AHEPA Commits to Landing Alex Karras in Hall of Fame

The Order of AHEPA applauds and endorses your August 18 article “Why isn’t Alex Karras in the NFL HoF” (National football League Hall of Fame).

Karras was one of the NFL’s greatest lineman in the 1960s, routinely being double- and even triple-teamed, a charter member of the AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame, and is rightfully considered one of the icons of Greek-American sports.

As AHEPA championed the overdue induction of the great Nick Galis into the International Basketball Hall of Fame, it will do the same for Karras.

AHEPA encompasses much importance to the Greek-American community, philanthropy, leadership, advocacy on Greek-American issues; however, an important component of the Order has always been and continues to be its athletic program, engaging youth into Hellenic circles and celebrating the outstanding achievements of the Greek-American athletes who assisted the assimilation of Greek immigrants into American society, such as Harry Agganis, Milt Pappas, Lou Tsioropoulos, and, of course, Alex Karras.

To that end, AHEPA commits itself once again to a leadership position advocating for the overdue inclusion of Alex Karras into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Gregory J. Stamos,
Ansonia, CT

Gregory Stamos, Esq., is Chairman of AHEPA’s National Athletic Awards.


  1. With all the problems Greece has, had and will continue to have, Mr Karras is not one of them at the moment…..but since AHEPA has No real success stories to fall back on, a push to get a player in the hall of fame seems like a good way to spend time and money, put “Ethnic Pressure” on someone so they get scared of seeming like its a ethnicity, religion, sex, or other type of bias…

    Does Mr. Karras deserve to be in THF, Yes…is it AHEPA’s job to put him there No…

    Help us buy a water tanker for OEDD…Help where it really matters…Help Greece, Don’t help yourself.

  2. Good Job… the self appointed Secret Society of Greek Masons…. who endorses UAE airlines wholly owned by the Government of United Arab Emirates….who are acknowledged supporters of the Sunni Muslim Jihadist that invaded Syria…and murdered thousands of Christians to overthrow the government of Syria. They endorse and promote a government …. which does not allow crossed to be publicly displayed….and where , like Saudi Arabia …freedom of religion does not exist!
    They support a country and government …who right now have committed heinous war crimes bombing of the people of Yemen. with Saudi Arabia and the United States…which just two days ago….killed 45 children in a school bus….with a labeled Missile …courtesy of Lockheed Martin Inc. !

    As usual, TNH and MSM…. will look into the obvious …and we will hear nothing More!

    Importantly, they will endorse ,,,for what ever that is worth….Detroit Lion football star and actor…. Alex Karros for the football hall of fame! All rise for the Ahepa!

    What they don’t endorse and promote…are petitions which make the leaders of the United States and Nato accountable for the continued occupation of Northern Cyprus by Nato member Turkey!

    What they don’t support and in fact suppress …are petitions that demand their action. to impose economic and military actions against their member of Nato Turkey…equivalent to what they allege they are required to do against the Russian Federation for supporting a referendum by the people of Crimea ..to be annexed by Russia! The difference, is that unlike Cyprus ….there was no ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots from their homes in Northern Cyprus by Nato member Turkey ….by the Russian Federation!

    The Ahepa…is a fraud…ruled by lawyers and financial Aristocrates….who do not represent the interests of Greeks, only their personal interests for networking opportunities and in promoting the interests of the corrupt politicians of Washington, D.C. They are merely trolls ….for the script of the State Department which reconcile their interventions which benefits U.S. interests,,,,not those of the people of Greece and Cyprus!
    The membership …are merely fundraising and recruiting subjects who blindly support any policy or actions o this handfull of ideologically challenged individuals, and any questioning into their policies …like associations with UAE…are met with charges of insubordination to these ….Mason and birchers…who they actually attempt to recruit their own members for!
    TNH…should be ashamed of themselves….in trying to bring legitimacy to this fraudulent Secret Society…which former President John F.Kennedy …called repugnant to all Americans…. for their Secret agenda’s and shadow governments…and arbitrary rules and constitutions inconsistent with our Constitution!

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