Short Sentence Recommended for George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos (L). Photo: TNH/Costas Bej

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former Trump campaign adviser should spend at least some time in prison for lying to the FBI during the Russia probe, prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller said in a court filing Friday that also revealed several new details about the early days of the investigation.

The prosecutors disclosed that George Papadopoulos, who served as a foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 presidential race, caused irreparable damage to the investigation because he lied repeatedly during a January 2017 interview.

Those lies, they said, resulted in the FBI missing an opportunity to properly question a professor Papadopoulos was in contact with during the campaign who told him that the Russians possessed “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of emails.

The filing by the special counsel’s office strongly suggests the FBI had contact with Professor Joseph Mifsud while he was in the U.S. during the early part of the investigation into Russian election interference and possible coordination with Trump associates.

According to prosecutors, the FBI “located” the professor in Washington about two weeks after Papadopoulos’ interview and Papadopoulos’ lies “substantially hindered investigators’ ability to effectively question” him. But it doesn’t specifically relate any details of an interview with the professor as it recounts what prosecutors say was a missed opportunity caused by Papadopoulos.

“The defendant’s lies undermined investigators’ ability to challenge the Professor or potentially detain or arrest him while he was still in the United States,” Mueller’s team wrote, noting that the professor left the U.S. in February 2017 and has not returned since.

Prosecutors note that investigators also missed an opportunity to interview others about the professor’s comments or anyone else at that time who might have known about Russian efforts to obtain derogatory information on Clinton during the campaign.

“Had the defendant told the FBI the truth when he was interviewed in January 2017, the FBI could have quickly taken numerous investigative steps to help determine, for example, how and where the Professor obtained the information, why the Professor provided the information to the defendant, and what the defendant did with the information after receiving it,” according to the court filing.

Prosecutors also detail a series of difficult interviews with Papadopoulos after he was arrested in July 2017, saying he didn’t provide “substantial assistance” to the investigation. Papadopoulos later pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI as part of a plea deal.

The filing recommends that Papadopoulos spend at least some time incarcerated and pay a nearly $10,000 fine. His recommended sentence under federal guidelines is zero to six months, but prosecutors note another defendant in the case spent 30 days in jail for lying to the FBI.

Papadopoulos has played a central role in the Russia investigation since its beginning as an FBI counterintelligence probe in July 2016. In fact, information the U.S. government received about Papadopoulos was what triggered the counterintelligence investigation in the first place. That probe was later take over by Mueller.

Papadopoulos was also the first Trump campaign adviser to plead guilty in Mueller’s investigation.

Since then, Mueller has returned two sweeping indictments that detail a multi-faceted Russian campaign to undermine the U.S. presidential election in an attempt to hurt Clinton’s candidacy and help Trump.

Thirteen Russian nationals and three companies are charged with participating in a conspiracy to sow discord in the U.S. political system primarily by manipulating social media platforms.

In addition, Mueller brought an indictment last month against 12 Russian intelligence operatives, accusing them of hacking into the computer systems of Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic Party and then releasing tens of thousands of private emails through WikiLeaks.

According to that indictment, by April 2016, the Russian intelligence operatives had already stolen emails from several Democratic groups including the Clinton campaign and were beginning to plan how they were going to release the documents. That same month, according to court papers, Mifsud told Papadopoulos that he had met with senior Russian government officials in Moscow and had learned that they had “dirt” on Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails.”

By CHAD DAY ,  Associated Press


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  1. Thanks to AP….we all finally know why George Papadopoulos….. will spend maybe 30 days in prison and cough up $10,000 to pay for his failure to assist the ….same FBI investigators who were recently fired for politically colluting to demean the President of the United States and impeach him because he allegedly lied …… and oppressed the FBI…in conducting a proper interview of a mysterious Professor who ….and get this….who told George….that the RUSSIANS possessed “Dirt” on Hillary Clinton, in the form of e-mails!…

    Not only that …George Papadopoulos …Public Enemy number one!…. ahead of Al Capone , John Dillinger, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, John Brenner, Eric Snowden, Julian Assage, and the Pope did not interview well…and consequently, was the reason the Mr. Mueller and his horde of SS troops…incompetently interviewed …. a professor ….who said the Russians had incriminating evidence of Criminal conduct by Hillary Clinton…in the form of those thousands of missing E-mails. Wow! with that information, George….Mr. Mueller could have indicted Hillary Clinton for Treason and a multitude of violations that would have put her in jail for years! You are an embarrassment to the Greek Community, since, you were an accomplice to the obstruction of justice…in prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her crimes against the people …especially all those lies…that she did not have private servers …circumventing the protection of vital actions by members of our government …including criminal actions! Shame on you , George!

    What’s that George!l I have it all wrong! No , I am guilty of not cooperating with Mr. Mueller to suppress this evidence and to make sure …no one ever provide any evidence of government corruption …and threaten the deep states…employees…… like Donald Trump! You know the guy..who said he was going to clean out the corrupt swamp….that 78 of all American consider corrupt thru and thru….and that include the Justice dept, FBI, State Department , C.I.A, Pentagon and of course ..the Congress! Why do you think…I pleaded guilty…to this insignificant price…to being subject to a Nazi war tribunal …which is already planning to put me into leavenworth for the rest of life! Mike , do you understand!
    Look what they did to Erik Snowden , for blowing the whistle on the NSA…for spying on the American public!
    Mike, remember one month before …Snowden released the information….that C.I.A Director …James Clapper …under oath to a Senate committee…. said there was no spying on the U.S. public! Geuss, what happened to him …. they let him go into retirement with his resignation…with not criminal prosecution and with full government benefits! I know on facts they had no case…but you have no idea …how capable they are…they can cover up with their media…anything!

    Look MIke !…..I have a family and i would be bankrupt trying to financially defend myself…they know that!

    George! I understand, Prosecutors note that investigators also missed an opportunity to interview others about the professor’s comments or anyone else at that time who might have known about Russian efforts to obtain derogatory information on Clinton during the campaign.

    Pretty clear…..after wiki leaks Julian Assage released those criminal documentation of Hillary Clinton,including the one …where she fully acknowledges that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE Qatar and other Sunni Muslim state sponsors of terrorism …funded ISIS, Al Nustra, and almost any Sunni Muslim religious fanatic in the world to overthrow the government of Syria,,,and murder innocent Orthodox Christians and Catholics in Damascus, the degenerates Hillary and Barack would go on …and make Saudi Arabia , the number one Arms purchaser of the United States in the world! Talk about Treason and war crimes!

    Doesn’t the media understand …this scam by Mueller …to overthrow the elected president of the United States.based on lies of collusion and meddling, when even they know….that it was establishied that the emails were not hacked by the Russians, but leaked from DNA Tony Podesta…and that all this is lies!
    Don’t they know that Mr. Mueller ,has simply indicted in abstentia…Russians for allegedly using Social Media as a means fo influence…which unless you are brain dead mean nothing , and charging some business in Russia …for hacking which has not been provided!

    Indictments are made without supporting evidence, and only trial bring out the truth and evidence…. which Mr. Mueller does not have…and he knows it.

    The worst nightmare for Mr. Mueller has occured…..their are Two lawyers representing the accussed Russians fo hacking …who have shockingly ,,,,come to America demanding a trial and discovery information as to what evidence Mr. Mueller actually has…and guess what …Mr. Mueller continues to deny the informaton and …continue to postpone …hearng dates by the courts. You see Mr. Mueller is a liar and traitor to America! And you know that Social Media accusation …it is dead!
    Why TNH…haven’t you provided this very important fact…that any accusation by Mr Mueller ….may be good copy…it is not good evidence of the Truth! Merely the desperate act of a traitor and crime against our judicial system…controlled by some of the richest people in the world !

    Why don’t you Mr. Diamantaris and Christopher Scaros…get some of your favorite Greek Mason society brothers ….to do what they claim they do…represent the interest of Greeks!
    George Papadopoulos …is a good man and honest Greek American …who is being discriminated against and abused by a justice system relegated to promoting a Protection Racket for government criminals!

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