The Press Strikes Back

FILE - President Donald Trump speaks in Utica, N.Y., Monday, Aug. 13, 2018, at a joint fundraising committee reception in Utica, N.Y. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

“The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

(Thomas Jefferson)

On August 16, 2018, at least 200 newspapers across the United States, some of the largest and the smallest, published separate editorials pointing to the dangers, not only to themselves but to the country as well, created by the barrage of poison-filled attacks that they and other media receive.
The initiative belongs to the Boston Globe, which contacted the other newspapers and asked for their participation. We would like this comment to be considered as our own participation in this initiative.

The hateful, totally debilitating attacks on the media over the last few years are unprecedented in modern times, at least in America. Indicatively, in a recent speech in Pennsylvania, President Trump pointed to the reporters who covered him and said what they were doing was “manufacturing news” and indeed “fake, fake, disgusting news.”

In addition, and worse, Mr. Trump has repeatedly described the media as “enemies of the people,” an expression based on Germany’s Nazi regime.

These attacks, coming from the president of the country, have serious implications.

Even the physical integrity of journalists, some of who must now travel with bodyguards, is threatened; threats to their offices force some of them to hire security.

We fully understand that newspapers may become unpleasant to the people in power, of whatever power, from political to ecclesiastical. But that is the role of the media. The control of power. Without control, given the nature of man, those who hold power will slide into dictatorship, plunge into the garbage dump of opacity and corruption, violate human rights, and ultimately they will not serve the interests of the people, but their own. Freedom and justice will be impacted.

That is why Thomas Jefferson, who lived in Paris shortly before the French Revolution began in 1789 and was aware of the situation, had said that if he had to choose between a government without newspapers and newspapers without a government, he would unequivocally choose the latter.”

We are the last to claim that all newspapers and other media perform their duty in an exemplary manner. Of course not. Everyone has such examples in mind. However, while these cases should be condemned, the general, harsh attacks on newspapers are harmful to the country because their main goal is self-censorship. The lack of information to the public.

Also, what happens in the United States is copied, like so many other things, to some degree in other countries as well. You see it clearly in Greece where the government does everything it can to control the media, and you see how prevalent it is in Turkey. Among the first acts of the then-newly elected Prime Minister Erdogan was control of the media. And here are the results: perhaps nothing could stop Erdogan on the downhill path that followed toward authoritarianism and corruption and perhaps nothing could have stopped the economic crisis in Greece, either. However, there is no doubt that an independent press would have very much moderate, the crisis at least.

The salvo of more than 200 newspapers against the undermining of their most valuable asset, their credibility, is not so much an attack on the president, but a presentation of society’s need for an independent press.

So much happens when there is an independent voice checking power, think about what would happen if it did not exist.


  1. I suggest that Mr. Diamataris watch Frank Capra’s classic movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and learn about how the media is not always an independent, non-biased news source.

  2. The media is divisive; rarely do you see a positive article about the President. You are joining the group who hurts our country.

    1. Your name “Moros” fits you to a T. You must be one, if you blame the media for fact-checking Trump’s lies. Have you heard that he averages about 17 lies per day? Or you are too “Moros” to see the truth?

    2. Hey Bobbi…. who told you…. Donald Trump averages 17 lies per day? Let’s see…. CNN, Washington Post, or the New York Times,,,,,,or how about the Prostitutes in our Congress…. who give the knee to the ….Secret Society of Billionaires who own them and the mainstream media…who have done a bang up job of raping the Treasury of the United States to fund their global economic, political and military wars against the entire world! Colluding with Political candidates …to get the representatives of these degenerate elitist…called affectionally the deep state, swamp of traitors, shadow government…. but my favorite…the New Age Fascist/communist alliance that now parades thru the halls of congress… from both the Republican and Democratic party, who only bi-partison efforts …is in perpetuating economic and military wars for the past 20 years …against created enemies and threats in the world ….by a government that has been so deeply compromised …. that only now….thanks to Donald Trumps candidacy…has been exposed …from the FBI, Justice System, State Department and Intelligence services…who have never served the American People, but ideological demented Neo Cons and Neo Liberals ….whose only interest now ….is to continue to continue their policies of Regime Change of all independent countries of the world, not compliant to the control of their economic, political , and military by the United States and their billionaire royalty …like Rupert Murdock, Koch brothers, Morris Adelman, George Soros…and the white Supremacist from the British colonialist, and the Princes of Saudi Arabia! If you want the rest of them ….just look up the big donors to the …..Clinton foundation…the cesspool of degenerate money launderers and all of them ….bonafide majority stock holders and owners of news outlets and papers of the world!

      The protocal for determining the enemies of America….I mean the enemies of a select group of International criminals running now an organized Crime family …and protection racket…with the help of Mr. Diamantaris and his secret society of Aristocratic International Fraternities of war criminals …is to create and fabricate threats to foreign countries..practicing their sovereignty, and not compliant to the Neo Cons of the Republican Party, or the Communist in the Democratic party!

      The media contribution…is to promote bizarre claims of injustice, criminality and crimes by the targeted country for regime change! The narrative we have seen….by these illusionist …by the corrupt C.I.A and intelligence groups…which if you haven’t noticed on …are the ones …the defunk news oultlets march out …prior to every spit out there lies! Hence, you should understand …why…. John Brennan….the former director of the C.i.A …under Barack Obama…. who coordinated with Hillary Clinton…the destruction of libya, Syria, Yemen and Iraq of the governments of these countries …. is so hell bent …on making the President of the United States…. another regime change candidate, because he is not compliant with the Foreign policy of Regime change and …most importantly, …. the regime change program ….against the Russian federation….even if it kills every person on this planet!

      Of course, Mr. Diamantaris and the free press rage…… Donald Trump is a dictator, murderer, racist, and oppressor to his people ….and most importantly, a traitor, in seeking peace with a Nuclear power who can take us out in one hour!

      That’s right….a traitor for not supporting the corrupt and war crimes criminals of the C.I.A and intelligence services, …who clearly have distinguished themselves …in the campaign of misinformation and lies …that led to the killing of 600,000 people of Iraq! Or how about the lies …that genocide was going on …. in libya, which required the destruction of the people of libya by Hillary Clinton…famous for her public confession of murder….after watching the elected leader of libya…being sodomized and murdered by the proxy army of the United States and Saudi Arabia….would scream with joy …..”We came, We Saw, He Died” Ha! Ha! What the media …refused to report…that Hillary had just confessed to the assasination of a foreign leader…which was not authorized in any U.N. resolutions, and also made her responsible for they the complete destruction of the lives of the citizens of libya…and if you haven’t noticed!

      However, Mr. Diamantaris …. your fraternity of media prostitutes…. who are now merely doing to Donald Trump …. what you did to the leaders of the enemies of your billionaires and ideological degenerates….to remove the leaders of any country …not compliant with the Global Aspirations of John McCain, Bush family, Clinton family, Pelosi , Shummer etc etc who built what …78 % of the America call corrupt thru and thru….Gallup poll …2014. and what the International Gallup Polls of the countries of the world consider the greatest threat to the peace of the world …the Government of the United States! Guess what …. Bobbi…. Donald Trump was not the President…and it was not Donald Trump;….who imposed and implemented all the actions …which earned …this degenerate group of war criminals and crimes against peace… was Mr. Diamantaris and his media stooges…who in the end…spit out the false narrative and lies …. which supported the selling of criminal economic , political and military wars for the last 20 years which should make them complicit in the murder of 3!/2 million people of the middle east and the overthrow of the Ukranian government based on lies! It is Mr.Diamantaris…. who use Freedom of Speech…exclusive to the narratives of ideological degenerates…. to promote what they believe is right and wrong! You see…. did anyone ever … see Mr. Diamantaris …print these Polls of indictment against the leaders of the Regimes before Donald Trump. No , they only print the polls….which after three weeks of intense misinformation and lies by the honorable Mr. Diamantaris and his fraternity. to the public….. demands another war against a false threat to America!
      Yes, while you call Mr. Trump a dictator, lier, traitor and oppressor of Free Speech…you fail to call him a war criminal or killer of civilians in foriegn countries….when he illegally bombs the country of Syria..based on a hoax …that the leader of Syria used chemical weapons on the civilians of douma,Syria….which the OPCW investigation at the Hague has filed an interim report on their findings….which you have not told the American people…there is not evidence of chemical weapon use…and importantly, now supports that it was a hoax!
      While you do not report this….and should provide all the ammunition to attack Donald Trump as now …not only a war criminal …but a traitor…for possibly inciting the evoking of war on the American people by the Russia…for attacking them and the Syrian people fighting ISIS! NO!…..WHAT YOU DO….IS CALL WHAT HE DID…..AS PRESIDENTIAL!!
      Yes Mr. Diamantaris…… Presidential….because he is finally on the same page with your financial Benefactors ….in waging war….against the enemies of your masters!

      Only thing Mr. Trump should do …is to begin the prosecution against the media heads…who are responsible….for fooling the American people thru corrupt lies and misinformation into waging economic and military wars against foreign nations, and raping the treasury of the people of America to overthrow the leaders and government of the world..and to be subject to Nuremburg articles of war crimes…and specifically, being compliant to “Crimes against Peace”
      Mr. Diamantaris ..this is your indictment…and is all the evidence Donald Trump needs….to support what he accurately calls the “Greatest threat to the American people!
      Today, a journalist and news purveyor of the Truth, thru Wiki leaksdD…who has backed up his allegations of criminality of this corrupt alliance of degenerates in our government and media….Julian Assage…who provided all the documents revealing the lies and crimes by not only …. Hillary Clinton, DNC…but the most corrupt governments in U.S. history…which have already turned us into a Totalitarian state…well before, Donald Trump, has been living under the protection of the Bolivian Embassy for over 7 years in England…due to the fact , that if he leaves that embassy..he will be arrested by the British stooges … to be extradicted for prosecution by the ….you guessed it …the proletariate of Washington…for the release of all the evidence needed to indict the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton and members of the C.I.A and state department of the United States.
      Mr. Diamantaris…where is your defense of freedom of the independent press…. to be the representative for the people of the world ….to expose the attrocities of rogue countries.
      No Mr. Diamantaris…their is no outrage….only silence, because, the basis of your Russian collusion and meddling narrative would be threatened, and what would also be exposed…is that your narratives….are designed to kill the messenger of Truth….not prosecute the criminals …..Hillary Clinton, the State department and C.I.A ideological war criminals and …. hijackers of our democracy!

      Donald Trumps candidacy greatest contribution to America…is that he has forced the deep state … .to declare war on him …to retain their power!

      To this end….out of desperation…. they have fully exposed who has been ruling this country….and how! And that…. in the end…may be his greatest contribution! Unfortunately, for America…. it also …. has made us …. realize….that America is an illusion and myth, and is simply … a money making machine of people ….to feed a ruthless government!
      Sorry Mr. Diamantaris…. the regime change of the U.S government you are supporting….is now under counter attack by Mr. Trump! The defrocking of John Brennan, and other members of the traitors in the C.I.A like Clapper is just the beginning…because what he knows…and you know….he was elected by the same people who consider this government corrupt….to do exactly that….and stop these regime change artists and to actually improve relations with Russia!
      Now …how novel ….a president who is doing what the people asked him to do!

  3. The mainstream media press of the US that has given a huge contribution to the aggressive stance of Turkey by ignoring the many Turkish outrages involving Cyprus, Turkey’s recent unjust imprisonment of two Greek soldiers, and Turkey’s ominous verbal threats against Greece’s territorial integrity, backed up by numerous airspace violations.

    It is especially incredible that even though Turkey has been in the media spotlight over recent weeks over the Brunson issue, tariffs, and the Turkish currency decline, the media silence on these other matters has continued.

  4. The President of the United States should be ashamed of himself. He brings shame to the office of the Presidency and embarrassment for the country to the rest of the world. Except, of course, concerning dictators like Putin and Erdogan, both of whom this president admires and is jealous of, solely because of their authoritarian power. For all those who bow before this president and throw rose petals in his path, remember, sooner or later someone will come for you if you do not protect all our freedoms. There is a difference between bias and untruth. This president doesn’t like, actually he abhors, opposition and disagreement. It is one thing for him to have policies one might not like. It is quite another for him to denigrate those who kneel during the national anthem (PS Mr. President, you have it all wrong when you say they don’t even know why they’re kneeling. They kneel because they are living it) and yet he attacks the FIRST amendment of our Constitution. Woe unto you scribes and pharisees.

    And, actually, it was more than 300 newspapers that responded to the Boston Globe’s request.

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