe for investments, at carpetbagging prices! Tsipras and his ruling socialist ..fully understand, ….that they are now compliant to an International communist party of Capitalist Billionares….who now decide and distribute …. the amassed wealth of the world …which they control ….to Greece or any other country of the world!

      Now you know ….that you are both right, except explaining or defining Socialism as a cross between Fascism and communists…which now grips our country…does not remove the reality…that we are the impotent country with 21 trillion dollars in debt…that is being exploited by the old swamp and power base of the Globalist….with their war on the new power base…but unreliable elected President Donald trump…who is misquided in his America first diatribe for Americans here… when he is supposed to mean America first in owning the world!

  1. Hi Maria.
    The goal of communism is to ultimately create an “equal” / collectivist utopian socialist society through immediate, violent government expropriation / coercion. See USSR Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics, Mao Tse Tong’s Chinese Revolution or Pol Pot’s Cambodian nightmare.

    Democratic socialism’s goal is to ultimately create an “equal” / collectivist utopian socialist society through generational propaganda allowing for democratically sanctioned government expropriation / coercion. See Nazi Germany’s (democratically elected in 1933) National SOCIALIST WORKERS Party or today’s modern day economic basket case; Democratic Socialist Venezuela.

    Unfortunately, long time unrepentant leftists are too proud to see, and young millennials are too deluded.

    I hope this helps…sigh…

  2. Indeed, all Greeks are stuck in a statist, socialist mindset, even Metaxas and Junta. Greeks invented the steam engine and computer two thousand years ago. But all they think is “someone stole it.” Just like the nuts who claim forest mismanagement fires was arson. But Greeks lacked the corporate and patent system of democratic capitalism, constitutional anarchy, that encourages risk taking and innovation. So the inventions were used for the benefit of the state. For example, the steam engine was used to make foreigners think the emperors had magical powers. To this day, Greeks only think what to limit, not encourage. Worst of all is the finger wagging yiayias. This is why most conservatives think “Greek Republican” is an oxymoron.

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