Government is “Cynical and Incompetent,” ND Says

New Democracy headquarters in Athens. Photo: Eurokinissi.

ATHENS – Reacting to a report published in the Greek newspaper “Kathimerini”, main opposition New Democracy on Sunday accused the government and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of being both cynical and incompetent.

“[The report] confirms, now with irrefutable evidence, that at when Mr. Tsipras, his ministers and the officials of the relevant services were reassuring the public that the situation in Mati was under control, they already knew of the existence of at least four dead and also that an unprecedented disaster was unfolding,” an ND press office announcement said.

“It is proved, through evidence that is now public, that they were only interested in the PR management of the disaster in order to disorient citizens and deny their own responsibility. We will say this once again: we have seen incompetent politicians in this country before but never [politicians] that are so cynical, ruthless, irresponsible and without the slightest trace of shame,” it added.

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  1. When has Greece ever had a competent government? Maybe when the elder Karamanlis was in power. Andreas Papandreou started the downward spiral with his socialism and borrowing and look where we are now. Bankrupt forever! No one can fix this mess!

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