Andrew (Andy) Makridis was Appointed CIA’s COO

From left to right - CDIO Sonya Holt, DDCIA Vaughn Bishop, DCIA Gina Haspel, and COO Andy Makridis. Source: CIA/

CIA Director Gina Haspel welcomed three senior officers to the Agency’s leadership team with the arrival of Deputy Director Vaughn Bishop, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Andrew (Andy) Makridis, and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO) Sonya Holt.

This week marks the first week that all three officers are in their new roles.

Sworn in on 6 August, Deputy Director Bishop returns to the Agency after a 30-year career. Director Haspel noted, “Vaughn is an incredible intelligence officer, highly respected in the analytic cadre and by our allies.”

COO Makridis succeeds Brian Bulatao, who is pending Senate confirmation to be Under Secretary of State for Management. “Andy brings a wealth of expertise from his 32-year CIA career and has a deep understanding of how the Agency works. He is the ultimate team player,” Director Haspel said.

CDIO Holt takes the helm after a 34-year Agency career. Director Haspel remarked, “To succeed against the intelligence challenges facing us today, we must have officers who bring a variety of life experiences and viewpoints to the job. Under the seasoned leadership of Sonya, we will continue to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce that is so vital to our mission.”

Director Haspel and her leadership team are hosting workforce engagements and will share more publicly about their priorities in the near future.

DCIA Message to the Workforce: New Chief Operating Officer

It is with great pleasure that Vaughn and I would like to announce that we have selected Andrew (Andy) Makridis to be CIA’s next Chief Operating Officer (COO). Many of you either know Andy or have worked with him during his 32-year CIA career.

He has raised his hand countless times for the tough jobs and has always set the highest leadership standards. Andy has a reputation for creating empowered teams that drive the Agency mission forward. We think he is a great addition to our leadership team.

Andy entered on duty in 1986, after spending two summers with CIA as a graduate fellow. He joined the Directorate of Intelligence in 1989, where he served in a number of expert-level analytic roles and management positions. Andy served as an executive assistant for DDCIA John McLaughlin before becoming President George W. Bush’s intelligence briefer, a position he held from December 2001 to February 2004. Director John Brennan asked Andy to stand up the Weapons and Counter Proliferation Mission Center and serve as its first Assistant Director (AD).

Andy has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Buffalo and did his master’s work in computer science at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Andy brings a wealth and breadth of experience from across the Agency. He’s worked both as an AD and at the Directorate level, and has a deep understanding of how the place works. Those of you who know him know how committed he is to the success of the CIA mission; you also know that he is the ultimate team player. Vaughn and I couldn’t be more pleased that Andy has agreed to fill the COO position.

— Gina Haspel, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

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  1. TNH….are the readers of your newspaper…supposed to jump with joy….because, someone with a Greek Name has been promoted to position in the C.I.A, because , of his service as a member of an organized crime family…that has been running our country….and imposing a foreign policy only ideologically demented white supremacist billionaires could pay for… take over the sovereignty of every country of the world…..and drop one bomb every 12 minutes of the day….on men, women and children of some country of the world!

    What we learn from TNH… that Mr. Makridis….has been mentored, nurtured and promoted … what they affectionately are known as …..”.Murderers Row “……of C.I.A and U.S. fame…with a starting lineup …. ….. that includes George Bush Sr and Jr., John McCain, John Brennan, Clapper, John Bolton, Victoria Nuland, MIke Pompeo, Dick Cheney, George Tenet, and Gina Haspel….who have been responsible …for killing and injuring 3 /1/2 million people in the Middle East and Europe to date!
    This group….who represent more than just the intelligence operations of the United States on surface….but what are more publicly known …as the Swamp, Deep State, Neo Nazis, and simply white supremacist!

    Mr. Makridis ….should be proud of his career path….which includes being the Intelligence Briefer….for one of the world’s great war criminals President George Bush Jr. between 2001 and 2004. NOW…if memory serves me right…… Mr. Makridis…must be the C.I.A intellngence officer …who gave President Bush …the false information that Iraq….had weapons of Mass destruction… which led to the bombing and invasion of the country of Iraq….and killed 600,000 men, women and children! Furthermore…led to the Banning of President George Bush and other C.I.A former employees from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem by the Greek Orthodox clergy of the church…for crimes against humanity…and the slaughter of women and children!.. …

    But Mr. Makridis…is then rewarded ….and works for ‘ Mr. Trump ….is a Traitor”… hero John Brennan, C.I.A director under Barack Obama…. and is made responsible for the …and get this…WEAPONS AND COUNTER PROLIFERATION MISSION CENTER! If memory serves me right….I don’t think he countered the proliferation of weapons to the world ….he expedited them to Terrorist organization and state sponsors of terrorism…like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE to Sunni Muslim Brigades thruout the Middle East! That’s right….now I recall ….the 1 billion dollar C.I.A appropriation that Trained,recruited, and armed …Syrian Sunni Muslim terrorist rebels…. to allegedly not only fight ISIS, but the Syrian army fighting ISIS! Go Figure!
    Great Job, Andy….according to Pentagon officials….the one billion dollars produced ….5 rebels….the rest of them either joined ISIS…oops! and turned over their guns!

    But nothing can stop this guy…to making the C.i.A list of murderers row and fame….he is now again promoted and a real veteran of the covert ….but more importantly…he know the mission of the C.I.A….which means …even a catastrophic Nuclear war with Russia…. is on the table …if they interfere with their foreign policy of destruction plans of the C.I.A…no one else in America!

    Importantly, he accepts his new position….from clearly one of his former associated in the C.I.A and collaborator with Mr Makridis….the sweetheart of “Murderers Row” and another protege of the Bush administration….Gina Haspel …the newly approved Director of the C.i.A…who replaced Mike Pompeio….who has decided ….it was necessary … come out of the closet….and directly assure the CIA mission is executed in the cabinet!

    Mr Makridis ….again rewarded by his fellow associate in crime again, Gina Haspel who oversaw one of the Bush administration’s most notorious “black sites” — secret prisons the CIA set up around the world to hold and torture suspected terrorists away from the prying eyes of lawyers, human rights groups, and the American public — in Thailand.
    And we knew, based on recently released internal CIA documents, that she was directly involved in the destruction of nearly 100 videotapes documenting the CIA’s brutal interrogation and torture of two prisoners, Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, at that black

    Now …like Mr. Makridis…who would have thought she would be promoted with her record….nobody, but the deviates who run our country, and have a new enemy, called Donald Trump…who still has not learned …that he does not run America …the C.I.A!

    And that is why ….John Brennan was calling for a coup of our elected president….because he dares defy the intelligence information, and is challenging their control of our country! Which is what the people of America asked him to do …clean out the Swamp….and Mr. Makridis is merely another working stiff of this group of degenerate sadist …with a Greek name!

    Good Job…TNH…however, I thought by now….you could bring yourself …to providing a proper resume for your featured stories and characters of this secret society!

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