In Support of the U.S. Media’s Freedom to be Disgusting

President Donald Trump (Craig Hudson/Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP, FILE)

August 16 marked a day on which more than 300 newspapers across the country took a stand strongly in favor of freedom of the press. The National Herald joined in that cause, in a passionate editorial written by our publisher, Antonis Diamataris, “The Press Strikes Back” (Aug. 16).

He began by quoting Thomas Jefferson, who famously said in his strong defense of a free press, that if having to choose between a society of a government without newspapers or newspapers …

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  1. Mr. Scaros…. while you agree that the Media….has disgustingly demeaned and misrepresented the Presidency of the United States in their campaign of misinformation in order to remove …an elected president …Donald Trump….because, he ran on a promise…. to clean out the swamp or establishment elitist who had hijacked our country to represent the interests of Billionaires and Aristocrates …with Global Aspirations of power and greed!

    And one of the main issues for these degenerates….was not only, the fact ….that Donald Trump was going to break up this group of degenerates….who used their control …to rape the treasury of the United States to impose a war crimes foreign Policy of Regime change around the world ….. and included all the independent countries of the world… the Middle East and Europe …….like the Ukraine and Russia, who were not compliant …to surrendering their sovereignty, like Greece… turn over their economic , political and military control ….to these white supremacist purveyors of chaos!
    Additionally, ….he was reversing the narrative ….that Russia was an enemy of these degenerates…which demanded a hostile relationship, in order, to execute the current economic and military wars on Russia … change their regime which had recovered from the devastating effects of reforming to a democratic and parliamentary federation , by being raped by the financial investors from America.and the corrupt control of Oligarks….the same one’s….who make up …a good part of the so called Swamp!

    Understanding this…a funny thing happened on the way….to the removal of Donald Trump….. one of the architects and idol of the Swamp…. Hillary Clinton ….and not surprisingly ….. the godfather of the swamp….John McCain…..set up to continue their dirty work ….was not only eliminated, but caught red handed….using private servers …to conceal her back door political objectives of waging war and supporting state sponsors of Terrorism …like Saudi Arabia, Qatar the UAE…..and the United States, all card carrying supporters of the Regime Change Policy of the Swamp….perpetrated by the Aristocrates in Washington D.C….not by the poor and middle class of the United States……and it was discovered that the main part of the swamp….who drives their plans….was main stream media! Examples of their allegiance to the swamp…..Every country an enemy of the United states …is a dictator, Adolph Hitler, genocide abuser, and unfit to be , in the opinion and judgement of these Swampsters…..the leaders of their country and government…..and like libya….subject to complete destruction, and slaughter of thousands of civilians to save them!

    However closer to home ….here is what the collaboration by the swampster in the media and their political masters only do now….which is promote war crimes and crimes against peace, and then cover it up!….That is why ….George Bush and Hillary Clinton ….are free to continue their support of the overthrow of Russia , Iran , Syria etc etc…and be marched out by the alleged sacred voice of the people….to promote more lies today!

    Here is another example of your disgusting press……which is exposed by online news and supported by facts….and shows what you Mr. Scaro and TNH…have practiced, and has only been reflected in your newspaper online by the posts of your readers!

    “The political and media coverup of the genocide of the Greek Nation began yesterday (August 20) with European Union and other political statements announcing that the Greek Crisis is over. What they mean is that Greece is over, dead, and done with. It has been exploited to the limit, and the carcas has been thrown to the dogs.”

    Today, Mr. Scaros….no one should tolerate the defense of Freedom of Speech even if it is disgustingly fraudulent by the mainstream media! No one should tolerate, the censorship of free speech on Social media and online by the same disgusting mainsteam media….as we witnessed accounts expressing opposition to the United States government and the media narrative …most importantly questioning the truth of those narratives…..Today facebook and other social media outlets ….are comlying with this totaliatarian government and the media swamp…. to censor freedom of speech by removing anyones account …who they deem …is misbehaving in any negative statements opposing the narratives of mainstream media!

    That is disgusting….but it just doesn’t get any better….when you consider ….Mr. Scaros…your righteous defense of freedom of Speech….does not include the editor and owner of Wiki leaks….Julian Assage….who released all the leaked documents that expose ….not only the criminal activities of Hillary Clinton , but the criminal actions of this corrupt government!

    No, Mr. Scaros, where is your defense of Mr. Assage….who is living for the past 7 years in a room in the Bolivian embassy in London , under their protection, from being arrested, once he leaves that building, by the British lackies, to be extradited to America for prosecution …. by the swampster for revealing the criminal evidence against Hillary Clinton and the U.S government!

    No you and TNH do nothing! The only thing you do ….is promote a FBI, Justice department and C.IA as doing their job…in the prosecution of Donald Trump…when in fact they are now ….the political attack dogs against anyone ….who threatens the swamp and is on their enemies list! The victims of your cover up ….are Greek Americans…like George Papadopoulos…who as a campaign advisor to Donald Trump….is an enemy…to be falsely accused of lying…and must plead guilty…to avoid financial ruin for him and his family!

    No Mr. Scaros…..I will not tolerate…fake news and misrepresentations to sell more …crimes against humanity….where the swamp….believes that …. what ever the media says…and provides to the public….is all they need to execute their …crimes!

    The entirety of the Western World lives in lies formented by powerful economic interest groups to serve their interests. There is no independent media except online, and those elements are being demonized and denied access.

    People who live in a world of controlled information have no idea of what is happening to them. And therefore they cannot act in their interests!

    Mr. Scaros…I will commend TNH for providing a platform of reader responses….however, it is just a matter of Time….if you are not doing so….begin editing out the truth…or eliminating ….your noble effort to allow alternate views and bring what facts we have , to support our narratives! And Mr. Scaros…I commend TNH…for their efforts in addressing the issues of the day….as it relates to our Greek community and Greek around the world!
    This I give you credit for….. and apologize, for having to include you in the crimes of the mainstream media! You are not perfect…and honestly, ….obligated for the survival of your newspaper…. to print even things you do not believe in!

    To this end….I hope you continue to be a voice for Greeks everywhere….. however, unfortunately…. allowing the mass media to continue their lies…..only harms our democracy and ….reinforces the perception ….that their is no longer any desire to watch the nightly news! And today….CNN….ratings are lower than the Discovery Station!

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