The Traitors of Christ

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The recent grand jury report in Pennsylvania, describing at least 1000 victims, especially children, of sexual abuse over the last 80 years at the hands of Catholic clerics, has shaken up not only the Catholic Church but the entire Christian world.

How could this absolute betrayal of so many of its clerics happen for so many decades without the Church intervening to stop it?

How could the Church allow the betrayal of Christ?

The report refers to 1000 or so people who contacted …

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  1. Mr. Diamantaris….I guess the Greek Orthodox church of Archbishop Demetrios… not so bad after all, in representing the clergy of our church and religion, although, I am sure …their are demented freaks like those in Pittsburg and around the world , who occasionally work their way into …not only our church ,but Jewish, and Muslim faiths!

    However, Mr. Diamantaris….you ask how could this happen…this betrayal by so many of the clerics of the church!
    Which begs the question … could it happen…. the deaths of millions of people and crimes against humanity…by the government leaders of the United States ….in the middle east and thruout the world …where we are currently dropping …one bomb every 12 minutes of the Day!

    Where have you questioned the betrayal of these purveyor of wars and illusions…who cold bloodily massacre entire countries for money and power, and a society that remains silent to these attrocities, and just passes the tray …to add another 800 billions dollars to these degenerates to continue their crimes!

    Where has your outrage and sentimentality been ….in an obvious crime….that only a demented and sick society….can ignore…and cheer on …the next televised war crimes bombing …which has now become …a form of entertainment for these products of a country…..who lost any moral concious…and who is glued to the latest Media outlet …to determine what they should do with their life?

    Mr.Diamantaris…. The Greek Orthodox and Catholic clergy…are the spiritual caretakers of the word of Christ…and nothing more! They have no access …to the hearts of mankind…only Christ has that! The battle of evil and good…is in us!

    How we choose to make those choses… is our responsibility! It is not an indictment of the entire Christian religoion or even the Catholic Church Clergy! It is an indictment ….of what Christ as crucified for …and to make an attempt …to provide a roadmap to make more choices for the good!

    To my knowledge…the Greek Orthodox Church…. is one of the few Christian churches…who set the standards of Christ in the entire world! Are you getting this from schools, Government, Secret Societies, Parents, or any one of the multiple think thanks …who intelletualize.the waging of war!

    The media of Atheist and freaks…will make a statement on the credibility of Christianity and the church, instead of making a statement of evangelicals like George Bush, Tony Blair , Hillary Clinton etc etc…who hav e committed the most heinous war crimes against humanity in world history!

    TNH, …try questioning them and how they happened!

  2. These accused of crimes against the most innocent our children by those of faith in positions of power and piety, is atrocious and indefensible by anyone, after the first crimes against the innocent themselves the second crime of silence and hiding the truth by the real so called children of god turned out to be the spawn of the devil….The church, or religion did not make these monsters, they were sick and depraved before entering the church, they joined to change to hide, yet got even worse…The crimes by the guilty then the guilt of those that hid the truth, should be punished and made to walk the plank……Yes lies, lost of trust, and letting it continue are crimes on top of crimes..The church, temple, building, book, teaching, beliefs, are not to blame, but as usual man is to blame, as no man is god, and no god is man…..from Eden man has shown evil, betrayal, non belief, Man is the evil, not god not faith, but lack of faith lack of true believers. Pray for the innocent..literally too hell with the guilty…

    Yes Michael is right millions have died and are dying daily in all the wars, killing 24/7 since 2001 it’s 2018??? Enough already..there are wars, violence, rogue nations trying to get nukes, the world is worse than ever before, problems with our churches pale by comparison, but no evil should be left to continue its destructive path, either churches, politicians, or wars…Clean the Kitchen, throw out the trash, mop the floor, then set the table for god, and break bread with our family, friends, brothers of all faiths…stop the abuse, stop the killing, start the caring, start the loving…start the healing…

  3. The real question is:
    Does the Pope have the moral courage to clean house akin to Hercules cleaning the stables of King Augeas?

    1. No, the question is….not what the pope is going to clean up…but what the people of America are going to clean up….only they can stop ….the evil that now pervades our society…where, the only god they worship is money and power! Their is no thought by a society…. insensitive to the evil …. being perpetuated by deviates …who now, infiltrate our government, our churches, our schools and last …but by no means last, a media …that is not trusted…because they have surrendered any integrity in journalism ….for 30 pieces of silver….to promote perpetual war crimes and demean those who obstruct them….like the church!
      NO these media hoods…. cannot tolerate …any organization that demands Peace, not war!

      The whole economy of the United States …is built on perpetual wars and Trillions of dollars of military expenditures….and is the basis for creating enemies and more bombings…which as I said …has reached 1 bomb every 12 miniutes on a country of the world! What kind of society.remains silent to these attrocities, and allows a handfull of deviates ….. to murder in their name …millions of people from Vietnam to the Middle East!

      What make Hillary Clinton, George Bush Jr. , Barack Obama, John McCain, Niki Haley and most of the members of the FBI, C.I.A, State department, Justice Department and the U.S congress…considered by 78% of the American people corrupt thru and thru…… different than the deviate clergy of the catholic church by their heinous crimes against children?

      They have one common denominator….they claim they are evangelical members of the church….just like the degenerate deviates of the Catholic church alleged to have committed crimes against the faithful of their church.

      Yet today…. these evangelicals…. are celebrated as great leaders of our country… and monuments are placed in their honor…for what they have done over the last 20 years! While, these people should be prosecuted and made an example to the world …that the people of America….are people of peace….they merely. indict themselves for “Crimes against Peace and Humanity”.

      The point is simple…. the Greek Orthodox Church and the Catholic church …are victims of a corrupt and sick society….that is so badly demented….that they believe their sickness ….should be spread thruout the world!

      These monsters …are made in America….. and the Pope can clean out these deviates today….but their is another million …just waiting to replace them….and when you are dealing with Socio-pathic liars and deceivers, like the devil….they are undetected! And that is why ….we are impotent to stop …. a government littered with these deviates, and a media who spits out their lies without question!

      In 2002, the Greek Orthordox Clergy of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem….did stop these deviates from hiding their crimes….when they publically announced to the world….that Evangelicals George Bush Jr., Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and others….. were banned forever to enter the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ….for the slaughter of men, women and children of Iraq… representing crimes against humanity! Be proud, the orthodox church was cleaning house …and addressing the devils themself!

      So with this in mind, I would recommend to the Pope and the Greek Orthodox Archbishop…to take the leads of the clergy of the church of the Nativity….and Publically and world wide the following:

      “The church of Christ…. and in behalf of our lord…. all those members of American society… who do not support the principles of Christ and represent evil intentions against mankind …are banned from entering and being a member of the Greek Orthodox and Catholic Churches….the original churches of Christ”

      To this end…. all those Pedophiles declared and undeclared are to be removed immediately, and any citizen, with evil intentions …are banned from the church!
      Furthermore, all citizens of the United States…. who are guilty of criminal war crimes and crimes against peace …which include now…Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, George Bush Jr. John McCain, C.I.A director John Brennan etc etc. are permanently banned from both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches of America!

      That is how you clean up America….and bring moral concious back …which only the church can do …with the gospel of Christ!

      This is how you take away …. the deceivers and liars of the Media…who now fraudulently become judge and jury…for the actions of this society….not God!

      The churches job…is to advance the truths of Christ…which counter the evil that is perpetuated on the world…thru what the devil does best…deceit!

      Do your JOB….it is time to recapture your responsibility…as Christ condemned the turning of his temple from a building of the spirit of man….into a building of money traders!
      The Pittsburg event…is nothing more than …a wake up call …as to the depravity of a society…that it can even reach the inner circles of our churches!

      The model that should be taught…is what the Greek Orthodox Church was built for , by the poorest of Greeks …who immigrated to America! That model …is understood by true Greeks….and preciously… provided to the generation of Greeks to come!

      Now that is a mission …our favorite evangelical followers of TNH…should be able to embrace!

    2. Michael,
      Brevity conveys the message more clearly. St.John Chrysostom’s Paschal Homily is very short and powerfull.

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