Finally, a President Stands up to Erdogan

FILE - President Donald Trump meets with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, May 16, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Trump’s attitude toward Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a very pleasant surprise. After years of unacceptable reluctance of a number of administrations of both major parties, the current chief executive behaves toward Turkey with a clenched fist and national dignity.

The White House, according to The Wall Street Journal, rejected Erdogan’s proposal to exchange the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson for a writeoff of billions of dollars in fines against one of the largest Turkish banks, Halkbank, for violating …

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    1. Finally TNH….we have a president who will stand up to….The International Criminal Court at the Hague!
      Why don’t you write another article …about the real Fascist President of the United States… standing up to another obstacle to their current march to Global dominance of the World ….. John Bolton!

      Earlier this week, John Bolton—Trump’s national security adviser and basically the president of US foreign policy—told the Federalist Society he would see to punitive sanctions if the International Criminal Court at The Hague moves to charge American soldiers who “served” in Afghanistan with war crimes.

      “If the court comes after us, Israel or other US allies, we will not sit quietly,” said Bolton. He said the US is ready to impose financial sanctions and go so far as to arrest members of the court.

      “We will ban its judges and prosecutors from entering the United States. We will sanction their funds in the US financial system, and we will prosecute them in the US criminal system,” he said.

      France 24 reported:

      Bolton pointed to an ICC prosecutor’s request in November 2017 to open an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by the US military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan, especially over the abuse of detainees.

      Neither Afghanistan nor any other government party to the ICC’s Rome Statute has requested an investigation, Bolton said.

      The US has occupied Afghanistan and handpicked its government for the last seventeen years, so obviously it will not bite the hand of its master.

      Ashraf Ghani, the current president, will follow orders to the letter. The alternative is to be strung up by the Taliban.

      Tsipras …. is merely ….Ghani with a Greek Name….. who instead of removing Nato and the Tyrant regime of the United states…is looking to add more U.S. military bases …. for the same reason Ghani cannot get rid of these white supremacist war criminals…. because , …. they like previous leaders ..are simply removed ….and replaced with the next puppet!

      This is how bad and blatant …this fascist regime can demonstrate ….. that they are a totalitarian Regime….where international laws and war crimes only apply to the enemies of America…. and no one can bring them to justice, or their financial partners …the Aparthied State of Israel…whose Jewish lobby’s own the entire corrupt government of the United States!

      What a disgrace …. and TNH….continues to march out the likes of Patrick Theros to prosecute countries like Yemen the poorest country in the world …..where last week another Lockheed Martin Inc. missile made in the USA… ;murdered and mutilated a school bus of 45 yemenese children!

      And this decadent society of made in the U.S humans…will simply switch channels …and write it off…as the right of the leader of the free world and our superior way of life!

      Remain silent ….and lets hope ….Vladimir Putin …will wake up and to the right thing for humanity…and put it out of misery!

  1. Of course… TNH….will write a positive article about Donald Trump….when he complies with Globalist agenda. of Degenerates in Washington….of the Billionaires criminal club of Banksters to punish anyone…..who does not surrender the sovereignty of their country ….to the United States, and face reality, who have fooled you ….. to wage economic and military war on the entire world based on lies of the media!
    and their financial benefactors!

    Of course…. Mr. Kmorros ….you and the blind will question the media …on their bias towards Donald Trump, and efforts to eliminate him from office….because he is a threat to the Establishment Elitist in our government , funded by the Billionaires , who now own every department of our country ….to execute their Global interests, who are rapidly…marching us to catastrophic war and a Totalitarian government!

    Yes, Mr. Kmorros…. these are the same people .. who have for years..not .confronted Turkey, for their international breaking of laws, and war crimes in Cyprus, Iraq, and Syria! No not only have they not been confronted…they have been rewarded…by these white supremacist demigods of evangelical bible toting politicians…who have fraudulently replaced Christ ….as the new messiah to save the world!

    Do you even know….why Turkey is under economic attack by Donald Trump? Did you even know …why 3 1/2 million Vietnamese human being were slaughtered or injured by …another hero of TNH?

    Do you even know…. why 31/2 million muslim and Christians in the Middle East have been slaughtered or injured, 5 governments destabilized and overthrow… of the countries ….Afganistan…now represent the longest war in American history…. which now is over 17 years and has raped your treasury of trillions of dollars.and has increased our Debts …to 27 trillion dollars…and has added to the War Crimes killing of civilians around the world … another hero of TNH!

    Like one of the many Greek Secret society members…. Mr. Diamantaris…… hides the real intentions of his articles…. which is higltighted below….

    “Turkey wants the U.S. to end its probe into Halkbank, which the U.S. believes may have violated U.S. sanctions against Iran. To that end, Turkey has offered to return pastor Andrew Brunson, who has become the focus of rising tensions between the two countries.”

    Here is what you cheer….. a rogue totalitarian government …. who ripped up an” International Agreement” and endorsed by non other than the United States…..which eliminated economic sanctions on Iran…. for their elimination of an “alleged” program to develope Nuclear weapons!

    Understanding this ….the fascist empire….. has reimposed sanctions against Iran, despite the fact, that Iran has been in full compliance with the conditions of eliminating their development program , as they were obligated to do!
    Importantly, they demand that all countries of the world …..comply with their economic warfare ….and get this …. stop buying their oil and gas ….from Iran, no economic trade with Iran…. and basically, stop having a relationship with Iran! This is only one of the countries of the world …which these demands have been made on by the now acknowledged …white supremacist fascist regime of the United States.. All will be punished , if they do not surrender the sovereignty of their countries to this cancer let loose on the world!
    The EU …is not immune…since they are also on the hit list …if they do not comply with this degenerate group of chaos…. to destroy Iran economically! Germany… has been threatened if they …continue a pipeline project with Russia …which would solidify their oil and gas needs for their people.!

    Lets see…Russia, China, Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Bolivia , Cuba, North Korea, etc etc, ….have a common denominator …they are independent countries of the world …not economically, politically, and militarily under the control of the United States… and are all under economic sanctions and wars of this sick regime! .

    While you cheer…you should read my post …concerning what the U.S did to Greece …with economic warfare…because they dared to suggest that they would leave Nato and the EU…. and because they were sleeping with the enemies of these degenerates…like Russia! Check it out …with the same banksters …who are operating against Turkey and Iran!
    Mr.Knommos….did you know … the heroes of TNH…also have advised the rest of the Nato countries and EU…..that the will not tolerate…the purchase of Russian S-400 anti ballistic missile from Russia …. like Turkey plans….and not only Turkey will be sanctioned ,,,,,but all the countries of Europe!

    The manipulation of the currency of Turkey and the economic sanctions….are merely, the actions of a desperate Tyrant……who is losing a grip over control of the world! In this case…. we should not cheer the efforts of Donald Trump…but condemn him for …making the economy of the world …a tool of war!
    The destabilization of the economies of the world …in particularly, Greece and smaller countries…is threatened!

    What TNH does not tell you…is that countries like Russia , and Economic Power China, Venezuela, Bolivia, India, Packistan, Iran etc etc….are all moving to drop the U.S. dollar.. the historical foreign exchange currency vehicle for the world, and back their currency…with real gold reserves …which Russia holds more of …in the entire world! .

    To this end…. Turkey and the other countries have systematically .. withdrawn their Gold Reserves held in the United States….and begum selling off the Treasury notes of the United States….which has funded the enormous Debt of the United STates…which thanks to TNH….has reached 27 trillion dollars…. and even the printing of U.S..dollars …cannot be sustained eventually!
    The point …in this case …as a Greek American…and supporter of Greece and Cyprus….I am rooting for Turkey to defend her sovereignty to buy who she wishes to buy from , to set policy…how she see’s fit…right or wrong, and dictate her economic future!

    The disaster in Greece…should be a reminder …as to the consequences …of not defending your sovereignty, and complying with a country …who no longer is a democracy…. but a tyrannical plague on the world,,,,which only the people of America can stop…. or face suicidal destruction !

  2. The US is still the greatest country in the world to live in and do business in. They are far from perfect but still allow you to make a profit and grow your business. I hope Mr. Trump makes the life of Erdogan as miserable as possible, the man who challenges Greece’s borders, who obstructed the Cyprus deal which was clearly pro Turkish and one sided but the Greek Cypriots were going to go along with it for the sake of reunification, who now occupies Syria, who slaughters Kurds and jails Christians, who bullies anyone he can get away with bullying, who holds our Patriarchate hostage, keeps our Halki School closed, kidnapped and held our soldiers, shoots at Greek fishing boats, blocks energy vessels from conducting business in Greek waters, etc……..
    Michael makes a lot of great points in his analysis but that still doesn’t change my dislike for turkey and erdogan. Keep the pressure on him President Trump and recognize the turkish genocides of Armenians and Greeks this year when it comes up again for a vote!!

    1. Jeffrey….let me understand this…you are an aristocratic capitalist….who goes to church ….and worships those white supremacist deviates in our government for allowing you to make a lot of money and profit, while imposing heinous and degenerate wars and attrocities against the world…highlighted in my post!
      How stupid of me…..we can’t make more money for our country…. if we don’t have perpetual wars….. look at the damage to our military contractors and Industry.!

      You are right Jeffrey…..look how good it is for business ….by dropping one bomb every 12 minutes on some country of world.. and resulting in .the most recent killing 45 Yemen children , in the poorest country of the world…with a labeled Lockeed Martin Inc made in the U.S. A missile! Those stupid kids in a bus going to school…. how dare they get in the way of our missiles! I mean …we are the greatest country in the world….and might make right!
      I know, Jeffrey, were not perfect….. and guess what….that yemeni girl…is not a Anglo American or British evangelical bible toting supremacist…just a peasant….that does not know….what good we do!

      How stupid of me….I forgot we are at war with the world….that is good for business, especially, a country built on a war economy! Of course, it is alright to slaughter million of people and occupy those countries of peasants….that have no idea ….how to make money for their government!

      Jeffrey….your post lists all the reason we should hate Edrogan and the Turks…and you not get an argument from me….on the validity of your charges! However, non those highlighted offenses by Edrogan and the country of Turkey have anything to do with the economic,political and military war that is being perpetrated against Turkey! Apparently, you ignore …the real reason for the punishment of Turkey….and it is the wrong reason! While you list the various crimes against Edrogan …for his actions against Greece and Cyprus …and throw in the Armenians, and then express your rage for those actions ….you show no rage for what Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Bush have done ….to the people of the world…and which Turkey…..has been an ally collaborator!

      Therefore, I will , with your permission ….change the charges you have made against Edrogan and Turkey …highlighted above…and make a minor change …to reflect

      . I hope Mr. Trump makes the life of Hillary Clinton, George bush Jr. and Barack Obama. as miserable as possible, the people who challenges Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afganistan. China , libya, Venezuela, Cuba etc etc… borders, who with Victoria Nuland , state department deputy, orchestrated the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and coordinated the last negotiations that obstructed the Cyprus deal which was clearly pro Turkish and one sided but the Greek Cypriots were going to go along with it for the sake of reunification, who with Proxy armies of Sunni Muslim terrorist Jihadist now occupies Syria, who slaughters Christians and Muslims, who bullies anyone he can get away with bullying like Greece,Iran, Germany, Iraq, libya Syria , Yemen ,Somalia, Russia, China , North Korea, Venezuela, and the entire EU, who holds our Patriarchate of Syria under threats of bombing, bombs the churches, hospitals and school in libya Mosel, Ragga, shoots at Iranian, North Korean, Yemenese fishing boats, blocks energy vessels from conducting business in Yemen, Iranian, North Korean, libyan, Syrian waters, etc…etc…..

      The hypocracy of you and TNH rage…. merely highlights…the reason we are witnessing the death of America by a select group of rascist and white supremacist…..who desire to control all the economic , political and military resources of the world …. and could care less …how they make their money…and the consequence of those actions!

      Of course , I hate NATO ALLY TURKEY….but i do not allow that to Blind me…as to who is the greater threat to the sovereignty of Greece. Cyprus.and most importantly…my country, not just yours Jeffry…and their economic and political stability!

      What you need is to not measure the legitamacy of the actions of this group of degenerates by how much money you make each year….but ….how much equity they have built …in the kingdom of God…and what in the end….that buys!

      Being satisfied with fundamental freedoms of our country….at the expense of ignoring and remaining silent to a foreign policy of crimes against peace and humanity… the end…make you bankrupt in the eyes of God!

      Even today… I can no longer tolerate these degenerates and a society ….so apathetic and insensitive to the obvious…that 120 years after my Great Grandfather came to this country…I have come to realize…what he said about this country was a myth! It was never about freedom…but all about making money, which you eloquently revealed!

      So my recommendation …to all Greek Americans…is to honor your grandparents values…. and move back to Greece….where , I know one thing…. they are not killing , murdering , or supporting a bunch of bible toting degenerates…and where money….is no longer an important reason for living!

  3. As a followup to Donald Trump …standing up to his enemies…not anybody else:s…and designed to take over the sovereignty of another country of the world….. thru regime change ….. the following statement by one of the dirty dozen …of the fascist regime and another degenerate product of the C.I.A….John Bolton, which includes most of the cabinet of Donald Trump….in threatening the leader of Syria and it people ….and I would like to emphasize….Mr. Assad’s people who include Orthodox , Catholic, and Muslims of all faiths, which the media….have portrayed as the victims of Dr. Assad, not the truth….which is ….he is their Hero…in courageously defeating foreign invaders ….like Nato …and Jihadist from Saudi Arabia…where freedom of religion ..does not exist!
    Here is the latest statement by John Bolton….in addressing the imminent offensive of the Syrian Government to liberate the people of IDLIB, SYRIA from ISIS and Al Queda forces….as follows:

    On Wednesday, Trump’s hardline national security advisor John Bolton threatened Damascus, saying:

    “We now see plans for the Syrian (forces) to resume offensive military activities in Idlib province.”

    “We are obviously concerned about the possibility that Assad may use chemical weapons again.”

    “Just so there’s no confusion here, if the Syrian (forces) use chemical weapons, we will respond very strongly, and they really ought to think about this a long time.”

    Fact: No evidence suggests government forces used CWs at any time throughout years of US-sponsored naked aggression in the country.

    Fact: Plenty of evidence indisputably proved that US-supported terrorists used CWs many times, mainly against civilians, Damascus falsely blamed for their high crimes.

    Based on intelligence information ….. the Terrorist with the complicity of Mr. Trump….are planning to stage another false flag chemical attack on the civilians of IDLIB….which is what they did …to give cover for the last war crimes bombing of Syria and its people , and again, will blame Dr. Assad …the president of Syria for these acts…and justify…another war crimes bombing of Syria…by degenerate John Bolton and THN…. war Hero Donald Trump!

    The courageous soldiers of syria …are to be bombed…in order to protect …the last remaining territory of Syria…. occupied by ISIS and the U.S ! These are the sons and daughters of the citizens of Syria …who will be forever lost to their families for courageously fighting to protect them from ….terrorist armies supported by the people of the United STates!

    Good Job…TNH…. be proud of what you and your journalistic hoods. ..have supported and made you …accomplices to the slaughter of 3/12 million people in the MIddle East!

    Hey TNH…. why not right an article …about what Mr. Trump and Mr. Bolton are doing in Syria…and called out by the Syrian government and real international press! In other words…. Mr. Assad …has advised the world that he has never used chemical weapons on his people…. and that , he knows what the consequences would be , if he did, and therefore, any future chemical attacks…will have been initiated by Nato members U.S, Great Britain, and France!

    The last claim by these degnerates of Nato…has already been ruled a Hoax…but you have to understand…this does not matter to these war criminals…because these Nazi’s know ….we are impotent to stop them!

    However, these white suppremacist degenerates could care less…if Russia decides to intervene this time …and begins sinking their ships… only Vladimir Putin knows and the leaders of China and Iran!

    Shame on the American public for allowing their corrupt leaders to put their name on these attrocities against humanity! You do not even understand…these people are not human…they are mindless beasts!

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