James Marketos Calls for US to Force Turkey’s Troops Off Cyprus

Soldiers march as Turkish air force helicopters fly over a military parade in the Turkish occupied area of the divided capital Nicosia (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, FILE)

With Greece and Diaspora groups calling for an end to an arms embargo on Cyprus that Turkey has been able to evade and for Turkey not to get US-made F-35 fighter jets, a Washington man wrote to the Washington Post saying it’s not enough.

He said the US should pressure Turkey to get an army off the island where it has unlawfully occupied the northern third since a 1974 invasion that to this day some believe had implicit American support and as the international community looked the other way.

In a letter to the editor of the paper, James Marketos, an attorney based in Washington D.C. wrote in response to an editorial “A Better Way to Use US Leverage” that, If we’re considering ways to increase U.S. leverage over Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, why not publicly demand that he remove all Turkish forces from Cyprus?”

Turkey has an army of some 30,000 there and talks to reunify the island collapsed in July, 2017 at the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana when Erdogan and Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci said the troops would stay “forever,” and as they demanded the right to militarily intervene – invade further if they deemed it so.

Marketos noted that the Turkish Army’s presence “has been a persistent stumbling block to resolving the thorny Cyprus problem and that, “the island’s continuing division has given Turkey unjustified pretexts for preventing U.S. companies from exploring and drilling for undersea gas in Cyprus’s territorial waters.”

That was in reference to Turkish warships off the coast trying to keep foreign energy companies from drilling for oil and gas in waters where they are licensed by the legitimate government – a member of the European Union that Turkey wants to join.

The US company, with ships from the US Sixth Fleet nearby earlier this year, was able to get to its field but Turkish ships forced an Italian company energy vessel to veer off under the threat of being sunk.

“Not once since 1974, when the United States deliberately looked the other way as the Turkish army invaded and grabbed one-third of the island, has the United States publicly demanded the withdrawal of the Turkish troops,” Marketos added.

He said it can still be done. “ Doing so now would not only atone for U.S. complicity in causing Cyprus’s division in the first place but also expose the injustice of Turkey’s recent interference with U.S. commercial interests in the region. The United States can increase its leverage over Mr. Erdogan by announcing publicly that it is time for the Turkish army to leave Cyprus,” he added.


  1. Welcome to the informed…Mr. Marketos, and commend you for stating the obvious! However, you should be fully aware….that other Greek American, like myself, and Greek Cypriots families of Northern Cyprus…who actually lost family members and their homes….in the ethnic and religious cleansing of Greeks from their homes in Northern Cyprus….have submitted Petitions to some of our fraudulent Greek Secret societies and self proclaimed Hellenic organizations…which were obstructed and suppressed , since, these organizations…are merely occupied now by Mason and Bircher..who no longer support the interests of Greeks and Hellenism…but to serve the “Glory of America” which means …in Cyprus and Greece….promoting and supporting …only those actions …which benefit American interests….right or wrong!

    The petition…which has been forwarded to TNH…..years ago…is much broader than that by Mr. Markatos…

    Greek American Cypriots of the United States
    The United States and Nato

    Mission of Petition:
    To demand the reunification of all territories to the legitimate country of Cyprus, and the immediate withdrawal of all Nato member countries Turkey and Britain from the occupied territories of Cyprus.
    To recognize Nato complicity and liability for the illegal occupation of the Country of Cyprus by Nato member Turkey.
    To recognize that Nato has supported Turkey in the continued illegal occupation and annexation of territories of the country of Cyprus with economic and military support of this Nato member for over 30 years……… while supporting provocative military actions including deployment of thousands of troops, tanks, ballistic missiles, and implementing economic sanctions against the Russian Federation for the alleged annexation of part of the Ukraine called Crimea, which is neither a Nato country, and whose population was not ethnically and religiously cleansed from their homes, as was the case by Nato member Turkey in Cyprus.

    Recognize that Nato should be held accountable for the continued illegal occupation of Cyprus, the ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots from their homes and land, many who have became refugees in the United States by NATO ally and member!


    Northern Republic of Cyprus not recognized by the entire world, but Turkey

    Failure of Nato to remove Nato Member Turkey from Cyprus only represents fraudulent and discriminatory actions against Russian Federation by Nato and subjects Nato to international crimes against peace, if hostilities result from Nato actions.

    The prosecution of Russia cannot be supported by any organization, since it represents fraudulent , discriminatory , and illegal actions in light of the criminal and illegal occupation of the territories of the country of Cyprus by” Nato” member Turkey and the ethnic cleansing of Greek Cypriot Christians from what Turkey calls the Northern Republic of Cyprus.

    Furthermore, the toleration of the criminal activities of Nato member Turkey can include the documented financial and military support of Religious jihadist in Syria and violations of the borders of Iraq and Syria by Turkish troops in occupying areas in Northern Iraq and Syria.

    The hypocrisy of Nato in allowing the ethnic and religious discrimination against the Greek Cypriot Christians of Cyprus by a Nato member, clearly, delegitimizes their justification for engaging in hostile actions against the Russian Federation, and possibly subjecting the European and American public to catastrophic War.
    In response to the events of the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Greek Cypriot from Cyprus….


    Turkey responded to events in Cyprus by invading a National Guard Unit of Cyprus by a full division of Turkish troops , and occupied and forced ethnic Greek Cypriot from their homes, which were taken over by Turkish Cypriots, and have not been returned to The Ethnic Greek Cypriots.

    The United States and Nato….. allowed this to happen, and have taken NO military, or economic actions against the government of Turkey for crossing the borders of a sovereign nation, murdering civilians, and ethnically and religiously cleansing Greek Cypriots from the territories of Cyprus.

    Therefore, they are complicit with war crimes of ethnic and religious cleansing of the people of Cyprus.
    Importantly, there is no legitimacy or authorization to prosecute the Russian Federation and subject the populations of Europe and the United States to war…….. in light of the continued support of the Annexation and occupation of territories of Cyprus by Nato member Turkey representing the Nato alliance.

    Failure to confront Nato Ally Turkey for the war crimes against the Greek Cypriots of Northern Cyprus, while , confronting the Russian Federation …for far less crimes….merely exposes a Nato agenda …of waging wars of aggression to continue to occupy and maintain control of the sovereignty of independent countries of the world …not liberate them!
    Recommendation of the Petition:

    Failure of Turkey to withdraw troops and political officials from Cyprus and consistent with a negotiated reunification agreement by the U.N. and Cypriot representatives should result in the unconditional withdrawal of all Nato military, economic and political support of Turkey and the initiation of the same economic sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation by all Nato member countries.

    That all Greek Cypriots be repatriated or compensated for all properties and possessions lost after the invasion of Turkey

    This Petition formally makes Nato …….not the country of Cyprus accountable for complying with UN. Resolutions for the removal of all foreign troops , from Northern Cyprus and Cyprus….including Their valued Ally and Nato member Turkey!

    Finally, failure of Nato …to “Self Police itself” in complying with international laws and respond to” Crimes against Peace”…Nuremburg War Crimes offense…. should result in the removal of Greece from Nato….and the closing of all military bases of all Nato countries including the United States! Furthermore, Cyprus a non -Nato country …should demand the removal of all Nato military bases from Cyprus …including the British bases!

    So do what ….the fraudulent Greek Secret Societies of America ..have refused to do…because it is not in the interest of their Networking Aristocrates Make a copy of this …and send it to anybody…you think can start putting pressure on the …Self proclaimed Rulers of the World …if you haven;t noticed…. sadly, my country…which is corrupted beyond repair!

    Michael Gianakos

    Petitioner signature:——————————————— Country:—————————————–

    Date: ——————–

    Mail to
    Undersecretary General of the United Nation
    President of the United States
    Nato Headquarters in Brussels
    Foreign Ministers of Greece and Cyprus

  2. Unfortunately they will do nothing, sad to say. The E.U. which now Cyprus is a member, now has in it a member that has a foreign occupying army on it’s territory, and therefore the so called E.U. army should be used to defend a fellow member….Nobody recognizes northern cyprus big deal…Yet Cyprus itself is under arms embargoes from many countries, Not Turkey, Turkey is free as always to be the beast it has always been, Greece cannot defend itself let alone cyprus, All those fake junta right wing generals who left cyprus to burn should have been beheaded in syntagma square.
    Yet Turkey is still in NATO…even with its violations of greek airspace and territory daily…I am sorry no amount of signatures, letters, protests will work, if Turkey lets the American Prisoner go, it will be all back to normal, heres your F35’s your tarrifs lifted etc…No Greek No Cypriot can be free until we are all free, The Megali Idea not withstanding, the land of Cyprus is Greek territory should have been enosis from the start…Out With NATO, the British Bases, the U.N. troops. Until All Cyprus is Free, and United to Greece No Greek Is Free…Makarios Where Are You? We have Tsipras In Greece, & Cyprus Presidents All TRAITORS. In America we have TNH, Greek Secret Societies, Kissinger-AKA Dr Strangelove. God Help Us….

    1. Pablo…. the Greek American Aristrocrates of these promoted Secret Societies by TNH…. have suppressed these petitions, and continue to go to Greece….and promote the virtues of Nato and U.S. bases in Nato Greece and Cyprus! All for the Glory of America! Therefore, it is up to us…to expose these purveyors of a myth….that they are entitled to ….drop a bomb every 12 minutes on some country of the world …to liberate the oppressed of the world!

      The Russian and Cyprus comparison….exposes them for waging war …not for liberation of anyone, merely, to add another possession to their list of vassal states! Cyprus… is not an issue to fight over….they already have that base locked up with Turkey and British Nato bases! They also….have a government in Cyprus …who is an Undeclared Vassal state of Cyprus….allowing the waging of war on behalf of Nato from the British and Turkish bases… if you haven’t noticed! The FYROM .handover of the Macedonian culture by Tsipras….is just another example…of the corruption between Nato and the people of Greece…. in adding another country to their expanding list of bases to do …what they were never chartered to do…. wage war against countries that did not attack them or intervene in foreign wars! The war on terrorism…is a lie…and what they created…and used as a pretext …to violate the territorial soverereigty of countries they wish to take over…simple as that!

      Understanding this …. you are right Pablo….Greece is a mess, thanks to the Eu Banksters and the treason of Tsipras…who should be replaced with his entire ruling party! Addiitonally, the Cypriot government must be cleaned out…. if the poor people of Cyprus have the will!

      The dagger into the heart of Nato and the empire of the United States….. is what the petition highlights …..and what the fascist element called Neo Cons in our country fear. the most…..and that is the truth…that they are merely another rogue empire…turning the world into a police state, not a free one!

      Yes, send the petition to everyone . you know in Greece and Cyrpus and send it to the leaders of Nato, Cyprus, and Greece…..not for the people of Cyprus today…but for the Greek Cypriots who blood was shed in Northern Cyprus….and for their families who demand justice, because we are Greeks and more importantly, that is what we used to be known for!

      And when you send these petitions and call your favorite member of the government of Greece and Cyprus and the frauds in HAlC and the other secret societies…. to support the petition and take the following additional steps:

      If Nato and the United States fail to remove Turkey from Cyprus…. and allow the reunification of Cyprus without any Nato constitutional rights to maintain their bases on Cyprus….then the government of Cyprus….should initiate a referendum for the people of Cyprus …representing 83 % of the population of Cyprus in 1974, and now 100% of the legitimate population of Cyprus …not occupied and not part of the Republic of Northern Cyprus….. …which votes for approval to join and become part of the country of Greece!

      ASK the people ….whether they prefer to remain in the status quo…of being under the control and protection of the former white supremacist colonialist Britain, and their Nato buddies Turkey….who betrayed them in 1974….in not fulfilling their responsibility under terms of independence…. in allowing the ethnic and religious cleansing of the Greek Cypriots of Cyprus from the Northern part of Cyprus , or be protected and part of the country of Greece, whose cultural and religious are completely compatable with the People of Cyprus!

      Do what the ethnic Russian , representing 80 % of Crimea did …in the face of dealing with the overthrow of their elected President in the Ukraine by now acknowledged bunch of Neo Nazi leaders….they legally …and contrary to media false news….initiated a referendum to break away from the Ukraine….and make Crimea , a part of Russia! Contrary to the U.S media….this was not an annexation like Turkey of Northern Cyprus! There was no ethnic and religious cleansing of the people of Crimea! There was no murder of entire familiesl and the burning of Christian homes and churches!

      For the people of Cyprus….your government will not do this…because they lose their power….and that is insured by Nato at this time! Only the people can demand this ….and do what is necessary to make this happen! The reality…as Pablo said…. you will never ever be an independent nation…even if you somehow you get Turkey out of Cyprus…but always under control of the former white supremacist of the Colonial powers called Britain, Nato , and Turkey! You might as well accept this ….and be part of Greece…. and rebuild together without Nato and their warlords!

      The United States. and Nato….take responsibility in cleaning up the acts of Turkey…your Nato ally and member….or let the world know…. that Nato is no longer invited to have bases in Greece or Cyprus, and that Greece is prepared to accept an approved referendum of the people of Cyprus to join Greece!
      Failure to withdraw from Greece and Cyprus ….will be considered as hostile occupation by Nato….and violation of the sovereignty of Greece! With the failure of Nato in cleaning up the act of Turkey….the EU will also be held responsible ….and upon the unification of Cyprus and Greece……Greece will exit the EU!

      As Pablo has previously stated… it will be the responsibility of Greek American millionaires and all Greeks to put up or shut up….in assisting Greece with Cyprus…. in rebuilding the economy and sovereignty of Greece! All local politicians and members of Congress….will be invited to assist Greece….like they do … in Israel!
      They Greek Orthodox Church ….will pass an extra tray every Sunday…. to the caring Christians of our Church….. to send back to Greece…to help pay for those …who have been greatly harmed by the debacle of the Tsipras government ant the EU!
      Today, Greece is in worst shape than they were 10 years ago in 2008….the EU and IMF ….banksters have nothing more than they can get from the caucas of Greece…. and have gotten what the wanted all along!

      No ..while we have more problems than anyone can imagine in our Country…. now is not the time…to lower our heads….and betray….what Greece means to the world! Even today….she commands the attention of the world….because when Greeks culture and history …is erased by the EU and Nato….it erases everyone’s hope for what was once good in the world!

      I know what my Spartan ancestors from Tsepia and Oupanos …would do now!

    2. For starters, your Spartan ancestors would be appalled that you do not use terse language aka Laconic.

    3. No Livid, I think my Spartan ancestors would be more appalled , if I remained silent and said nothing in fighting for the people of Cyprus and Greece!

      However, please forgive me for not meeting your expectation of a Spartan …however, I reserve the laconic language…for the Governor of Nato……Mr. Tsipras…in the event, he tries to sell off the culture of Sparta to another future Nato country!

  3. NATO is responsible for allowing turkey which is a member to occupy Cyprus and threaten Greece. NATO is a useless organization. The EU needs a unified army that the larger nations will contribute more to that protects its borders all the way to the borders of all EU members. But then countries like Greece wouldn’t be able to spend billions they don’t have on weapons built and sold by other nato members.

  4. Michael Your Spartan enough for me, language, terse or not, its in the Heart, The Blood…my lineage is from the Southern Peloponnese.

    ” I Was Not Born In Greece,

    Greece Was Born In Me”

    1. Peloponnese….where it has always begun….. the defense of Greece and its culture….. and where oppression is confronted first!

      For the culturally challenged secret societies of America…it was Peloponnese…..where, the uprising against the Turks began and the first blows were struck…leading to the liberation of Greece and the removal of Turkey from Greece in 1824!

      No, surprise, Pavlo…that you have been able to recognize the threats to Greece….and the urgency, to begin confronting them by not only the people of Peloponnese now….but the rest of Greece!

      Today… those who resort to civil unrest….are called Anarchist….not freedom fighters! Unfortunately, most people feel ….that the real Anarchist….are in charge of the government of Greece…who have dismantled with foreign countries and banks…. the security and peace of the people of Greece , and most importantly, the culture and sovereignty of Greece!

      Greece ..is a giant ….and has always been a Giant in the world….not because of the number of nuclear warhead she has….or how much money she spends on waging war, but …… in reminding the world….what was once good in humanity! That Palvo…. is what is in your blood!

      The anti-thesis of this ….is the United States, Nato and the EU…. who demand tribute to build more weapons, more bombs, and wage more wars to extinguish the cultures of history…. and replace them with one big blob of unidentifiable humanity!

      And this will not be easy and painless, for them …when it comes to Greece….the richest and strongest cultural society in the world, and whose foundation has been built over centuries , not in 200 years …and far more of a obstacle than the nuclear deterrence of Russia!

      Today, these looters of cultures…… covertly, with the traitors of Greece…. futilly, strip Greece of its cultural identity and properties….but never her soul….and like the Turks…. be removed and bankrupt in their efforts. Because they cannot reach ….what , as you said Palvo…is part of your blood!

  5. The Second Tray at Church has always been a good idea, but as we all have seen most churches, pray to survive, just squeaking by yearly in family dues, weekly contributions, festivals, and the few in each church that can afford more than others paying extra..Our at times romanticized version of what Greece is, or what we would like it to be clouds the reality, now over a 100 years since my grandparents came to America, the same mess then as now no strong government, no jobs, food, hope…so on a boat they went, yes entry legal status, but no help no welfare, snap, wic, subsidized housing, free medical care etc etc etc, they worked their asses off, worst jobs, if you look deep you will see a lot of anti greek bias in america, from the teens, twenties, of job ads where it would say NO GREEKS NEED APPLY., My grandfather working middle of nowhere america, was drafted WWI, went fought came back same tough life struggle, depression era, WW2, my father enlist off to war, back still a struggle in 1946, My father, grandfather fought americas wars, Trump and his father, and his kids never served….enough said there…..

    As for Greece I started to study extensively the problems in the 70’s-80’s same as now….I guess being from America, we expect every country to run right, yes blips here and there, but not paralysis in every sector…just makes the mind explode how messed up a place can be, Yes money, or lack there of is one problem, but its not the complete answer to all the ills, leadership not parties, political systems etc will be the answers..

    To do all that is needed greece needs in pure after tax revenues of $60-80. Billion more than now, not just to pay back debt, but to fund, Education, Healthcare, Military, Infrastructure, etc. Can it be done, it can come close, with proper tax collection, the introduction of the “Digital Drachma” Debit Card, less taxes on all to encourage growth, spending by companies, and consumers, elimination of red tape in all areas, funds for new businesses, cutting thousands and thousands of un-needed and wanted government jobs for life, Massive Introduction of Volunteerism, From Fire, Astynomia, Healthcare, Education, Etc….A day a week in a free service to the people of greece, would save billions.
    Mandatory Military Service FEMALES & MALES, 18-21, yes 3 years not a wimpy 9 months, theres no jobs so why only 9 months? And why not women?
    They will be better citizens. And a green power boom of Wind & Solar, No more lignite, oil, etc..Desalination Plants on all inhabited islands, mainlands too..etc etc, I have each sector listed as needs, wants, solutions and costs. Only thing missing is a true leader a Pericles for 2019, yes spent the leagues monies on the Parthenon, but hey today you still see the parthenon, you think in 2,500 years you will see the greatness of SYRIZA, Yes a wall with red paint by Rubicon, and greeks still waiting for the first pension check from SYRIZA, From 2019..what a legacy..Michael to the Peloponnese Gather our Swords and Shields, next stop Athina…

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