British Prime Minister May Says Cyprus Unity Can Be Had

FILE - British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks with troops serving at RAF Akrotiri, one of two military bases Britain maintains on the east Mediterranean island of Cyprus on Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, Pool)

Despite a collapse last year of talks to reunify Cyprus, British Prime Minister Theresa May – whose country was a Colonial ruler and still keeps a military base there – said she’s confident a solution will be found.

Writing to some British Members of Parliament on June 12, the letter – whose contents were only now being released – May said that the United Kingdom, one of the guarantors of security on the island along with Greece, and Turkey, which has occupied the northern third since an unlawful 1974 invasion, still believes a just and lasting settlement is within reach, the Cyprus Mail said.

May told one MP that she appreciated “your kind words about the government’s support for a settlement,” noting that “last summer in Crans- Montana, the two Cypriot leaders and three guarantor powers, supported by the UN secretary-general, came closer than ever before to reaching a settlement.”

That was in reference to Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and his then Cyprus Special Envoy, Norway’s Espen Barth Eide, meeting at a Swiss resort.

“All sides demonstrated remarkable courage and commitment and all parties engaged with serious intent to reach a deal. I share both your disappointment that it was not possible to reach agreement and your assessment that the talks made important progress,” May’s letter said.

That optimism was undercut by what turned into a debacle when Anastasiades walked away after Akinci and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said they would never remove an occupying army and wanted the right to militarily intervene when they wanted.

May said, “We recognize it will not be straightforward: all sides will need to build trust as they seek to restart talks, and an agreement will require flexibility and willingness to compromise from all sides,” none of which has been shown since the talks fell apart.

May said when she met Anastasiades in April they discussed the steps he might take in pursuit of an agreement but wouldn’t reveal them.

“While it is ultimately for the Cypriot communities to decide the next steps, we remain ready to support progress towards a settlement in any way we can,” May said without offering any ideas what that would be, continuing the general platitudes that diplomats, foreign leaders and the international community have used in discussing the Cyprus issue in vague terms.


  1. Sorry the British have to too along with their bases, and the Turks, all gone for Cyprus to be free and no reasons for fake invasions to “Protect” those that shouldn’t be there even that the pre 1974 Turkish people had been on Cyprus for many generations.
    The settlers that came at the request of consecutive turkish governments have no rights they were paid squatters to up the population and give more credence to the games and lies the turks make up daily. Adio Britian, Turkey, U.N., Squatters, etc.

  2. TNH……who cares what this white supremacist degenerate colonialist. says……whose contribution to Cyprus was to attempt to oppress her independence….and then support Turkey by defaulting on an agreement to be the guarantor and protector of the people of Cyprus…and allowed the murder and ethnic cleansing of Greeks in Northern Cyprus!

    Is this not the same country ….who told the world …that they had the right to war crimes bomb and invade the Iraqi people ..killing 600000 human being base on liesi Yes this the same country …… who are permanently banned from entering the church of the Nativity by the Greek Orthodox clergy….the caretakers of the birthplace of Christ!

    Teresa May….is the same degenerate ….that still has not proven Russia had anything to do with …this Alleged Poison pill….which can be produced in multiple countries of the world …including England!

    TNH…why do you give her any print elevate her of any importance! It is time for the corrupt government of Cyprus ….like the governor of Greece…Tsipras …to join the clergy of the Church of the Nativity and ban every British diplomat and military base from Cyprus, and start making new reliable friends, who do not consider Cyprus …one of their floating aircraft carriers!

    The Game is over for Britain…they have been reduced to thugs and hoods…barking at countries…and I wish Vladimir …would stop tolerating their rants…and put them in their place…which would take less than a Half hour…for that island paradise of class bigots!

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