Can U.S.-Turkey Relations Be Restored?

FILE - President Donald Trump reaches to shake hands Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, May 16, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The unprecedented crisis that erupted in U.S.-Turkey relations, and which helped to shed light on the loose foundations on which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s prosperity was based, creates the crucial question whether it is a transient crisis, or whether it will evolve into a restructuring of geopolitical alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The most likely answer is that the crisis will be overcome to its greatest extent, but that will happen in the post-Erdogan era.

An immediate, if temporary, way out …

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  1. Mr. Diamantaris….the only reconciliation between Turkey and the United States….is if Turkey ….allows the U.S and Nato war lords…. to seize back thru economic and political blackmail the sovereignty of Turkey… to do what is …in her best interests and future!

    Today, Mrs. Merkel ….has responded to the blackmail of the white supremacist degenerates in Washington D.C. and London….. ….in continuing to move ahead with the completion of the Nordsteam 2 pipeline…from Russia, which will assure Germany, and other members of Europe with a secure for the people of Germany…a secure and stable price for their energy needs which includes oil and gas from Russia! This despite the fact that the fascist regime of our country…will not tolerate this …and penalize them with economic sanctions…because …they the empire… believe that one of their many enemies…which is rapidly….becoming the world……. will actually have a relatinship with Germany…and have some influence! Even you , Mr. Diamantaris…..should understand …what this is symptomic of …..while your brothers in our Greek Secret Societies.will be appalled by this lack of respect for the self appointed leader of the free world! How about that …..Turkey can restore relations with the U.S. empire…just by buying American….from the military industrial contractors of the U.S. Mr. Diamantaris…this should not take long….if you do not include that part of two groups …attempting to end the war of Syria …without the U.S. proxy armies of Syria!

    And quess what…they include Russia , Syria, and Iran…the mortal enemies of the United States…that are a pain in the ass for obstructing their foreign policy of regime change…that has killed 31/2 million people ….and is growing with there personal alliance …Saudi Arabia, UAE,Qatar, and Nato members…in the war crimes bombing and murder of the people of Yemen, which now includes 45 school children with labeled missiles …courtesy of Lockeed Martin Inc. made in U.S.A However, it gets worse….France , is now joining this group, without the purveyors of war…who are perfect candidates for Nuremberg convictions for violating the articles of war….which are Crimes against Peace!

    The Turks, like many in the EU….have made it perfectly clear….that the will not be blackmailed by the deep state of Neocons and communist in the U.S government…. in not trading with Iran…and stopping ther importing of vital oil and gas supplies from Iran…and will continue a normal economic relationship with Iran!
    Additionally, the will honor their purchases of S-400 anti=ballistic missile systems from Russia!

    The only issue…is whether Turkey will do …what it should do…leave Nato? Lets see …. if he joins Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China and some other new military and geopolitan alliance of countries …forced to come together in response to the degenerate foreign Policies plans of perpetual wars …you Mr. Diamantaris…have been complicit in selling to the American Public… and turns the people of America…into immoral degenerates who support white supremacist …for the glory of America..or the billionaires of the world !

    The degenerate government of the United States run by a secret society….are at economic and military war …with the entire world , including our own elected President, in order to retain their power and money!

    Turkey, Germany, Russia, China, Syria, libya, Iraq, Cyprus, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba., North Korea etc etc….represent the examples …of what Fascist Regimes looking to control the world ….are all about! No different than what was done by Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany….the only difference….is we have a perfect storm of an alliance of Fascist of the Republican party with their now communist buddies in the Democratic party…who have a common goal…global dominance for their financial benefactors.

    Mr. Diamantaris….be proud of your false distortions of the truth…in order to promote these wars and crimes against peace! Turkey…is not the real enmey of Greece…but the leadership of Greece and Nato masters!

  2. You have an exceptional talent to make geopolitical tossed salads with your unique brand of dressing!

    1. Baffled….you have baffled me….I am not sure whether you are addressing me…or Mr. Diamantaris?

      If Me! please, contribute to the conversation …. by highlighting what you are baffled about? What facts do you not understand? Or what facts you can provide to refute the Narrative?

      I know…. it is difficult to absorb….anything that has not been approved by TNH and the your media … lifeline!

      However…. while you may be baffled ….the world is catching up …. to what the foreign policy objectives of the United States and Nato are…..and the consequences to the world!

      Gallop Polls of U.S. population ….”78% of the American Public consider the government of the United States , and who is supported by the illegitimate Greek American Secret Societies ….as corrupt thru and thru!”

      International Gallop Poll of countries of the world…”.The Greatest Threat to world Peace, and supported by the Greek American secret societies….are the United States of America! ”

      I am sorry Baffled …if you do not understand, what the real threats to the world are…but even you will understand soon!

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